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Fender is justly famous for its two most popular basses, the Precision and Jazz. After all, a significant portion of all the bass-guitar performances ever recorded were performed on these simple-but-effective axes. In spite of the dominance of the P and J, Fender has continued to pursue other bass designs for decades. Some have hit the mark, others haven’t—but often that’s just because some players have such a low tolerance for anything that says Fender but isn’t a P or J.

The Jaguar bass, released a few years ago as a relatively inexpensive import model, is another Fender bass design that’s gained a following. While evoking many classic Fullerton bass qualities, the Jaguar is also much like its 6-string cousin—the funky-looking, switch-laden Jaguar guitar. The import 4-string has proven popular enough for Fender to give it the full-on American Standard treatment. The new domestic Jags are built in Corona, California, and spec’d with an upgraded complement of hardware and a higher level of fit and finish.

One Complicated Cat
Those who fancy themselves nonconformists are likely to love how the Jag somehow looks classic and just a bit off. But for traditionalists, the blunted horns, switch-y top, and block inlays may not seem as visually coherent as its more iconic cousins. For me, the combination is a bit busy.

The Jaguar’s construction, however, is hot, no matter your predilection. The hardware is robust and effective, the fretwork and fretboard dressing are impeccable, and the beautiful sunburst finish is skillfully applied to the alder body. I was especially glad to see a beefy, Fender High Mass Vintage (HMV) bridge, which offers both through-bridge and through-body stringing. It’s also cool to see lightweight versions of the classic paddle-key tuners.

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ALotOfBottle says:

Wow. This guy is so cool!

Prostheta says:

Ack. Sustain fallacy alert.

mosaï says:

i like how the bass isn’t really in tune too

Afshin Karjoo says:

It was a Stupid Deal of The Day at MFriend. Hope you snagged it while you could

ruby soho says:

I’m in 30.000

guthro123 says:

String through body doesn’t add sustain… But all of the guitarded players will believe it.

MoWtube says:

Does it work without the batteries? (obviously passive)

Ricardo Saenz says:

That bass is perfect

Toxic Potato says:

I prefer the Troy Sanders signature model, because it doesn’t have all of those fancy switches

ChurchillCigar says:

Does anybody know if the parallel/series switch works for the split-coils pup or just for both ? (i.e. does it work like the S-1 switch they used to put on pre-2008 US series ?)

RobertRoss says:

jag-you-are, not jaag-waar.

Levi Montes says:

There’s such a thing as too light?? Haha

David Mallon says:

I must add that it sat in its case for two months on a container in a ship whilst I relocated from British winter to Aussie summer, both extreme cases. North was particularly cold this year whilst south was 40+ often this summer, getting back on point, the little fucker was still in tune when I got it. Think about what Ive just said and you will realise that that is very very decent.

nikskv says:

sometimes a five string?

tyson kingsley says:

One day…

Anna The Koala says:

Can you get an exact same sound as from a p-bass? I’m looking for a cheaper alternative for one.

greatvanzinni says:

Full scale length? 34? I thought the Jag basses were a bit shorter, no? Anyway this just looks like full scale from this side.

Xavier Sánchez says:

Active and passive, a lot of tones, not so heavy, beutiful look, P/J configuration… Is just the perfect bass!

David Barrera says:

That is not a “Tone control” In the active switch, That’s a treble control, So it has: Bass and treble! When we talk about a Tone knob, A master tone it controls Bass, Mid and treble! That’s tone! Then what you have in the active switch is treble and bass. and a master tone for instance in a pasive bass controls the 3 eq bands!

Thomas De Lello says:

One aspect of bass guitar that is always overlooked in reviews like this one and is important to me is… Does the guitar balance properly on it’s strap when playing it in a standing position. My Squire Jazz Bass does not and the tuning head end of the guitar always wants to pull downward for me by gravity. I don’t like that because then I have to apply downward pressure from my right arm to the bridge end of the body to counteract it. My left hand must be free to do the fretting work without the distraction of a downward pull at the neck end.

Ollie Horner says:

Next level bass right here. I use the active switch as a volume boost, it’s just freakin epic mang. Opening for Kasabian, Jessie Ware and Craig David in a couple of weeks. You’ll see it in our next video 😉

nytrayfl2 says:

Surprised this doesn’t get a lot more attention from the pros.

Evan Bradley says:

That thing is one big slab of sexy.

Pablo Cavallo says:

So.. PJ, with a crappy sounding active circuit and a lot of head-dive. No thanks.

Josiah Dietrich says:

That thing sounds sexier and more versatile than expected.

mobeatsfoyall says:

Does the neck on these feel more similar to a J or P?

Joe S says:

This seams as the Funnest, Go To Bass. It took a looong time, for such a great idea. Want.

Paul Anthony says:

Is there actually a screw missing from the control plate??

nikskv says:

how much is this worth?in Moscow such a rarity

albert de Kroo says:

Nice bass in black, pitty Fender stopt producing this one.

pajamasflannel says:

Oddly enough, while I very much dislike that body on a 6-string guitar, on a bass guitar I like a whole lot.

below average says:

fucking hot

afadedimage says:

How does this compare to a fender pj tonewise? Besides active electronics. I saw that nose dive. Damn…

SOswim1 says:

Hoping Fender decides to make a left handed version in the future, really nice sound

Dread nought says:

That’s a good looking bass.

FrankBass says:

Hello, what kind of amps do you use?

Elliot Vernon says:

What’s all this about the ‘vintage’ versions – Jaguar basses only go back to 2006.

beboenable says:

Is this guitar wired to shut off the neck pick up, when the series/parallel-switch is positioned down?

Razor Blade says:

Please, more reviews with this Guy…

bassplayersayer says:

Nice Bass.

mosaï says:


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