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silverpairaducks says:

A travel guitar similar to this would be cool

Rafi Kirder says:

On which planet is a floating rosewood bridge a “tune-o-matic bridge”?

Tom Howland says:

What is scale ???

DMSProduktions says:

VERY nice baby bass! LOVE it!

dubtat says:

The original had a neck like a baseball bat and a 24″ scale length,

Tommys Timeless Treasures says:

Nice looking bass, humbucker sounds good, but that piezo sounds awful. I would’ve preferred if it just had a tone control but still a nice instrument. (I guess it would sound better with flats)

Paul Massingill says:

Lefty please!!!!!!!!!!!

Esteban B says:

I need one.

grant johnson says:

You can hear the strings behind the bridge with the full on piezo, kinda gross

TritoneJazzCamps says:

Isn’t the lack of a tone control kind of limiting?

Matto1349 says:

This thing would be cool to string up ADGC. Treble-bass!

zurdo z says:

pocket bass?

dirkbonesteel says:

Sound and feel is almost exactly classic Hofner Beatle even tho it looks very different

Silviu Stefan says:

26,5 inch scale stupid !! Not 26,5 inch long !! It is longer then the scale you dumb bold guy !!

Marcello Ferreira da Silva says:


James Hickman says:

Really versatile instrument! Nice review!

PBJTime says:

Looks pretty fun!

Jon Rochner says:

If you don’t mind my asking, how much does it weigh?

Jose Rumbos Aguilar says:

sounds good

CrazedBird says:

Man, the thing about short scale basses is I believe you can ONLY use the neck pickup. The “pop” you get from a short scale bass sounds awful the treblier you get. I use exclusively the bucker neck pickup on my Mustang bass, and it sounds like it’s the same case with this bass.

Zachary Parker Ingram says:

I wanna punk this bass up!

Xfire Xx says:

Way cool.

Stamatis Stabos says:

Very cool short scale bass

Vernon Hoover says:

Nice looking little thing.looks like you could have a ball with this beauty.Diggin the peizo.great demo.

Sassy Cat says:

Nice bass to go busking with.

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