Kala U-Bass – first thoughts – and the weird slidey tuning thing?!

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So, a Kala-U bass… I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these for SO long.

After watching so many fantastic players over the last few years get such a great tone out of them, when my wife asked me for some Christmas present hints of what i’d like Santa Claus to bring me – I had one thing in mind…

… a Kala U-Bass!

Luckily, my wife and Santa came up with the goods this year and on Christmas morning I had a beautiful little Kala U-Bass waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

Now, I should say at this point – after about 4 hours of me playing the thing constantly since the unwrapping took place (through everyone else opening their presents – oops) and essentially forgetting that Christmas was actually taking place… I think my wife was regretting the idea, lol… but, that’s a whole different story!

Anyway, what were we talking about?… oh yeah, the U-Bass.

Ok, so I thought i’d film a short review type of vid… not that it’s really a review, but more of my first thoughts, and a little issue I discovered that happens when you slide into a note that might help you out f you buy one of these basses in the future.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Finn Bjerke says:

Thers is a UBASS FREAKS group on facebook

Rasetsu Bass says:

How about making a comparison between the Kala U-Bass you have and a Harley Benton U-Bass and see which is better…

TrappenWeisseGuy ; says:

They do sound remarkably like an upright bass but the string tension just looks too floppy to me. I have to believe they’d be much better with even just a 2″ longer scale.

MoontownMoss says:

Starts talking about the fooking bass at 04:00

Rude Humor says:

1:54 my parents

Joey Johnson-Smith says:

When you realise that this video could be about 3 minutes long. Oh it’s 10 minutes tho, you might be asking. Yep that’s right kids. That 10 minutes of ad revenue. 10 minutes of monetised, money laundering ad revenue

TheNeokiller666 says:

can yuou play it unplugged?

fleshTH says:

Ok, so, earlier in the video you were attacking the strings pretty hard and it didn’t sound very well. I was thinking that you were going to have a negative reaction to the u-bass. But then when you said it was a gift… maybe not. Later in the video you eased up on the attack and it sounded so much better.

I 1st saw the u-bass in a Rob Scallon video and i LOVED the sound.

I love the sound of the rubber strings. I completely agree that it sounds a lot like an upright bass. Mostly because you don’t have to use that much attach on the strings,. I think the attack gets amplified? I haven’t messed too much with them myself aside from playing one for 5mins in a store.

Tetrachromia says:

Why does he wear gloves?

saeroner says:

If anyone wants to trade me for a fretless I have the solid mahogany fretted. I would like a fretless. hmu

Finn Bjerke says:

there a better strings from Aquila, the whites ones are so much better.

Rasetsu Bass says:

looks like you should add the Gold Tone M-Bass to the fray and compare it against the Benton & Kala U-basses.

Aussiesteveification says:

I think it’s a horrible little bass – lol !!! But to each there own .

Gideon White says:

As a double bassist, it does sound a lot like a double ass but not quite. I think I might have to get one just because of that.

Kirill Afonin says:

Best review yet! Huge thanks!

Cesareo The Snake Keeper says:

I don’t like the rubber strings, but awesome video bro

ben gray says:

i get asmr from this thing

astraflyr says:

Corporate pilot here. Love my Ubass for traveling. Otherwise it just sits in the case at home.

Wolves says:

Thing sounds like shit

Guilherme Ribas says:

Quem e brasileiro curte aqui ✌

BDPSTiTST Pablo says:

I want it to be great so bad… but it just sounds awfull to me. kinda like a traditional intestine string in the winter if u know wha I mean

Gabriel Quezada says:

Greetings from Chile 😉

Rasetsu Bass says:

Gary Willis with his Ibañez signature 6-stringed bass! oh yeah!

Shmu'el says:

Scott has become a giant…

Michael Hiltz says:

I have played strings like these, and the best way to describe them is playing them is like playing a giant spaghetti noodle

Francis Watterson says:

Sounds slightly like a upright double bass

SharkPoint says:

he doesnt start talking about it till 4:45

Chad Grimes says:

Anyone interested in the “Original” Kala UBass Method Ebook, here is the link! https://payhip.com/b/4I8q

AFunnyMeme says:

finally, uke djent has been achieved.

Ram B. says:

Are you going to do a review of the Taylor GS Mini Bass?

Aaron Bratcher says:

The Kala UBass always reminds me of the Ashbury bass.

EDIT: apparently I’m not the only one.

Leon House: Mobile Gaming, Vlogs, Live Streams etc says:

Almost sounds like a fret less bass

Lenny Mo says:

Thanks for sharing. All the best Scott.

JC Rocks says:

Do you a have a yamaha thr10x? I have one myself and it’s been quite a surprise to spot it in your studio. Cool instrument that uke, dude. Cheers

Donya Lane says:

Those strings are called pahoehoe (sp?). Hawaiian for “liquid lava.” I’m pretty sure they are a polyurethane material.

Luke Russell says:

Is that frettless

ianA says:

I’d love to see this practically used in a band setting or with an acoustic or solo electric player to see how it would size up

You’ve got to get the Taylor GS Mini-Bass, Scott! That thing is super practical, fun to play and actually sounds amazing plugged in. It’s still got that slight upright vibe, but you could slap on it if you wanted and get some excellent bends.

Nico Di Francesco says:

Why do you use gloves??? Amazing vids dude, keen on leaarning bass!

mybiggrin says:

Actually sounds A LOT like a synth, which is kind of awesome.

Blah Blahsen says:

nothing against your playing…but i thought the instrument sounded terrible. maybe i just dont like the flabby tension or the harmonic (lack of harmonic) qualities of a nylon string, or maybe the short scale and small body just sounds like burn ass.gonna go check more U-basses and see if any of them sound not terrible.

Wuzi says:

why do you wear gloves

Gary McKinnon says:

I’m fucking AWESOME – I listened to you for ten mniutes ;+} Seriously thoug, sounds good nice new inmstrument x

Samuel Felix says:

why you use a glove to play ?

The Cactus says:

Why do you wear the gloves

Russian Bear says:

sounds like shit

Rasetsu Bass says:

you should’ve gotten the Kala Hutch Hutchinson model. at least it has a cutaway.

PC160 says:

From this video, lots of thunk, but hardly any sustain. Is that right?

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