Review Demo – PRS Guitars Grainger 5-String Bass

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Henrik Opheim Hegre says:

Best looking bass I’ve seen from PRS. Well done!

Bowhunterwt says:

I’m am not impressed…The fender 5 string does better job than this bass

schafhalter says:

well, the only thing I lack is a demo of the B string along with the others.
So, the B-string might sound ok, but I am not at all suer if it’s as loud as the others.

BlackLocustMusic says:

sounds like a bass.

Billythebassist says:

Beautiful instrument….. no passive tone control?

Alex Valentine says:

That bass costs a fortune just to be played by an underground jazz musician

CountRammerhymen says:

Where’s the low end? Sounds more like a baritone guitar.

Cameron Hood says:

The reviewer is fine. He repeated himself, however, never showed us anything about the EQ, and the bass sound is quite audibly distorted. Also, I would like to have heard the WHOLE bass, including some high notes. 

CSAN33 says:

I don’t know why you guys are giving the guy such a hard time.  Creating a good demo probably isn’t that easy, and I think he did a decent job. 

Trevor Beckett says:

Sounds horrible. I’m sure it’s not the bass.

Earle Rylander says:

“Hi, my name is Dave Abdo, and I’m the most boring bass player and reviewer on Earth.”

Shawn Dimery says:

The most boring instrument known to man, why would anyone pick bass over guitar?

John Choi says:

Cool review but nothing special about the bass.

Gibbs199761 says:

I wonder i they will ever get someone that can actually play guitar or bass

davidwantsahug says:

I think this guy seems pretty cool tbh.

Igor Jankovski says:

That bridge setup is ridiculous. The strings are completely loosen. I guess this isn’t the best sound of this bass.

Ben Zimmerman says:

rig rundown METALLICA m/

Amir Smith says:

yay ashdown 😀

steve mills says:

I’m not sure I get the electronics 100%. If you pull up just one volume knob, can you play the bass with one pickup in passive mode and the other pickup in active mode at the same time? If so, the tonal possibilities are endless.

Jes Matthiesen says:

i dont see the problem with the reviewer, he plays a few simple basslines and explains the controls and tones you can get out of it. and i feel like i have a pretty good idea of how the bass sounds.

not the most exciting human there is, but i have seen much much much worse. lets all be happy this wasnt shawn hammond, that dude has a face and voice for print media..

Mike Mike says:

Sounds like a $300 bass.

V Ferreira says:

Get a proper reviewer

mikefredbass says:

I want one…..

nkostie says:

Hey thanks Dave for hitting the low B string.

Snake Plissken says:

I’ll give ya 50 bucks

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