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When the Music Man StingRay burst onto the scene in 1976, it brought with it a midrange attack that shifted the bass-universe curve rather abruptly. It was the disco era, so it may have been a perfect storm of players, style of music, and engineers that helped the StingRay soar, but I’d like to think the bass spoke for itself. We started hearing it cut through the mix from the likes of Louis Johnson, Tony Levin, and Flea, among countless others who used the sweet sonic punch of this model to craft signature tones.

Forty years is a long time, however, and with the many advances in technology, electronics, and instrument building, perhaps the engineers at Ernie Ball decided this would be the year to change the formula. The changes will be welcome for some, not for others, and the purists might possibly be left crying on their Michael Jackson albums. Or will they? That’s why we’re here: to give a proper once or twice over to Ernie Ball’s re-imagined Music Man StingRay.

Before we go forward, we should always look back. The original StingRay, in all its glory, did have some issues. It was a heavy beast. It was sonically limited, and although the onboard active pre was a welcome breath for players, not having control over the mids did turn some away because of too much point in the tone.

So, what is a modern design team to do? When I opened the hardshell case, an audible “whoa” escaped my lips. My eyes didn’t know where to go first: the spectacular ’burst finish or the new roasted-maple neck. When I picked up the bass, my arms were greeted with a lighter instrument than I’m used to with my vintage models. It turns out the engineers managed to shave a full pound off the new incarnation of this bass, which weighs in at just a hair under 8 1/2 pounds.

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James Anderson says:


GoldStar5 says:

I have 3 Musicman basses, a Stingray 4H, Sterling 4H, and Sting ray 5H. All great quality made instruments. cant go wrong with them!

nitemareman1 says:

Every time I hear this guy “play” I laugh my ass off. I’m a guitar player and I could run circles around this clown.

ElectricUrinal says:

Wonder why they changed the bridge. It’s narrower and lacks the signature lugs that keep the saddles from spreading. The neck looks groovy tho. My 2004 StingRay weighs exactly 8 pounds.

TheMattyg02 says:

Am I the only one struggling with the back of the headstock not seamlessly matching the wood on the neck? It seems so sloppy to me. 2:40 for reference.

Sam Elowitch says:

Sounds good. Looks good. What’s not to like?

monkey dangus says:

I love this bass

Niven A. Nolte says:

Thank you.

Darrell Williams says:

I always admired Music man basses funky& versatile.

Mike Maydonik says:

I love the look of that toasted maple neck.

David Jones says:

Tort guard would make it perfect!!

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