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Multi-scale guitars (or, in this case, basses) have historically garnered polarizing opinions. On one side, you have players who believe a fanned-fret configuration optimizes the tonal response of each string and makes for improved string-to-string tension. Opponents feel that the sweeping fret layout is nothing more than a gimmick, arguing that a well-constructed instrument with a conventional fretboard design provides the same structural and sonic benefits, without hindering traditional playing technique.

Despite these differing views, there are an increasing number of bass builders developing multi-scale instruments. ESP is one, and they recently entered the ring with the introduction of the B-1005SE Multi-Scale. Part of their more affordable LTD series, it’s a stylish multi-scale instrument that boasts active electronics and solid components.

ESP’s fan-fretted bass hints at their signature looks, but adds a measure of boutique sophistication. While the sharp angles of the headstock might at first glance imply the B-1005SE is a bass for more aggressive music, the shapely instrument is aesthetically suitable for a variety of stages.

For those new to the world of multi-scale instruments, observe the angle of the nut and then check out the angle of the bridge. This positioning allows the bass to achieve different string scales ranging from 37″ on the 5th string down to 34″ on the 1st. Fret positioning must compensate for the varying lengths, which results in a fanned fretboard. As mentioned, this design maximizes string tension, and when done correctly, delivers consistency in feel and tone.

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Dima Medvednik says:

This notch is for the neck not splitting in two gibson esque style

Jules Goossens says:

Ie define peer specifically prove difference.

Peter Reed says:

Hey guys, hate to do this but im looking for some feedback on my first few covers- check them out; id love it 🙂

Johnny rowland says:

Between this and a Dingwall NG-2 is a hard choice!! Opinions???

pleximanic says:

Always comical when non-musicians trying to play bass!

Serginho Sena says:

I found very funny the guy saying “tje tje tje” at 1:01 haha

TheIntelligentView says:

Trying HARD to make a cheap-ass bass seem like a quality bass. HAH!
If you can’t afford a Dingwall… at least go for the Ibanez.

falcon45ca says:

Get a Dingwall!

ArielsSmartyPants says:

Intellectually I see the reasoning behind fanned frets, but practically it seems a gimmick. Nice demo 🙂

Darin Warren says:


ellis smith says:

it has a rosewood top on the body

Bruce Moniz says:

one small tweek your playing a 5 string bass so anyone watching is interested in the B string more than any other aspect of this bass. By the way an NG-2 cost 300 to 400 hundred more

Project-Bassplayer777 says:

mmmm, nice Bass..!! Great demo Steve..!!

KirkDickinson says:

As a Dingwall Combustion owner, I am always curious about similar instruments. This looks killer, but doesn’t sound killer. Every Dingwall video I have seen has better tone.

Nice playing dude.

Gabriel Martins says:

First of all, great sounding bass. Really nice, seems well built.

Second, want a towel, Steve?

FEARS says:

The volute or the ramp on the opposite side of the nut is not for the thumb but to increase the strength at the nut where many necks break (like Gibsons).

astrozombie2099 says:

very cool bass..the price though, ouch..$1,400


high? great bass but this guy better be on something otherwise he is just extremely annoying.

Fernando Cordova says:

terrible mic placement!!! and you could use a little compression on your mix!!!

Stan Cobb says:

I love the ESP basses with Seymour Duncan PU’s. Not a fan of Nordstrom, or I would’ve bought this model, too. I’ll pass…

Russian Pickle says:

Did ibanez release the srff800s before esp made this?

Joey DH says:

This thing costs more then a Dingwall, who started this whole fanned fret stuff.

Just get a Dingwall NG2 in a cool color, they sound better anyways.

Miguel Alejandro Vergara says:

What an undersell. Great bass.

gruu says:

I always find it annoying when reviewers dont have any riffs/licks/melodies at all prepared before they do the review, how are we supposed to make anything out of the different settings if its just random shitty sounding improvisations all the time…

Patbanger says:

Silver toggle switches… why?!?!?

the artist says:

A real beauty and sounds really nice!!!

Wolves says:

Sounds in dire need of a setup

andrey ovdiel says:

Вот это дизайн!.. Напоминает игровой объект “Икона рока” из “Симс 3”!

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