My New SIRE M7 BASS. First review!

SIRE M7 5-String Bass. Alder/Rosewood. Practical Review.


nelson smith says:

Nice video ! Exactly what I was looking for

Vincent Rpl says:

I want that bass. I have a beautiful G&L L-2000e from 1982 but the output volume is way too loud… this M7 has the same philosophy with a regular output…

german salvatierra says:

This bass is really amazing ,I’ve recently bought one and is killer.

jaglovergt says:

Great review bro.

Phil Spigner says:

Thank you for taking the time to do this demo. I’m really glad that you explained the use of all of the controls. Your playing is good too. This bass is really versatile,and it meets all of the needs of most playing styles. Can you put the link to where we can purchase these basses at? Again,great job! You focused more on the bass than your playing.

OldBeatleMan says:

Very nice work….. Bass Onward….. Thank you

Richard Mccain says:


SOLDATBASS 974 says:

is it that the gig bag included with the bass guitar m7

Tak Zuid says:

Hello Eddie,

I was just wondering what the difference is between the sire m7 and the sire v7.
Our band plays a lot of Stevie Wonder covers (as, higher ground, part time lover, master blaster).
And also some other funky covers.

The V7 is a lot cheaper then the M7, so whats the difference between those two?
I cant seem to find any comparisons between the basses.

I think the M7 looks way better but i dont want to buy it just for the looks.
May you compare the two basses and advise which one i should buy?

Money is not the problem here, I hear so much good things about both basses and I just can’t decide which one to buy 🙂

Thanks in Advance,


Miller Ingram says:

If not 20hz on the bass pod, what is prefered?

mryamahatrb6 says:

It sounds like a high boutique bass. Awesome demo well done.

Kere Amohau says:

Thanks for the review man. It’s great the you mentioned the the 20hz for the bass pot. That is pretty low.

Rashy Doxx says:

excellent review. you should go work for Sire

Dalarian Snow says:

Why  do you sit so  close to the camera and then you have to pick up the Bass show us what your talking bout

Owen Terry Jr says:

I want the Sire M7, I’d like to pair it with Fender 500 v3 twin 10’s set up thinking Badd Ass strung with some flats, that’s just how I roll!!!

Jeconiah Yohanes says:

Should I buy M7 or V7?

MLGB0Yz says:

What amp bass head do you use for it? Since you can change the pick ups in passive mode. Idk if I should get an amp with passive/active inputs

Brian Rowe says:

Great review Eddie! Well actually, SPOT ON review. I received my M7 last week and will say ~ everything you state here is exact. Down to the stack pot “bottom” rotating when you turn the top. Thanks for going through the mini toggle switch definition also. I wasn’t sure what was what as it wasn’t defined in anything that came with the bass. Yes, you’ve got to spend some time in the lab with this one. The variation in tonal possibility is mind boggling. I love this instrument!

blaqbass007 says:

very good review, thanks much.

Jimmy Olsen says:

Is it actually comfortable to play up at the 21-24th fret? Only thing stopping me from jumping at one of these great sounding basses because I do play up that high a fair bit of the time.

Ny0712 says:

How about the string action? Can it be very low and without fret buzz?

thebrokendeck says:

Hey everyone, kinda late with my question however maybe someone who is owning a m7 can provide me some insight. So here is my question aside from funk and rock i play a lot of metal. I thought with the 35 inch scaling and the diverse possibilities of the EQ it should handle it really well (deathcore, djent styles etc). My dicisioning is between a ibanez btb and this particular bass. Pls help, much appreciated ya’ll!

PhuckHue2 says:

nice bass but the preamp is definitely tuned for a mid scoop sound.

Alex Murphy says:

Fantastic review, man. You’re legit

Dave Groove Master Gore says:

awesome my brother, you’ve said a mouth full

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