Semi-Hollow ES-335 Style BASS DIY KIT REVIEW and DEMO (HB Bass from The Fret Wire)

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This is the review and demo of the HB diy Bass kit (aka Gibson es335 style bass kit) available at

Skip straight to the sound demo here:

This kit is beautiful, but had a few quirks. Nothing unfixable, but it wasn’t quite ready to play right out of the box. As with all the kits that I review, it’s not perfect, but with some love and a few upgrades I’m sure I can turn this into a really high end bass. Stay tuned and subscribe if you want to see the upgrade video that I’ll be posting in the next month or so.

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Jody Hendrix says:

I think it sounds great

fleminghell1 says:

Do you have a video featuring the Ampeg style bass hanging on the wall in the background?

Mayo Mann says:

Does the bug at 14:25 affect the tone?

adrian castro says:

Dann sell me the bridge or where i can get one?

Youtube_Administrator_@#YT says:

Nice video, Please can you do the Trini Lopez style one, to see if it is a good alternate to the real thing, which is $5000 more? Thanks!

NootNoot says:


chase x everest says:

Dear guns and guitars please do the fret wire v bass kit aka the Paul mccartny bass and make it look like his bass from 1964

FraJa1980 says:

Damn…., well you can say what you want but that thing does sound awesome despite the wonky way the kit was designed….

Me personally wouldn’t be able to help myself but steam that neck out and fix the angle, that neck pickup is close enough to the pocket to drill a little hole and put the little steam hose trough……wouldn’t take much more than 20 minutes if the neck is really snug and if you measure before with the strings on you could calculate the angle and set up a sanding jig for accurate adjustment of the heel once the neck is removed.

I imagine finding a suitable bridge for this that compensates nearly an inch and a half of height would be harder.

Maybe a bass version of the TOM would work if you could find one but it probably wouldn’t be cheap and you would need a stop tail too meaning having to drill the finished body,….. i’d just do the neck.

Uncle Bobby says:

Dan, thanks for this video. I’m waiting to see your mods and improving the bridge. My vote is for gold foil pick ups.

itsyaboisnake says:

Yes, all 3point bridges are that way. Great video as usual Dan!

Jaime Gutierrez says:

Love your videos. I started doing some mods (very simple stuff) and crowning and leveling. I thought that was impossible to do, but I appreciate your motivation. I was wondering about these ammoon pedals and if they have any volume or volume wah combo models and if they are any good. Any info will be great. God bless, bro!

Tom Sherwood says:

I’m thinking it’s the same body you get with the 335 6 string kit, meaning same pup placements and neck angle. They’ve just changed the neck and hardware bags which is why the neck fit was sloppy too. Shame that!

WalkerTexas17 says:

Happy to see the green screen go! Rock on Dan!

The Elephant says:

FENDERBIRD NEXT….PLEASE!!!! Like, get a pitbull tbird kit and a pitbull p bass kit for the neck and slap the p neck on the tbird body. Also, question, how much is a build from you, or where could I find out if you can’t state here? Just wondering to see how I could budget a project of my own.

evilhero says:

Where is the wiring diagram go the super strat

S. Giles says:

I can’t imagine gluing a set neck in place without first checking the angle.

JosephGallagher says:

Where’s the video of that Rick JP bass in tye back!?

MuscleDad420 says:

Why didn’t you scrape the binding? Looks odd.

Roderick V Wenner says:

Hi dan, I recently bought a kit with a bolt on neck and a tune o matic bridge. Assembled it all and I found out that even when the bridge is at its lowest setting and the neck is straight, the action is a mile high. I could use some help, thanks

kingstumble says:

Why go to all that trouble when you could buy a used Gibson EB2 for £3000?

Danny Aghdam says:

What is that weird ass fretless in the background

Anthony F says:

There is a 5 string thunderbird kit out there that would make for a cool video.

Rafael Sarges says:

Weirdest bridge setup EVER

Alex Parker says:

Mustang Kit Guitar plz

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