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Look behind some of the biggest-name bassists on the planet, and you’ll see a fair share of Orange amps. Geddy Lee, Tom Petersson, and John McVie employ their distinctively rich, gritty tones, among others. But we’re here to talk about something from Orange that’s not from their fine selection of amps and cabinets. Enter the O Bass. This retro-kissed 4-string is the brainchild of Orange lead-designer Adrian Emsley, an incurable vintage junkie with a long history of tinkering with gear. In designing the O, Emsley wanted to give the instrument a deep vibe, a huge vintage tone, and a familiar feel.

This bass has been a bit of an enigma for a couple years now, appearing only briefly behind curtains at trade shows before eventually hitting the prototype phase. The good news is that the O Bass is now in production and that we recently spent some quality time with one.

The 34″-scale O Bass’ body is constructed from Okoumé, a lightweight wood native to Africa, and topped with a basswood veneer. Our test model came finished in teardrop sunburst, but black and, yes, orange finishes are also available. The O Bass has ABS binding on the burst and black versions that makes for a great retro touch. And the wonderfully bold headstock atop the maple neck is finished in white, which helps highlight the Orange logo and oversized open-gear tuners.

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BinaryFormations says:

Wish Premier Guitar would bring back Steve Cook’s regular column. His insights on how to approach the bass made this guitar play suck a little less at the instrument, not to mention the great advice on touring and being a better bandmate and musician in general.

oscar santos says:

He should’ve slaped it…

Nathan Liberty says:

Do a rig rundown on the goo goo dolls.

Stuart K Reilly says:

Les P-bass

Dandaman V says:

Love it, this is for people who want that P Bass honk but don’t want a P Bass!

bumble yeti says:

Cool. Make a fiver with a 1.75″ nut width. Really. Pretty please. P r e t t y p l e a s e…

JamaisMEC says:

That body looks a lot like the Decision bass by Reverend.   Decisions are nicely built; solid without being back-breakers.  This O bass seems worthy of an audition!

Joey DH says:

Are these already out of production? Unavailible everywhere!

VenermSplooge of doom says:

I put a down payment on an Orange one at my local music store. Can’t wait to bring this thing home.

Ringo Star says:

Nice Sound!

Petter Høsøien says:

On their web sites the scratchplate is white..why? and some has the binding others not..

Richard Scott Oakes says:

Stick a j pickup on the bridge and then I’d buy it!

Mike Demagall says:

Hi.Nice review is the O bass a long or short scale bass?

craigdamage says:

I have had dreadful experiences attempting to acquire “vintage” gear off Ebay,craigslist..etc. You wind up paying way too much for something all beat to Hell and requiring repairs costing even more funds. I really dig brand new instruments that have classic vintage mojo and tone. This bass looks and sounds awesome. Reminds me of something I would expect from Eastwood or Dipinto.

Hikup says:

looks kewl needs more rock and roll to it

elitemathlete says:

Orange is an amp company.

kingstumble says:

Like it a lot.

Danny ripley jr. says:

Sounds like a p bass

Deet Cologon says:

These things sound better than any P-bass I’ve ever heard.

Galen Thurber says:

hand wired, hand strung=worth 5x more?

patrik says:

dont buy that

Evan Berggren says:

please tell me where I can get that scratch plate I cannot find it anywhere 🙁

ArielsSmartyPants says:

I like it, sounds great and the price is right. win win

Alex B says:

i like the sound, but it’s pretty ugly

pdawiec says:

Awful burst imho 🙁

nitemareman1 says:

Would love to hear a real bassist playing it.

BarryWorst says:

Awesome bass, awesome review! I want one!

Hawks2Portals says:

I’m now debating between the Michael Anthony Schecter and this bass now.

Danny ripley jr. says:

Sounds like a p bass

Ron Grape says:

I want one!


Quit mumbling man….

sneauxis says:

Oh look it’s a weirdly shaped p-bass

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