Ibanez SRH500F Electric Acoustic Fretless Bass Review

Review of Ibanez SRH500F Electric Acoustic Fretless Bass guitar.
Order here: http://amzn.to/2s3Bsw6
Unboxing, playing the instrument, sounds & first impressions.
An electric bass guitar with fretless playability and hollowbody resonance
SRH4 5-piece neck plays fast, with a multi-layer design for maximum rigidity and long-term reliability
Enhanced stability and sustain thanks to custom bridge
AeroSilk Piezo system yields an upright double bass sound and unbelievable touch response
Comfortable rosewood fingerboard
Stylish black matte hardware
More info: http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eb_detail17.php?year=2017&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=104&color=CL01

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Arda Karaduman says:

This or a Godin A4 semi acoustic ?

37 FNK says:

You have a voice like velvet.

Dyan Iskandar says:

made in indonesia?

Richard Dorrance says:

Looks like no neck dive. Can you confirm that, thanks?

Antonio Barbosa says:

I like the dark lines on the fretboard. I don’t think I need them, but sometimes it’s nice to have them when practicing.

The Woman With No Head says:

Insane demo, I loved it ! Sound samples are incredible too, pure butter for ears

Carlos López says:

What song at 2:50

Aaron Davis says:

I really like the finish on it,it almost looks like a homemade burst job,really cool looking

diDDI AGePhe says:

made in Indonesia…?

Gazzy Burns says:

Looks very well built!!!

1okanaganguy says:

Very nice but I think is limited to the type of soloing virtuosity amidst a jazz environment.

Stewart Ross says:

2:15 Please take the plastic film off of your Apollo!!!!

Frederic Hodshon says:

i’ve had my eye on this for a while.

played the fretted version yesterday and was blown away.

immediately ordered the fretless – i will have it saturday.

long time fretless player. i’ve owned Pedulla, Zon, Rob Allen, Godin A4 fretless basses.

if the fretted version is any indication, this will probably be my favorite of all

great vid. thanks.

Plebs Persson says:

How will it sound without and amp? Will it behave like a real auctustic bass?

MichaelUhler says:

I just got the five string version. Beyond amazing. This bass sings. Got it after a good experience with the 5 string fretted version. Very light and rewarding to play.

Richard Dorrance says:

What about lack of plucking hand thumb rest?

Vic Schrader says:

I notice the positioning of your fingers seems to show that the face dots are in the places they would be on a fretted bass. On an unlined fretless, the dots should instead be exactly where your fingers go. Are the face dots in the same positions as the side dots? Are they “between the frets” as it were or are they where the frets would be?

Will Le says:

Awesome sound!
Thanks for the video.

Bob DeRosa says:

Thank you for this. I beg to differ with your self assessment — you are an excellent fretless player.

Dubious Daydream says:

I’m contemplating between the fretted version or an acoustic. You think I could give this bass the brightness of an acoustic with roundwound strings?

Robert Thompson says:

I just ordered the 5 string fretless, also ordered Rotosound 88 black nylon tapewound strings. I’d appreciate your, or anyone’s, opinion on the strings it comes with, would you ever consider tapewound strings? I want to push this as far as possible to get a upright double bass sound. Just wondering if I’m wasting money (on the more expensive strings) for not enough of a return on the investment. I also thought the black would look very nice! Thanks

Aaron Davis says:

What are the tuners like? Do they wiggle around on their posts? Im talking about the clover part of the tuner,also how are the pots? Im asking because i got an ibanez Tmb310 Talmon bass,its on The upper end of thr Tmb series the Prestige is the pro model,the 310 is like models below the prestige,that said,and Ibanez usually makes quality basses at good prices, anyway ive had it 6 be months both of the stck pots are broke,the tuner on my D string broke, this is the first ibanez i EVER had issues with like this

Carlos Carloz says:

Nice demo you’ve sold me thanks.

Inkawgneegrow says:

what’s the song at ~3:43

Michele Tacchi says:

Hi, thanks for your video 🙂 …i have 2 questions for you if you have time:
1) have you ever tried it with round wound strings? 
2) how wide is the neck (compared to a precision bass for example) ? i play precisions and love the neck with wide strings spacing.
Thank you very much and all the best!

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