Review Demo – Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass (Justin Meldal-Johnsen)

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Justin Meldal-Johnsen has plenty of basses at his disposal. As a producer and in-demand bassist for everyone from Beck to Macy Gray, Nine Inch Nails, Ken Andrews, Pink, and countless others, he’d have to. But over the years he’s found his 30″-scale 1966 Fender Mustang to be an ideal tool for much of his session work. While JMJ has found the compact classic to match up well for dense mixes (especially in modern music), his Mustang’s tight, bright timbre suits a variety of genres. Recently, the bass veteran collaborated with Fender to release a signature instrument that aims to replicate his beloved ’66’s sonic and aesthetic characteristics at a price point well below what you’d find on the vintage market.

The JMJ’s body is constructed of alder and comes in just one finish option, daphne-blue nitro lacquer. An aged-looking pearloid pickguard complements the “road-worn” finish, and bolted to the body is a C-shaped neck capped with a 9.5″-radius rosewood fretboard.

Simplicity has always been a key component of the Mustang’s electronics, and the JMJ preserves this by incorporating a passive circuit with one volume and one tone control. Seymour Duncan designed the instrument’s split single-coil with familiar rounded ends, and voiced it using Meldal-Johnsen’s vintage Mustang as a benchmark.

Other features include open-gear Hipshot tuners, a vintage-style string-through-body bridge, and a synthetic-bone nut. Fender adds even more old-school vibe to the signature bass by stringing it up with a fresh set of flatwounds.

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Daniel Rupert says:

I wish they’d make a non road worn version. Still would want the nitro tho.

Lukas Ohlsson says:

Mr. Cooks’ playing is great today. As always he’s entertaining!

Phantom Riffs says:

That is a very cool looking and sounding bass right there

Thomas McCoy says:

if one was at a local music store for me to try would i be watching this video? idk

Constable 1976 says:

Daphne Blue baby! WTF happened to NOS instruments…why would you want a “worn out” bass out of the box? Seriously, not my taste…but I do understand the appeal for others.

SungJin Hong says:

Ive been gigging with this bass for a few months now. It’s become my #1. I use it with the Aguilar rig too.

Phillip Awnchips says:

Somewhere, there is a store manager out there that is putting up a “no sandman” sign on this bass, lol.

Michael Wilson says:

Perhaps I’m too fussy, but I prefer to wear a bass down myself. Pre-worn just seems fake to me.

Marwan Ratiug says:

Whats the name of the first song?

John Maloney says:

It has a nice tone, but for some reason, short-scale basses just sound smaller to me. They just don’t seem to have the same punch or take up as much sonic space as a long-scale bass.

Steven mGyori says:

Thanks brother, nice tones and demonstration!

Premier Guitar says:

Read the review:

TheTritoneTerror says:

I got one of these. My 2nd bass (I also have a jazz bass). It is SO FUN to play. Sounds great. Plays great. And mine doesn’t have neck dive, which would be a deal killer for me. What more can I say? The only thing is I wish it was a “new old stock” finish instead of roadworn.

Никита Кинчаров says:

I wanna this

triggerhare says:

Damnit I thought I was over this GAS

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