Ibanez SR1400 Premium Bass Review

Ibanez​ SR1400 Premium Bass review.
More info at: http://www.ibanez.com/products/eb_detail17.php?year=2017&area_id=3&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=63&color=CL01


Constantine Isslamow says:

Beautiful and sexy. Great playing also. Thanks for sharing with us.

Andy Irvine says:

Another great review and well produced product demo from you! I hope they are making it all well worth your while! I do demos for FREE basically!!, but I require getting paid for producing and editing manufacturer marketing content – Rock on buddy!

alex brunsdon says:

Damn you Ibanez! Think I want one.

Nice review BTW. Thanks.

longdongbongchong says:

Gold hardware, yuck.

Jörg Horstmann says:

Nice review!

Mean Berad says:

I just got this bass and the inlays are quite beautiful but of course as is my luck I got one that had a blemished one. the first inlay on 3rd fret looks like a big black spot in the center of it.. big enough to be an eye sore.. Its a natural formation but kinda wished they would have tossed that one and used a different piece.. I can’t seem to find replacement inlay that will fit it made from the same material… other then that in the truss-rod hole looks like there is this knot or junk inside as if a whole was patched or it could be sap or wood knot.. however that’s not a big deal, the only issue affecting playability out of the box seems to be buzzing on the 14th and 15th fret on the low E.. not sure how to fix this… it buzzes on that sting anywhere above the 12th fret but its most noticable on 14 and 15

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