Ibanez GSR200 Bass Review

Lee puts the GSR200 in the spotlight, for full details of this great value Bass powerhouse, check out this link. http://www.dawsons.co.uk/ibanez-gsr200-black
(it also comes in Walnut, Red and Jewel Blues finishes too)


Rage By Nightfall says:

And nice playing man.

Hentai says:

is this bass good for metal ?

The Guy says:

Would this bass be good for Rammstein and/or Nirvana?

Rage By Nightfall says:

I can honestly say that I move around the fretboard a lot better on the Ibanez GSR200 as opposed to the Fender Precision and Jazz Bass. Definitely getting. It’s cheap, and sounds great.

hunkylynch says:

I noticed on the backside of the guitar it takes a 9 volt battery. What’s up with that?

Uncle BBOY says:

hey man whats the length of that bass? .. in inches … I see some that say full size 45, 46 , 48 inches

rumplespliffskin says:

I can barely hear a single note. It sounds like it isn’t wven plugged in

Anita Unecessarymiddlename says:

Worst review ever!!!!!! This is not how you playvbwith a bass, the sound is too low to hear anything but the drums, and he’s playing all the high lines, nothing like a fucking BASS review. Dislike from me

yo dude says:

i have this bass myself and t doesn’t have that much fret buzz? maybe i’ve learned how to play it without the buzz but i have no trouble whatsoever

Arderon says:

how can i make the sound like a precision bass

Shankha Ibanez SSD says:

This man is fu*king talented!!!

DimebagVision says:

Warwick >>>> this shit

John Turnbull says:

They just had to make the most pointy pickups possible, though.

Gee Mann says:

Killer playing dude.

Philfy Phil says:

I tried one of these recently as I was looking for a good bass for recording (I play guitar and drums normally). It felt so nice to play and well balanced I didn’t even bother plugging it in and just bought it.

GebbJewj112 says:

I play a little guitar, kind of a beginner, and I’m like, ”Hey why not play a little bass too,” and I see this guy play and feel very bad about myself

Steven Finley says:

to be honest i had one and i kinda didnt like the tone too much also alot of buzzing but thats my expeireince

Rub Smoke n Sauce says:

Ahh the sounds of a guitarist f#cking up playing bass

Aegon Stratos says:

Which GSR model is better for beginners GSR 180 or GSR 200?
PS It ll be my 1st guitar

LarsUlrich199 says:

Where is it from?

maddias101 says:

I have my eye on this 1 and the Epiphone Toby Deluxe IV…

Both sound very nice and are about the same price, but i really don’t know which 1 to choose :s

Anixi Martin says:

It tunes standard?

Animate 'n Stuff says:

I highly recomend this bass

Austin says:

I have this bass and there is no possible way you are pressing the frets so lightly and getting that sound from it without mine simply being fucked up. 1) I’m not weak by any means 2) I practice pretty regularly, and 3) I took it to guitar center and the dude said he couldn’t fix it because the strings sit too far off the fretboard. I don’t know what to do because I love the sound of this bass, but you have to press SO fucking hard on the frets to ensure a properly played note

Rattlesnake Neckties says:

I have 2 of these basses. One red one black. I’ve put 1600 hours on my red GSR200. Great bass! Not great if you’re pursuing slap-bass. For $100 more the Ibanez SR200 is an excellent Slap-bass.

Mavrick says:

Is this bass any good at playing metal?

iPreferGeek says:

I play fairly good guitar, but my friend’s learning and I know another guy 2 grades above me who plays a mad guitar… I’m gonna start on bass and we’re gonna make some songs!

chaoticcat99 says:

I have this bass and the fret buzz is just ridiculous and I don’t know if mine is a lemon or not but the balance between high and low end know matter what I do is not right the high end is always way louder than the low

Márk N. Mészáros says:

Why do we hear more of the acoustic sound than the amped one??

Kat McCollough - Vlogs says:

Doesn’t Robert Trujillo play one of these?

President4Life says:

Mine arrives next wednesday

Gary Weatherford says:

Bought my GSR200 in 2014 as a backup guitar. I primarily play Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. I used this guitar in practice sessions and was blown away by it’s powerful low end. I’ve since changed out the strings to DR Black Beauties and now it’s killer. I now reach for this guitar with confidence and sometimes play the whole show with it. Good feel. Light for the back and Holy Shit the sound it produces…

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