Johnny vs. Mega Man & Bass

What’s considered to be Mega Man 8.5, Mega Man & Bass was initially a Japan-only SNES game released in 1998, with a international release not seeing the light of day until the Game Boy Advance Port in 2003. Despite going back a generation, is the game still something to consider trying out?


DavidKingMaster says:

How did I beat that game as a 6 year old, but i cant beat now that im 14

CarsensMask says:

So basically he hates this game because it’s harder then the others that’s stupid

Tudor-Paul Balan-Tribus says:

i hate this game.

VGG Brayden says:

Here for the complaint about that fist attack

Azteck9 says:

Boss music is best in the series though. And it wasn’t that hard. Coughsavestatecough

Chii Motozoa says:

Still have my m&b gba game, beat it once as a kid during a three week school break

Zitsanrael says:

Man, I’m in the minority here. Until the release of the MML 1&2 Collection on Switch I had only ever played the SNES MM games (7, X, X2, & X3) and now after playing all of them multiple times and playing the SFC version on MM&B, I have to say MM&B is easily my #2 favorite, just behind MM7. I had a hard time on my first playthrough for all of them, except maybe MM5 but that one was kinda bland really. But for me, I enjoyed MM&B so much that I even went and completed a buster only run for both characters. My only complaints were the end of Burner Man’s stage as well as Burner Man himself hitting like a tank for that early in the game, and yes I do agree that King Fortress 2 is absolute garbage. Getting through that stage with only the buster for both guys was HELL, but I digress. Johnny I love your content but man do I have to disagree with you here. But not everyone is going to like every game. I loved this game and you didn’t and that’s fine. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the X series now.

BeeLy1011 says:

Right when the static appeared I got an ad


You can blame Inafune for this shithole of a game actually being a thing back then. assuming the mm8 idea was overshot.

Nathaniel Carrillo says:

On the next One Piece….

eric Spencer says:

Honestly Bass breaks this game. At least for me seeing that I played Megaman first, and beat it. Then Bass was a little fun to be fair.

ZGames says:

Yay one piece outro!!!!

Burrito says:

The people who made this game was a big means poo poo head.

George Estephan says:

Here’s a new comment and tip for people wanting to play this game for whatever reason. Use the thunder weapon when facing the boss at 6:53 when it uses the fist attack since u stay in the air when u use it.

KingdomHeartsBrawler says:

I know this might sound stupid, but what’s that music from 11:47 to the end?

Felix Cintron says:

I had this on the gba. Whats amazing was how hard it was. My 3 year old nephew used to play this of course to avail right?….after about a week, this boy was beating this game….kids, you’re smater than you know, but its up to you!!! Great vids

DocDrazen says:

After watching this. I don’t have a clue how I beat this when I was a kid. I remember downloading the rom and the .IPS patch for the translation. Mustve spammed save states. But I remember loving this game.

Zegaton 480/Jeffrey says:

I’ve beaten Megaman and bass… gameboy advance edition

RaiAnne Dunlap says:

Why couldn’t capcom remove invincibility frames from robot masters

willy24able says:

In terms of SNES Mega Man games, even X3 is better than this miserable & forgotten game.

Xanhus says:

This was one of my favorite Megaman games as a kid although I don’t think I ever had a hard time with it only sometimes

willy24able says:

+ExoParadigmGamer +J’s Reviews

Adam Willis says:

Bass, why must I fight you?! We are not enemies!


Megaman & Bass: Because if Sonic & Knuckles can do it, so can we.

EDboi 71 says:

i’m pretty sure pinhead larry programmed this game…

TSMSnation says:


WilE04 Boi says:

There were sequels to this game on the Wonderswan. Can you review them sometime?

Phoenix Bradwick says:

I couldn’t even beat King stage 1

Olmi says:

After playing this game myself… I don’t see what you see. I will agree that it’s harder than your average Megaman. However, I did not encounter many bullshit moments in there (there were a couple, but those were few and far between. Every Megaman game has some)

I even had a much more comfortable time playing as Megaman compared to playing as Bass (part of it was because I knew the weakness order in that run, but bosses are just easier for Megaman anyway). Level design is actually pretty good regardless of character

While it’s true that Megaman has a harder time with stages, it’s not enough to want me to break a controller or anything like that. Worst case scenario, I die a couple times and try again, which happens in all other games sometimes

Overall, I don’t get why this game is hated so much

Schway Goose says:

He said as he released two more MegaMan X games for the PSX in subsequent years

l cy says:

and this was the second megaman that was introduced to me while the first was x4.

I was able to beat x4 easily and i wanted to try the classical game, so i picked something more modern, i figure that Mega man & Bass should be fine, after all, they had tons of game since then, the formula must have been refined right?

Dying countless time at the starting stage should have told me that i will not be having a fun time.

??? ??? says:

Since Megaman and Bass pretty much looks like 8 couldn’t they have just made an 8 port? I’ve never played either of the games so im not sure if it would be due to hardware limitations, or they just thought they could get more sales if they made a completely new game.

Kanye Burnett says:

Like she said that was

alan brizan says:

This game was not hard

SkullDeku20 /SkullMG says:


Japancom M-L says:

This review is just whaa whaa whaa this game difficult whaaaaaaa you don’t talk about the graphics the music or the weapon or any of the items in the shop, and wily fortress complains are useless because of the auto energy that regenerate health when doing nothing, and you barely talk about the gba Version, this review is suck

Pinhead Larry says:

Who you calling pinhead.

Marc Weitlauf says:

You are wrong Johnny

Planet Tyro says:

haha.. great review… i never finished this game and i won’t even bother now – thanks for saving me time 🙂

Chris Frint says:

While I did use an emulator I will say I only found a few areas that were frustrating but overall this game is just about as difficult as other entries in the series. I think Mega Man 9 is harder than this one. I only played through Mega Mans campaign and it felt like a regular Mega Man to me lol.

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