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There’s an interesting parallel between Fender purists and Star Wars fans. Both are wildly loyal, quick to point out discrepancies between releases, and ready to devour almost anything (except Jar Jar Binks) that is put on big screens or shelves. Fender has always pushed in new directions, including variations on their mainstay wares. Introduced in 1983 towards the end of the CBS era, the Precision Elite was one such revision. It had a short production life of just a couple years and, yes, there are some who loved it and some who didn’t. But that was a long time ago, so let’s fast-forward to today and the brand-new American Elite Precision—a 21st century incarnation of the P that didn’t leave this bassist wanting for much else.

The American Elite arrived in a rock-solid custom case. I’m happy to see companies ramping up their case game because I still don’t like putting my basses in the cargo hold. Flying with this case would make me rest easier, so kudos to Fender for making it part of the package. Once I opened the case, I was hit with a touch of sensory overload from the new-bass smell and my first glance at this tobacco-burst beauty that brims with familiar lines and new features. For the record, four other finishes are also offered.

The 9.4-pound Elite P just looked and felt right from the get-go. It’s comfortable and balanced, the neck pocket super tight, and the satin-finished maple neck was slick and seemed superbly familiar. Unplugged, this bass resonated huge and fat with no rattles.

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Tyler Wylie Mills says:

21 frets, a bit better than 20 fret necks.

Erod Rod says:

Can someone tell me why he says this one is way better than the previous elite version other than the compound neck? or is that the only reason why?

T Smith says:

I love the new elite p bass.. fender got it right … the neck and tone…I am in love

sadbuttrue319 says:

Howie Mandell works for Premier Guitar now, huh…

BG77 says:


Bob Angel says:

I’ve never liked the P Bass sound
But this thing sounds amazing

Matteo Salafrica says:

j and p better passive always

Simonize41 says:

Nice. A 2 for 1 bass – how cool is that? 🙂

Rick Park says:

This bass sounds great, and isn’t all that expensive as instruments go these days. Great job on showing what it can do.

Keith Doherty says:

Fantastic Sounding bass

Naveen Kumar Mavi says:

how is Schecter Diamond P Plus half the price of it?

Martin Holde says:

I bet the AM Elite P would sound good with half wounds.

afadedimage says:

Why dot inlays?

Buddy Martin says:

Gotta admit that is one sweet sounding bass. It kills me though, in 1977 I went Downtown Orlando to the music store and bought a brand new Fender Jazz Bass with case for $404.00. Sunburst… Oh how I loved that guitar. But nowadays I just can’t see paying $1799 for a Bass.

Dave Simms says:

This was so frustrating to watch. Give us a proper demo instead of rushing through the entire recording playing at a million miles per hour.

Stevie Vaughne says:

it sounds great,i want it.

John Grimshaw says:

FFS Fender . Musicman all the Way

DMSProduktions says:

A very nice, organic, piano like bass! Fender got it right on this 1.
Should see it filter down to the Squier line eventually!

jump oricakle says:

I’m trying to figure out why people play bass. I play guitar and love the variety of sounds I can get but all basses sound the same to me and it’s a sound I just can’t dig by itself. besides my generation by the who I can’t really think of a good bass solo.

Frans van den Berge says:

Will there be a P with 2 P pickups?

OldBeatleMan says:

Nice demo Thank you.

John P says:

holy shit too much work to play this bass how many fucking controls do you need on a fender P Bass you keep it enjoy

craigdamage says:

Sounds like a solid $1000 bass to me. But of course this one charges you an extra $250 for the word “Fender” and another $250 for “USA” ….fair?

Gary Woodward says:

Great review, thanks! Would love to hear your thoughts on the American Elite Jazz

Nikita Mazhara says:

Completely Killing. Love this

BlueLead1945 says:

How would anyone think these Elite Basses compare to a Sadowsky Metro?

Alex 69eyes says:

I can’t decide between this or jazz bass american elite…. any suggestions?

Gabriel Martins says:

Love the active sound. Specially the scoopy doopy doo. Guitars need mids, basses need width.

Dennis Vedel Broch says:

Please tune your bass before playing

Kev G. says:

Jam and Peanut butter

Brennan Mulhall says:

Should I get an American Elite P bass, or an American Elite Dimension bass?

skippymaroo says:

Would have been great to have someone who really knows how to play that bass , Slapping and Finger ( pizzicato ) with authority , Close to the bridge and hard . But good electronics info he did .

Paul Traynor says:

Nice seems a big improvement over the Deluxe P bass

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