ROR Mega Man & Bass (SFC Vs. GBA) | A Critical Defense (feat. J’s Reviews)


Remake or Rebreak is back with the first ever collaboration on the segment! Mega Man and Bass is often considered one of the worst Mega Man games ever made, but after getting it on a reproduction cart this past April, I felt compelled to throw my own hat into the ring. Originally release only in Japan on the Super Famicom in 1998, the game was later rereleased internationally on the Game Boy Advance in 2002 and underwent some changes worth discussing. Seeing as the GBA rerelease is the only version most North Americans have played, it becomes especially important to know the differences between the two versions and stack them up against each other. Without further ado, this is the long anticipated (and long running) episode of Mega Man and Bass!

Everyone go check out my friend and one of my favorite reviewers, J’s Reviews:

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Remake or Rebreak Scores:
1- Rebreak: Fails to resurrect the same quality standard as the original due to incompetent design, technical failures, etc. A virtually worthless remake/port overall.
2- Re-Meh: Not as good as the original, but a relatively competent recreation that is still very playable. Additionally, a Re-Meh may not address the original’s salient issues or fail to add anything meaningful.
3- Remake: As good or even slightly better than the original, but not necessarily worth playing if you already own that version. Typically adds some new content or fixes salient issues with the original.
4- Replace: A remake/port that changes, fixes, and adds so much that it renders the original virtually obsolete. A Replace not only faithfully recreates the original, but fixes most (if not all) of the original’s issues and adds a sizable amount of new content.


superstar64 says:

7:04 Really? How could they not noticed simple mistakes in their own work.

laserwolf65 says:

Did Exo take the contrarian stance? Why even ask? Of course he did!

Matanumi says:

Boss rush has always been my favorite part of the game… its like short trip nostalgia.

I actually like how its done in X1 and this game

Eric Adamson says:

Majora’s mask: remake or rebreak, NOW!!!

Boerka Sainte says:

Do a Remake or Rebreak on ridge racer 64 vs ridge racer ds and do a review on sonic mania

NinjaSox7 says:


Kylo Bren 1 says:

I think this deserves a Rebreak

Reviewer Guy says:

I love your cheesy skits

PokeMaster22222 says:

14:00 You could’ve put the song titles on-screen, Exo.

TheBonehead1997 says:

Exo, you should do a ROR on superstar saga

Zachary Bowen says:

Please review Donkey Kong Country on the game boy color!

Carlos Crespin says:

You should do Half Life 1 and Black Mesa

NickSaysHenlo says:

Do one on Parappa the Rapper!


The soundtrack kinda really reminds me of 90s/2000s dramatic anime tracks

Panda'sBass says:

Dude what’s with the slow uploads…?

Vandren says:

it was a really good analysis, i really like it.
also i was one of those that though that Bass was better, but after watched the video, I ll give a shot to megaman.
Thank you very much, nicely done, good job guys

Benster7703 Arthur says:

Re-make or Re-break The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time vs 3ds remake please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThatsideofYT says:

I never tried the snes version but I liked the GBA version

L0L247 says:

I love your videos. First one I watched was Mario land series review. Good shit my man.

Inkmaster 101 says:

Back to the Bassics

LegendofKyle 0814 says:

Welcome to King Fortress 2! °team fortress 2 theme plays°

AzureMage253 says:

Have I got the perfect RoR for you? Square Enix has just dropped a much-hyped 3D Secret of Mana reboot on PS4, Vita, and Steam after upscaling the original on smart hardware back in ’10 (or was it ’12?). Not even a week in, and this $40 retread is already getting “re-meh’d” by the big guys over at Kotaku and IGN. Would love to see somebody compare two (or all three) without an overly strong slant toward the SNES. Just prepare yourself for a trip back to ’97 if you do this. Thanks.

Tyler Martell says:

Aladdin SNES vs GBA should happen one day

Ninetails the Hedgehog says:


theMaverickHQ says:

Give Exo all the Oscars.

GivozLegacy says:

Please do an ROR of Bully!!

Aaron DeVack says:

I played via rom on GAMEBOYADVANCE ONLINE and I don’t recommend playing on there for a huge reason, controls are wonkey as fuck… X is A and Z is B, typically the other way… And rather than having A as L and S as R those are 1 and 2… So get an actual emulator if you want to attempt the GBA version. Also get the game DBZ Buu’s Fury, heavy recommendation to not just DBZ fans but also some rpg and action adventure games.

Thegrady2000 says:

I agree with j the pirate theme is my favourite

Douglas Laubacher says:

I’ve been watching Youtube forever and haven’t really ever subbed to channels, but I’ve been making an effort to do so on smaller channels I enjoy. It’s really cool to go through your vids and see how far this channel has come. Megaman and Bass is probably my favorite classic Megaman game, but because of its obscurity it’s kinda swept aside and I’ve never seen a proper comparison video. Always look forward to your content. Keep it up!

Gavcobob says:

you should do turtles in time vs the Xbox arcade version!

The Minecraft Link says:

For your next Remake or Rebreak episode, you should do Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA vs 3DS).

That Guy VEVO says:

CAn you do an RoR of L.A. Noire? I know it’s not your thing but I mean come on please

EarthBoy says:

I just got a repro cart ordered today. Can’t wait to try this out for myself.

c2thaD says:

best classic megaman ost? yikes lol

Mr. Needlestan says:

51:34 and my own opinion.
On King Jet Megaman can use Lightning Strike to glide while using the attack. If you see that boss destroying platforms quickly change to Thunder and use it to glide through the air.
In my opinion Megaman and Base is not such a bad game, as many people say. Heck I would go as far and say that Megaman 9 is more frustrating and annoying than Megaman and Base. Yes I’m serious. You don’t think so? Well look at Megaman 9, in my opinion this game is 60 % made out of unfair traps, spikes, yoku blocks and pits, there is so many of this unfair stuff in here. On the contrary we have Megaman and Base with it’s 3 problematic stages (Burner Man, Dynamo Man and King Fortress II) and absence of weapon refill system from Megaman 8. Yes, in my opinion this is a problem because it takes more of your time to recharge weapons and health, but this is just my nippick…

TheSwordsman100 says:

I prefer the FMVs.

Spider Dazz says:

This is longer than the Sonic OVA

Alex Netherton says:

Really enjoy the Remake or Rebreak series. Metroid II vs. AM2R is one of my favorite episodes. As a huge fan of dystopian Sci-Fi games, it would be awesome to hear your opinion on Half-Life vs. Black Mesa.

LSSJ Gaming says:

Happy 4 year anniversary heres to 4 more and beyond

Thomas 1942 says:

There’s a cool Mario Rom Hack called Super Mario Bros 3Mix. You gotta do a Remake or Rebreak episode comparing that to the original SMB 3.

autism centeral says:


Bendy Inkmachine says:

Talk about odyessy please!

LegendofKyle 0814 says:

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga vs Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga & Bowser’s Minions

toeibannedme says:

Love your reviews, exo, but you’re out of your mind on this one. MM&B is a bad game.

Gats T says:

You should do a series of Persona ROR, since pretty much every game in it has a remake. The only one that doesn’t have one is 5! It seems pretty much perfect.

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