MARK BASS Little Mark Tube 800 UNBOXING and REVIEW

I got a new bass rig and it’s powered by this little monster of an amp head the MARK BASS LITTLE MARK TUBE 800. So here’s my UNBOXING and REVIEW for you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

I also demo it with a looped jam over my own intro theme.

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Mike Bold says:

Loop Pedal = YOU ARE A GENIUS!

Andrew Owen says:

I’d already bought this amp head as i was impressed when i tried it in the shop, btw, could you post another one doing a comparison between the 410hlf and the 151hlf then with both. Loved this, very useful

Jacob Miranda says:

Hey! I am currently using a Little Mark 3 and 2 Aguilar GS 112 cabinets. I am starting to experience the amp killing the volume when I reach certain frequencies. The cabinets are 300 watts and 8 ohm, so using 2, I am pushing my head to 500 wt Max and 4 ohms. Would an upgrade to a powerful amp help me bypass these issues I am having? I feel like I need more power to successfully run the cabs together. Keep in mind that “shutting off” happens on and off. Thanks for anything.

4 Deuce says:

You do know you can put a 1/4″ Jack into the Speakon right?

Erle Harris says:

Output: I do believe that the Speakon connector will accept a 1/4 ” connector instead of the proprietary Speakon connector. That will allow you to use two common 1/4 ” connector-cables for your speaker hookup. Check it out and please let me know. You may find the details in your on-line manual -download. Cheers!

Phaidrus says:

Excellent presentation and commentary!

Doug Pinder says:

Are you able to use both inputs at the same time…controlling each with their separate gains?

padillas ruiz says:

Can you tell us about the phaton switch, how it works please?

LowMan Josh says:

I was originally going to buy a Ampeg svt 7pro and and pro neo 410, but I am going to go with markbass 800 watt and the Markbass Standard 104HF Front-Ported Neo 4×10. At 8ohms so I can add another cab down the road

Bass- Buzz says:

Wow sounds great.. I would like to own one myself, however I’m no longer in a working band and just cant justify the cost. Thanks for the review

Luke Thomas says:

Hey mate, could i run a beat machine into the 2nd input?

Kevin Brunet says:

Okay…I love guessing accents and I’ve always struggled with Aussie vs. Kiwi. That being said, I think I’ve gotten a better handle on the two and I want to guess. Are you from New Zealand?

Woofy Stevenson says:

It sounds pretty good without the mid scoop , I’ve tried one of these if you crank both mid knobs all the way up it was pretty ballsy for a metal tone through some hartke hydrive cabs

Phil Music says:

Was this DI out or have you miced the cab?

Scavengerx3 says:

Currently collecting money for a new amp head. Mine just stopped working and now I dont have the money as a student to buy a new one, this sucks but cant do anything about it 😀
Great video btw, like this channel actually so much!
Thumbs up m8^^


I just picked up the little mark tube. Do you notice that the master volume turns much easier than the other knobs. The other knobs have a much more positive feel. Not sure if this has to do with the mute switch.

Tami Colyar says:

I thought it sounded awesome

Kiwi Bass says:

Nice review mate. I’m a new convert to Markbass gear, I love my little 802 combo.

Mr. Bass says:

I think the Speakon output doubles as a 1/4 inch speaker output as well worked for me. You might want to try it see if yours also doubles as a 2 in one speaker output as well. Hope this helps. God bless !

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