Skullcandy Crusher 360 Review! BEST BASS HEADPHONES 2018

Skullcandy Crusher 360 Review! BEST BASS HEADPHONES 2018. The bass on these is incredible. You have to FEEL it to believe it.



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RedScarProductions says:

I’m gonna buy two of these, I love Skullcandy

Dante Rae says:

Should I get these or the bayerdynamic Dt 1990 ? Someone please help want a lot of bass but I also want quality .

Amadou Aam says:

2:50 the audio is Mono

Kaozツ says:

Is it good for gaming tho

pkrisnin says:

They only ship within the US so I’ll go with the sony mdr-xb950n1

Tavares Melton says:

3 hours is not a longtime wtf i listen all muthafukn day

Teja Lishelle Hill says:

This video looks a bit sharper than the ones I have seen. Good editing, great review!

Jeremy Joya says:

I was at that party haha

Rkid 4 says:

They had them on sale for cyber Monday

Ahron Fishman says:

Are there any current discounts or coupon codes for the 360?

Savoid Howard says:

Listening to this on my Crusher 360’s

Cayden Thompson says:

I have the original Crusher Wireless. Is it worth the upgrade?

TheMrMister says:

They said that they got something better coming next year when they released the 360’s

Towabear says:

$300 but I got these for $230 @ Best Buy and I am lovin’ the improvement compared to last gen. Crushers which were cheaply made and the bass doesn’t get as deep as these.

Frank romo says:

Is there any Bluetooth lag with videos thanks

TheSPazCORE says:

The best headphones you can buy for bass is the Fostex TH-900. Expensive, but if all you care about is bass, that’s the best.

Sergej Kavazovic says:

Maybe you should say, you can only buy the headphones in US

Alle HD says:

I mean would you help me with a decision?
Air pods, bose qc 35ii or sony xm3?

Daws Muse says:

Can you review the aiaiai tma-2? Modular headphones

ace 1 says:

Beats by Dre feels like a money grab and ripped off compared to these. And the build quality of beats after 1 year use the headband was falling apart. Never going back after Skullcandy blows Dr Dre headphones out of the water and for half the price. I paid $165 for mines on black friday special. I even got a backpack included with the headphones

Kung Isv says:


LeBeautiful says:

What will be the “little brother” of these? Crusher Wireless still?

XxxWET BALLSxxX says:


Zaim Rana says:

Please answer. Do these get loud? There are so many people saying they aren’t that loud. Could you like compare it’s loudness with like the sony xbn1 or the m2

Timothy Ayers says:

Review the Microsoft wireless headphones.

Ayden Mcfly says:

Are the connection spots from the headband to earcup metal or plastic?

LameWalkThroughs says:

But are they noise canceling?

The Ultimate Slayer says:

I’ve had them since they released.
They are an amazing pair of headphones.
100% would recommend.

Louis Dizon says:

I was about to buy the Sony MDRXB950N1 but then I saw your video. Change of plans…

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