INSANE BASS!!!! : Sennheiser HD 4.30 Headphone REVIEW

So Sennheiser decided to flex their muscles a bit and show off what they could do in the bass department……and for only $99! But are they worth it?
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siu mo chen says:

just got my today ..coz i had watch ur review about dis headphone has insane bass ..i love headphone with good bass ..i had 7 pair’s of headphone my self ..3 of them is same is dis one made from Sennheiser hd558, hd579 and momentum 2.0 wried ..i can tell u dis guy dis hd4.30i is much better bass ..i’m very happy i got dis HD 4.30i thank you for dis review

Sonjoy Choudhury says:

which has more bass urbanite or hd 4.30?

The Placebo Effect says:

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 or these??

_HAN_MAN_ says:

Can you use this on PC?

Franek says:

better than adidas moonster?

Hans Peter Grüner says:

UAC should take a look at these.


These , crush wired, or NVX?

Rolf Ahrensbach says:

Yee boi, those headphones I have!

Randalf says:

Is this fine for PC and how long is the cable?

Arnav Agarwal says:

How are these as compared to Skullcandy crushers???

pcr wong says:

This HD4.30 and Urbanite XL. Which one give better sound quality ? thank you

Alex J says:

Are they good for gaming?

Pasha Defragzor says:

Cool looking, but leather TT

SAL3M says:

are they any different compared to the bluetooth 4.40 ones? I need to know, because i might get the bluetooth ones if theres a big difference in sound

John Jameson says:

very good review. You spoke with enthusiasm and kept my interest. You described the headphones really well. It helped me to decide that I should look at some of Sennheiser’s other offerings, you saved me time and money. Thank you again

Jugger Master says:

This or the skullcandy hesh 3 wireless

Email1212xxpl says:

Damm man 😀 I need help. I watch really big amounts of reviews of bassy headphones under 100USD and I just cant decide what to pick. I like to listen to Young lean, Tame Impala,Pink Floyd, Matrin Garixx, nearly eveything. I like when mids are well produced, crystal clear highs but also loveee when bass is fucking my ears out. Wich product below 100 should I choose? Have A nice day! Hope you reply

zioncartel says:

2.5 mm plug? Oh hell no!!

Puneet Singh says:

are these better than xb950

Tumura says:

Im used to apple earpods,should i buy these for 80€?

Jaden Aguiar says:

Is it good for pc

Siddharth Chilukur says:

Are the ear cups small.. I have large Ears and I want to know if these will be uncomfortable?

RaBiTeC says:

I have a Windows Phone. Which version do I need?

Starlord Dcon says:

Does this HD 4.30G work on laptop/PC too? Or are they just for phones and tablets….?? Please answer me. I am looking for new headphones for good music listenning, no gaming headphones. Is there any Sennheiser headpgones what are not so expensive, but have alumin and are good for listenning music? I need help! I have searched all over the internet but cant find good headphones! eek!

Martuss Der says:

the Treble of this headphones SUKS!! I’d rather Senneheiser HD 2.50 than those!!

kobe burns says:

What would you reccomend? The sennheiser hd 4.30, or the Bose soundtrue 2? Thank you!

Blaster Blade says:

Does it work on pc?

Shubam Narayan says:

Any difference in sound and build quality between this and 4.40bt?

Arnav Agarwal says:

Gamesky I love heavy bass but I sometimes listen to very soft vocals as well. Please recommend me a headphone that has good bass and even good sound quality under $100.(I even use an equaliser and a bass booster)

Timothee_xskt _ says:

Nice review! Probably gonna get these

Akash Gupta says:

can I please !!!!! get that sweet batman wallpaper link!!!?

BLANK 7 says:

it’s over the ear your ear just realy big

0mar Jhungoor says:

To me the sennheiser HD 430 has plenty of bass that is a great headphone bro. However I haven.t here the skullcandy headphone yet but I will buy it pritty soon. But can tell me if the skullcandy has good bass.

0mar Jhungoor says:

Sorry I made a mistake you are right it the HD 430 not the HD 3 30.

Jose Fernando Gudino says:

Great review and great new channel

Alice Swift says:

My dad is getting this for my 18th birthday, and I’m so damn excited! Thanks for this great review 😀

Alexander K. says:

Hi GameSky. Great review man.
You made me to fall in love for this headphones. I must buy it now 😀
Can you tell me please is there any difference between this and 4.40bt in sound quality?
Thank you in advance

0mar Jhungoor says:

I have bought the sennheiser HD 340 and the bass was incredible. However the bass wasn’t as much as my beats studio but yet still for the price I have paid I am still happy with my HD 340. I have tested alll different kind of music like reggae hip hop soul soca and sega music the sennheiser HD 340 perform very with very good strong bass. Because I love basses headphones the sennheiser HD 340 had plenty of bass I enjoy. Love the sennheiser HD 340 great performance great bass.

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