Rocksmith 2014 bass impressions and review

My review of rocksmith 2014 for bass guitar. This was going to be a 2 parter, but i decided to make it 1. thanks for viewing.


Marc Cholette says:

Good review, good energy, lots of glare on tv, couldnt really hear you. Maybe techsmith next?

Alex Murphy says:

Dude, I had the same experience with a bass teacher. My first one was so awesome, patient and wanted me to learn but have fun doing so. My second one? Very strict, impatient, and kind of an ass to be honest. He stripped the fun out of what playing music should be, and as a result effected my playing. Sick ink BTW

Fawkes True says:

very good video, makes me feel more secure about getting a bass guitar myself.

Mervyn Cadman says:

Hi Joe fantastic vid mate and a great interpretation, Rocksmith is a great tool Joe I’m like you mate never played guitar all, I bought myself a Les Paul 4 weeks ago spent three weeks trying to learn from Youtube vids which was ok but in three days of owning Rocksmith I have learnt more in three days than I have trying to learn from Youtube.

Now get this guys my neighbor has now bought a guitar my son-in-law has a Les Paul and now my wife has just got a bass, we are all total beginners in playing an electric guitar.

Rocksmith 14 is the tool, I’m 55 years from the UK and hoping to tour America soon.

Thanks Joe keep up the good work mate…great vid.

so thats me done typing I’m off to play a few notes.


AAToSan says:

Thanks for great review =) 

Matthew Hedges says:

Ok cool, two years on, have you progressed to learning the fretboard etc, and actually improvise music with theory etc…. or is it just still a case of learning “only songs”?

Just interested to see if there is a natural progression from being a jukebox (playing songs on request you know) to being able to play your own stuff and learning theory.

ManicEightBall says:

Has anyone had trouble finding extra songs? I tried to download songs from Steam, and they told me I couldn’t because I didn’t own the original Rocksmith (only Rocksmith 2014). But Ubisoft says they’re forward compatible, so it should work.

patk2 says:

yes a rocksmith can pick up a humbucker pickups sound a lot better then a single coil pickup because a humbucker pickup can be 4 times louder then a single coil pickup but most people don’t know this even the pickup manufactures don’t know this

Moto Man says:

we like the same things and I feel the same thing about playing my bass

Rikki Lee says:

I’ve been playing bass for about 4 years now, I taught myself and it was very difficult to start off, I can’t believe you progressed this far in just 3 weeks! It took me MONTHS to get to your level teaching myself, I wish this game was available whilst I was learning! I’ll be getting this because I’m sure there is still a lot it can teach me!

You rock dude!

james gayler says:

Dude STFU. You talk way too GD much. Show us what you got.

Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty) says:

Holy shit!! You learned that song(didn’t catch the name of the Metal song) in 3 weeks!! Shit like would make me nervous to play.

I hope I could get to that point one day.

Mitchell Morgan says:

Ooo Alice In Chains Stone!

P-Kitty says:

im thinking about buying a bass, then i heard about Rocksmith, and i saw your video. what kind of bass, or were could i buy a bass for $150? Do you have any recommendations?

torgomax says:

I’m actually thinking about getting this because of your great review.
Thank you.

Mikey R says:

I’m getting ready to buy Rocksmith for my PC. It looks like a great program. BTW I have been playing instruments since I was a teen I’m 57 yrs old. The sad thing is I can’t read music and I am all self taught., Its never to late to learn! I have been playing Bass in a band for 5 yrs. I’m doing OK but want to play better. Rocksmith really looks like it’ll help. BUT I have some advice for Bass Players. Using your fingers to play can be sometimes slow moving. Use a Bass Guitar Pick its faster. Bass Guitar Picks come two ways. They’re Felt Picks Don’t like the Felt much there isn’t any give in the pick Felt picks are to stiff. Felt gets all over the guitar.
There is also a rubber Bass Guitar Pick. They come in Heavy and Medium I think. I prefer Rubber when I play. The rubber Picks give a little and sound like your using  your fingers.  I’m much happier with rubber picks. Try it ya may like it. LOL
 BTW I’m playing a Fender Jazz. The Bass of my dreams. LOL

Presten Grace says:

Your video has convinced me to try this out (played lightly for 6 months now). Thanks for the introduction and review!

Abyss watcher Artorias says:

I liked this video a lot, I have been thinking about getting rocksmith and this video pretty much cemented it as a great idea. I appreciate your candidness about your own early short comings, it is inspiring to know I’m not alone in my trepidation. thank you.

TheKoolest Kat says:

I feel the same way about Music lessons. The instructors don’t want to “crush your spirit” so they don’t drill you on important building blocks. At least for drums that’s how it was

taker610 says:

Awesome review. I want to learn bass and guitar so this looks like the perfect tool to do just that. It’s impressive that you became so comfortable playing in such a short time. Well done.

DeVaughn Currie says:

can we get a update video?

Mike Thibault says:

will this program teach you how to read sheet music?

Lukas Mikalauskas says:

do you still play bass? i wish to see your progress 🙂 i’m considering picking up my first bass, started reading a lot o basics, guides and tutorials for first timers and it would be interesting how does someone progress with rocksmith and self learning in 3 years

Akuma Kami says:

You the man Joe! Keep at it brotha.

Jaxom VanReed says:

Thank you for posting this video. I’m just starting out on bass and know I can’t afford lessons every week and have been worried that would affect my ability to learn. Then I discovered Rocksmith advertising and started looking up videos and reviews. Your video sold me on it. Your descriptions of yourself, how you learn and everything, could be me. Thank you for your honesty and walk throughs. My ONLY “complaint” is if people only see your video, you can’t see the screen for the glare. I had seen other videos so I had a basic idea how it looked, but was bummed not to see it in this video. Thanks again.

Luke Snowmaker says:

Basically this “game” teaches you a basic playing technique. It does not teach you, how to make music, that’s another topic, but a great fact is, that it works for understanding tablatures and for getting familiar with fretboard, what really is great. Nice video! Cheers!

jakeseattlex19 says:

Good review

Hermes says:

Great video. Helped me make the jump to try and learn bass with rocksmith. Keep doing ya thang man you’re probably a lot better now

jrkoca3kawi says:

What sportbike fairing is that hanging on your wall?? Sportbikes guns and bass guitar. 3 of my passions as well

Robby Baker says:

great video! very informative

Mitchell MacKenzie says:

Well I’ve gotta tell you, I rarely sit through and watch entire YouTube videos. I sat through all this and now I’m itching to play this. I’ve always wanted to learn to play bass so this may be a better teacher than my high school guitar class I failed. I have a very bad attention span, so hopefully playing a guitar digitally might be the key to keep me interested. My roommate has a bass, so I might pick this up relatively soon. Thanks for the video.

Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty) says:

Lol you sound like me. I bought a guitar when i started listening to Nirvana in the 90s and I kept stop starting. Years later my husband bought me he first Rocksmith but since I had my son I didn’t have time to play.

Now I’m giving myself an 1 hour when I can to play. I got the new Rocksmith on sale and I do enjoy it. Unfortunately my guitar string popped which sucks…I’m at a crossroads on of I should get a new guitar or try bass. Bass looks like it would be easier for me to play.

I was mad too because I just downloaded broken by Seether and now I have to wait to play it. 🙁

Dmitry Gomonyuk says:

So, a year later, how do you feel about this game? Still playing it? Still playing bass at all? Moved on to something different? What about that buddy you mentioned you reccomended Rocksmith to play guitar to?

chessdude67 says:

Excellent! But, will this work for a left handed player? I would think not, because lefties always have trouble finding basses and books. Enjoyed your video.

Thumbs way up!

Blackiechan77 says:

Brotha, thanks for this review. Just got it today. Started playing the bass a few weeks ago. Already love it. Ps. You killed those tracks.

Tim Heinz says:

I just bought this for the Xbox 360.  It’s also available for Xbox One and PS4.

CAZ32TT says:

Love the perspective within this review. If you’ve not realized it yet… learn to work on your bass. It’s very easy, especially being mechanically inclined. Set up is key to playability and being in tune, as you know. Most off the shelf at GC aren’t dialed in yet. John Curruthers has a great book.. and YT vids available. I heard that bass buzzing a bit much. 
Thnx for the Vid!

Nasengold says:

Around New Years Eve I asked my brother if I could play a round on his Rocksmith and it caught me right away. Now 2 months later I can actually play a couple of songs. Fantastic game. The whole video I was like nodding with my head in agreement.

Rayquaza says:

im already pretty good at bass but this looks like it would be alot of fun, because lets face it when you actually know how to play guitar hero doesnt really cut it

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