NEW Razer Nari Ultimate REVIEW – So Much BASS!

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So anyone that knows me from this channel knows I love bass. I also love haptic feedback so I can feel bass. Did Razer just put more bass in this gaming headset than the Skullcandy Crusher headphones? And are they worth the $200 price tag? Enjoy!

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ChicagoChiro says:

Does anyone know, does the game/chat mixer work properly on ps4? I ask because I just bought this and when I raise game volume, chat volume goes up as well. Not how it’s intended. Any help is appreciated

Tommy Fairfield says:

I was looking at these, seemed interesting, but personally I don’t feel they are worth my 200, good review though!

HaZarDouS says:



Great review like always you say CRUSHER I say here we go again, gotta buy them now your gonna make me broke man. BTW keep it up your the best.

Aman says:

Hi Sir. What’s the battery life with and without haptics?

SxloTalks says:

How would the wire get caught if you’re wearing it?

PRoFIU K says:

Thank you nice video I love your videos☺☺☺

4K Gameplays says:

This is bullshit

ColumbineLegend 420 says:

Just got this baby in the mail today, it’s a true best, too bad the driver option for the Nari isn’t there yet.

Murat Özgan says:

Hi what’s the difference this nari ultimate and nari normal standard is it only the price more

Oogle Mascot says:

@Gamesky can you help me with a question with the 360 crushers ?

Coviix OG says:

Awe you forgot a mic test having them wired 🙁

Louis Lopez says:

I’m sorry for not being subscribed after all this time

Maat da burb says:

Thanks for the honest review, man! Ended up ordering them, looking forward to the hypersense tech. Are you sure the EQ settings are saved into the headset itself though? According to other reviews I have come across, it has no internal memory of any short.

ahmed6675 says:

Idk i had a bad experience with the thresher wireless and these looks similar, but your review got me excited

dally80 says:

Better sound than hyper x cloud alphas? Also how are these for music if using with my phone?

It's Meaty says:

nari wireless or ultimate?

Unknown 123 says:

He won’t pin this comment.

He never pinned the comment.

gg says:

Brother i contacted you before on Twitter asking you for a suggestion for a headphone that will make you feel like you are insdie the game , movie etc.. so just to follow up i have a couple of questions i hope you could answer my first concern is i play on ps4 i asked razer they said if you change the setting on the headphone it does not carry over to ps4 so pretty you are stuck with the main setting but now you said the opposite so i hope you can confirm this for me because i heard the hypersense could be too much with music so i want to tune it down and i want the setting to carry over . Second is i play solo mainly so i want something to really get me in the game and in the movie do you really suggest these for me 100% ? This was too long but i really appreciate your help

aliff says:

watch that leather peeling in few months

Hurky_17 says:

Is it worth to upgrade form my Turtle beach Stealth 600 with an hyperx cloud alpha with brainwavz earpads?

Lucas Féres says:

Is it possible to leave the charging cable always there, like if it was wired?

Mushroomstamp says:

This or skull candy crushers for gaming ? I’m using the crushers with an external mic

MaskSo James says:

I might have to pick this up because I LOVE BASS, I bought the new Sony gold wireless the other day but I wanna BASSSSSSSSS

Stefan Leemans says:

Nice review, might get one. So far all reviews are positive, except for the mic lol

FireFlames93 says:

Dude that was a good review and what software do you use thanks

Zynki says:

This or 1more spearhead vr?

Juan Walker says:

Hey gamesky I’m enjoying the content but I have a question if you don’t mind. I’ve had the Hyper X Cloud Alpha for about a year now and I love them but I wanted to know what should I upgrade too? I play nothing but console Xbox mostly and play a lot of Pubg. So can you tell me a headset that can give me a that next level experience from the overall sound of the Hyper X Cloud Alpha?

AZUKI says:

Compare to kraken v2 is this better?

Max Nani says:

Does the hyptic feedback uncomfortable or comfortable


Ive sen ur videos since a long time ago and I just wanted to ask u what are the best headphones or earbuds to listen to music ? Im planing on getting a pair on Christmas..

ItzUnix says:

Could these be better than the hs50 corsair or no

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