review – 13 Bass Guitars Shootout – Musicman, Warwick, Conklin, Fender, Alembic, Spector, Hohner – A new step in gear information!

Bass guitars in this review:

0:24 0:55 – Conklin Groove Tools GT7
0:56 – 1:28 Warwick Corvette $$
1:29 – 2:05 Musicman Stingray 5
2:06 – 2:42 Custom 7 str, Bass Guitar by Pacman
2:43 – 3:18 Spector ReBop 5 DLX
3:19 – 3:54 Custom 5 str. Bass Guitar (Bartolini XXM45C quadcoil pickups, Bartolini NTMB preamp)
3:55 – 4:31 Alembic Epic 5
4:32 – 5:08 Fender Marcus Miller
5:09 – 5:46 Warwick Streamer LX 4
5:47 – 6:25 Custom 5 str, Bass Guitar by Zvetano
6:26 – 7:00 Fender Precision Bass, Japan Floral
7:01 – 7:38 Hohner B Bass 6Q
7:39 – 8:17 Harley Benton HBB 35 NT

Amp: Gallien Krueger 700 RB

This review is noncommercial.
The settings of the bass guitars are player’s choice in this moment.
We do not want to compare the quality of the instruments. They are all wonderful. 🙂

Special thanks to Georgi Georgiev (player) and Tonstudio2 (Sofia) –


The Greenman says:

I’d be curious to know what landmark/famous songs were recorded with a 7 string bass.

WildVideos says:

I did’nt even know about this company before but the Conklin wins,no soubt about it.
I wish they would made this model with 5 or 6 strings, 7 are wayyyyy too much for gigs 🙁

TwinRavens says:

Not a good demonstration of an Alembic. Alembics played flat are meant to be neutral. In the proper hand, this bass has more tonal variety than all these others. I’m not saying BETTER, just more. Flea recorded “One Hot Minute” on an Alembic Epic.

Onozawa Yuuki says:

This dude looks like Rumblin Man

Hanzel Chua says:

Scott devine LICKS

Ronny OnBass says:

Warwick, then Spector sound the best, overall! Though I do like the Ernie Balls, as well. Only I love the Sterling USA better than the Stingray with its ceramic pickups and smaller body.

amaroudis says:

I have an Alembic Epic and a Warwick thumb NT5. Both are great basses. Totally different. The Alembic has a unique tone that is instantly recognizable. Only other bass I can think of where I can def. recognize it is a Fodera.

Nick Salazar says:

Awesome video! Thank you for demoing all of those basses!

Odd Kensei says:

I had to lol on that Hohner fretless. xD Well done though mate. I’m happy I’m a warwick man after seeing this. I just wish you coulda shown the glory of a Thumb.

Время Талантов TV says:

Amazing Afroamerican play guitar by his lips, Las Vegas NV

Jeremy Heo says:

old strings

The-Toy-Guy says:

The warwicks are the stand out for me. As usual. The hohner has a very nice tone too.
But alot of these other bass guitars have a bit to much of an electronic vibe for me at the moment.
I much prefer a Mike Lull pj5 or a Maton B.250 or something with a bit more warmth.

Zach Lasseter says:

I was thinking about getting a Spector rebop5. this made it official!

innickwetrust665 says:

hey guys! I am looking at buying either a ibanez sr755, a schecter stiletto custom five string or a spector legend 5 with a neck through. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

Muhammad Hafidh says:

most basses reviewed have bad strings on them make them sound really awful, not good for marketing LOL

rudibass says:  
Here are some more basses.
Regards rudibass

bradh716 says:

I would like to have heard a Lakland in the mix.

RaginRog says:

The custom 5 sounds best to my ears.

Michael Mulligan says:

Fender, hands down

Some ugly basses in that bunch

Dean Green says:

gosh that Warwick has some nice mids and bass tones

johnny long says:

you have a lot of toys my friend

Bonecrusher The Decepticon says:

I have a jaxville demon bass

Hristijan Mucev says:

cut your nails…

Jyd Badillo says:


Franco says:

Good video. If I was a betting man i’d say at least half of those basses are China copies. Even basses made in Japan are being copied now,like the paisley telecaster/precision style bass. Nice video anyways.

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