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Since its introduction in 1953, the Gibson EB has been no stranger to change. Its original short-scale build included a solid violin-shaped mahogany body (complete with painted f-hole and telescoping endpin), mahogany neck, and an oversized single-coil butted up against the neck. Its loose and bottom-heavy tones weren’t necessarily a huge hit with bassists at the time (Fender already had a two-year head start with the venerable Precision), but the EB did offer a unique palette of tones that set its path for decades to come.

Gibson continued to tweak the EB formula—most notably in the ’60s by using an SG-derived body shape and then a complete rework in 2013 by incorporating an offset-style design and modern electronics. Fast-forward to today and the new EB 4—the company’s most focused attempt at building an EB that excels in tone, clarity, playability, and versatility.

The new EB’s body shape is even less “Gibson-like” than its 2013 predecessor, and nothing like other past iterations bearing the EB name. If anything, the elongated upper horn, offset compact body, and pickup placement struck me as more Tobias-esque after I pulled it out of its included gig bag. While on the subject of cases, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with a hardshell case like the previous EB model did—especially since they’re the same price.

The EB’s swamp-ash body is available in two satin-lacquer finishes: vintage sunburst or natural. Our review bass was finished in natural and I really liked how the satin sealer made the wood grain pop while still looking somewhat raw and understated. Gibson says on their site that the body is “2-3” pieces, which could give some players pause—especially if you are considering spending a grand on a bass and want to know exactly what you’re getting before placing an order. Our tester had a 3-piece body and was assembled very well with no bumps or ridges in the finish or at the joints.

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Danne de Boer says:

Looks like a stripped down copy of the G&L L2000 without all the cool electrics…

LiquidBread13 says:

what a random bass

Paul B says:

Well, this seems to have disposed of everything that ever made a Gibson bass distinctive.

I can’t see why I would prefer this over various Fender, Ibanez, ESP, and Schecter alternatives around the same price. There are Epiphones with more character. Currently available for as little as £650 in the UK, which suggests that it isn’t setting the world on fire.

Pedro Alberto Rubio Rosa says:

First of all, thanks for the video. As I always say, basses reviews should be done using just a DI in order to be able to compare with other basses, then you can plug it on different amps to show how it sounds on them. Even though you mix both sounds it is not how the bass sounds itself; cabinet, amp and mic will surely color it. Anyway, about the bass: Nice and simple design, very clean and balanced sound, and a great one-piece body (Tobias-like shape, by the way) with great hardware. Headstock is what I don’t like the best, for me it doesn’t fit the body design, and neck-body junction seems to be unmatched, it’s an appreciation, of course.


Everyone so bitchy about looks. It looks fricken beast but the sound is what it’s about and that is good too

Brian Sharp says:

meh. Aguilar sounds great tho

PlodderPaul says:

Bought this bass after watching this review. Love the combination of sounds available, lightweight small body, natural finish, balance & playability. I never got on with the look of the previous Gibson EBs and whilst this 2017 bass may not be too distinctive the shape works for me. Bargain price in the uk currently too.

D3ft0ne says:

Would I say … it sounds strained ? Like the potential is there… but its missing some classic-ness about it or smth?

John Lane says:

What is a good bass guitar to start learning to play? I like Rock, Hard Rock, and Blues.

BarryWorst says:

Gibson doesn’t really know what we (bass players) want

56kcl says:

Tobias lost the head .so sad

Eddie Galon says:

be nice if they could stand up in these demos just to help show how it looks.

Kraz3e987 says:

Kinda sucks cause, even though I’m not much of a Gibson guy I’m always hoping that they’ll put out a new bass that’ll make an impact but they keep making the new EB models alittle too sub-par for the money.

WhosieWhatsum says:

What is is about the bridge pickup & playing faster? It’s the inner “guitar” player in you wanting to get out.

Paul Arias says:

That’s cool ! got a Les Paul mortice and tenon heel neck !

falcon45ca says:

Wow, the treble horn cutaway looks so damn sharp it’ll cut you. Wouldn’t want to contour that edge a bit, save somebody’s hand? Nah, that’ll cost money.

John Geoffroy Sheehan says:

Disappointed that you didn’t show the cool tapping mode in the video. That’s a big part of what I wanted to check out. However you redeemed the situation somewhat by including the feature in the print article.
Nice bass. I think I still prefer the 14 or 13 though.

Gato Productions says:

I tried this bass out and it feels and plays like a cheap mace-in-China bass. They just slapped the Gibson on it and jack up the price.

meedily says:

Why is the audio clipping?

Guy Crouch says:


WinRARChickenDinRAR says:

This bass could of came from any company, and just happened to be brand Gibson lmao.

Mattias Söderlund says:

This is just a bad re-designing of the EB13/14. Not a bad instrument, but it won’t get the Gibson-fans or vintage-fans and the people who wants something modern-looking will not buy a Gibson. Complete failure.

Rob C says:

Great video…but you forgot one key part that makes this bass REALLY versatile. The pickups are coil splittable. So you can get some really nice single coil tones out of this bad boy, or a combination. That and the fast playing neck really sold me on this bass fast…..

Blech319 says:

A grand for this cack?

Jonathan says:

I was hoping for an eb pickup not a g&l rip-off. I’ll stick with my L2000

Paul Simmons says:

Sounded like most Gibson basses, dull.
Wish they’d reissue the Thunderbird I, per original specs.

Paul Traynor says:

nice review thanks for sharing kind regards Paul ( Liverpool UK )

KrAzYKaRLoS1013 says:

Trying to take a G&L and make it dull is exactly what Gibson did with this knockoff!

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