Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Demonstration/Review by Jonathan Grooms


John DeRossett says:

The most money I ever spent on a bass guitar was $500. I like a lot of different ones . Fender P bass. Epiphone makes a nice one. You can get a wide variety of sound from different bass guitars. Especially if you are under budget. Play one before you buy it. You can also get different sounds from foot pedals too.

Bassman 323 says:

What do you think of the natrual finish?

Bobby Stinklehoffer says:

I think Rickenbacker basses look cool! And while this one is a 4003, the one that Paul McCartney used was a 4001.

thetardisneedsamot says:

Would you say that Rickenbacker basses are fragile?I recently played one that belongs to a friend and he said that he wouldn’t take it on the road as it’s too fragile. Just wondered what other people thought about that.

Alberto Alcolumbre says:

Is it true That rickenbacker bases dont have an anatomic body so you can rest the forearm anywhere when playing? That There would be only a specific spot where it wouldnt HURT the forearm? That This situation is due to the biding on the body?

Bill Jacobs says:

How did he take the bridge cover off?

Jake Roberts says:

what do people have against Rickenbacker? Their guitars are so cool

Mark B. Freeman says:

i enjoy your reviews. They are all business and no bulls**t! Thanks for taking the time to share them!

robgreen1818 says:

Top review man! I’ll be fulfilling a 14 year dream in Jan next year when a pay rise at work means I’ll finally be getting my hands on a Jetglo 4003.

It’ll look extra beautiful next to my black and white 70 jazz. A match made in heaven.

Юрий Богомолов says:

kbлибо бас говно, либо у этого чела руки из жопы

Jean Luiz says:

Toda ver que vejo um desses só lembro do Motörhead.

dbrowdie says:

I have a Rickenbacker 4001C64 McCartney Bass. The original bridge started to shiw lift. It started to bend up. I put the Hipshot Rick bridge on it and it’s been great ever since. I agree the Rickenbacker bridge sucked big time.

Scarlet Rowe says:

Great demo mate. What is overdrive pedal used when you played the “Geddy” part?

Shan Ling says:

Nice demo! Totally agree with the stock bridges! Did you go with Aluminium or Brass for the Hipshot? I can’t decide :S

twintriode says:

Broke out the Zanadu licks.

youandwhosearmy? says:

Usually, even if the guitar / bass is a beautifully made and iconic instrument, there are certain colours where I think mmm not so fond of that one, or looks better in this or that… Not true with the Ricky bass. This one is black, probably not the colour I’d choose to buy… and it is an absolute stunner.

Migel Stayers says:

What year is that Rickenbacker?

David Rinden says:

Speaking of a Rickenbacker with distortion, let’s not forget Lemmy from Motörhead. Particularly Ace Of Spades, Overkill, and Bomber.

Maxi Lera says:

what cameras did you use for this video? Nice vid tho!

Juan Valdez says:

I heard Ric stock bridges suck..

ZerO says:

I’m gonna work my balls off till I can get one of these bad boys they’re just too beautiful.

Dennis Gaffney says:

Nice Demo

Sabrina the scene witch says:

My dream bass I’ll cry tears of happiness the day I get one

Robert Duncan says:

Which hipshot model bridge did you put on?

777EddyK says:

why not play roundabout. Chris Tristram has good version.

Pale Horse says:

Good video. You echo a lot of what I hear other Rick players say. I use a Warwick almost exclusively these days, but I’ve always been curious about Rickenbacker because they do that such a unique look and sound.

Gary Ferraro says:

Try installing a rear pickup bevel made by Pick-O-The Ricks in NJ. It fills that ugly gap after removing the cover. It also removes the chance of cutting yourself on that metal plate’s edges.Order one that has a trough in it for your thumb. They also offer a flat, non-troughed one. It’s the finishing touch for this bass! I want to look into that bridge you’ve installed on yours. The Rick bridge really does SUCK, haha! Happy 2017, fellow thumper!

Emory Duggar says:

When did they change the vintage sound?

Submaboat says:

Does he just wear the same clothes all the time

Herbert King says:

beautiful guitar

movingpictures1988 says:

i bought a hipshot bridge….wow! what a difference! i bought the brass version. it sounds better. it feel better and it even sounds better acoustically! thanks for pointing out that bridge in this vid man!

John DeRossett says:

Thank you. I use to play bass back in the 80’s. I got to play an old Richenbacker back in the 80’s .
I use to see them used in instrument stores quite a bit. My thoughts are, people who gave them up were not thinking too clearly . If they wold have held on to it up until now, it would be worth more money than they paid for it, provided it was well taken care of. Interesting to hear how that model has changed. Awsome technology.

Cole McCarthy says:

Rickenbackers are the best looking basses out there in my opinion.

carnage killer says:

woohoo 700th like! oh wait no one cares lol thanks for posting this I was debating on if I should get one or not but now I know I should

stratman70528 says:

Like that bass..

Al Di Maio says:

4:26 Freewill

David Sumeray says:

You sound like Billy Sheehan when you speak.

Brad Beck says:

Great Sound

GeoAl09 says:

What kind of strings are you using? I’m wondering if flatwounds or roundwounds would better suit this bass.

Dean-David Holyoake says:

great playing great review thanks

darthmeek says:

what are the caps rated at ?

Morphine Motorhead says:

Lemmy is the Rickenbacker master, although his ones are custom and he modified them, he loves the shape

Devon Freeman says:

what’s the hipshot bridge you put on? do you have a link that I can go to?

bflo1000 says:

Talk about a shit bridge……….Gibson’s 3-point bridge that sits off of the body.

Stoner Bassist says:


stu80577 says:

I love them, own a lefty version of this and a rare Ric p.m.c bass with pyramids

ermonski says:


Banana Centipede says:

5:40 whenever people see my rick for the first time it’s always play yyz red barchetta come together or roundabout

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