Ibanez ATK200 TP Bass Guitar Review

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Check out this killer affordable bass from Ibanez! So much tone on offer for such a great price. Ok, it’s looks might not be 100 for the school of cool but it SO makes up for it in playability and tone, Stick highly approves this bad boy!

Take it easy all

Stick out…

Recorded and Produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis — Maplewood Studio

Full Spec –

Neck type ATK4 3pc Maple neck
Body Ash body
Fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
Frets Medium frets, 22
Bridge ATK4 bridge
Pickup CAP Double Humbucker bridge pu (Passive)
Equaliser ATK N2 3-band EQ (ACTIVE)
Hardware color Chrome
Neck Dimensions
Scale 864mm/34″
a : Width at Nut 42mm
b : Width at Last Fret 63mm
c : Thickness at 1st 21mm
d : Thickness at 12th 24mm
Radius 305mmR


Tony Merrett says:

ATKs sound amazing, it’s just a shame they weigh as much as a bus

poop mcgee says:

9:40 moth action

Julien .B says:

I would be so happy If Ibanez could put back in store the ATK Paul Gray signature (PGB1) … This bass looks f*ckin amazing !

zsweeney says:

Ugh I’m loving this way more than the Sterling SUB Ray 4. Too bad it isn’t being manufactured anymore 🙁

Burak Laçiner says:

Was that dragon attack in the beginning???!

TheEpicGameStudios says:

‘Big ol’ lump a wood’

Oliver Shasha says:

i love it when i see that you’ve uploaded a new review, i really enjoy them and trust your judgement, you should upload more prominently though, that would be nice 😀

Tuttilicious says:

Hey stick, great video!
What’s next?
(recommendations: Hofner Ignition bass, Epiphone viola)

Harvey Pickleston says:

Can’t stand the unfinished headstock, it’s a dealbreaker. Too bad, the aesthetics and tone are exceptional IMO besides that.

Edward Daniell says:

That headstock is fucking me up

Belle Aimée Hendrix says:

I think it looks really nice BUT O MAN THAT FUCKING HEADSTOCK

moxshyfter says:

Good call on that headstock finish. It’s puke-worthy at best. Such a shame though, the rest of the bass is pure sex… :

TheChinovnik says:

good to see you again!

707username707 says:

I’ve never played bass before and for years I’ve been hell bent on an Ibanez, but I don’t like the active pickup on this one. Love the weight, the wide fret board and the Machineheads though.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between this model and the IBANEZ ATK200-BK, besides the active/passive pickups?

Michael howard says:

Stick”… I saw your review and I ordered myself an atk. You were right on all points. Ibanez has built a fine quality bass for very little cash. Keep up the good work …ps.. your playing is not that bad…Thanks

CJEUK says:

Nice to see this on my subs!

Aron Kovacs says:

Ibanez stingray basically

nicolas alvarez says:

Chunky this, Chunky that

Rasmus Almlund says:

Did you get a new studio? 

EloiSio Michalski says:

Damn you, Paul! You must be an awesome bass player! Haha
I’ve been watching all your videos since last week. Great job!

Charif M. Messary says:

The guy looks like King Abdallah II from Jordan…
Great video by the way !

David Purcell says:

Hi Paul..I just bought the ATK200 TP here in Australia, and it is awesome. Haven’t picked up a bass for 22 yrs. So wanted retro, chunky tone mad bass. Agree with your review good price here. I also purchased Ampeg BA 115 V2. Even though going through basics it is a awesome sounding bass.

Remy Lanca says:

test the ibanez tmb 100? Thank you!!!

flipper1201 says:

Good to see you back, reviews that actually show us something useful, rather than endless flashy slapping solos!

GavinFockensbass says:

Looks similar to Paul Gray of Slipknot’s signature bass

Arturo Murillo says:

Do you know why is ibanez not selling this bass anymore?

MR Gaming says:

Dragon Attack

NinjaNugget says:

It’s out of stock everywhere…why? 🙁

Haribo Snow says:

Hey Stick, S.U.B or ATK for value, playability and tonal variety? 

Alex Bujack says:

hello , can you make a video with a cort gb75 or gb74, MIK?

Aslan Kenan Yagcilar says:

I’m not a big fan of active circuitry , but price wise it seems to sound like a good bass, i was thinking of buying a warwick rockbass streamer or do you think it’s a better idea to go for this atk-200.? What would your opinion be ‘Stick’ ? Cheers..!

dysentrygary says:

amazing review.. 
by the way i really need your advice stick, i own atk200nt but it sounds really bad on gallien krueger combo..its clipping all the time. and when i turn down the eq  it sound so thin. the slapping sound is way worse. what should i do about this man

solara clarke says:

Made in CHINA???????/ serious?????

Lord Masterdebator says:

This bass is so ugly but it sounds amazing. Why Ibanez why!

Tasty Fresh says:

It’s a dragon attack!

Jamie Ashby says:

I’ve played the ATK since ’99, and will never be without (at least) one in my onstage arsenal.

FanTAStic review, and thank for posting this!

Alex Bujack says:

hello , can you make a video with a cort gb75 or gb74, MIK?

Steffen-André Rasmussen says:

I’m just wondering. What is your top three settings on this bass? And which bass can you reefer each positions with? Musicman, pbass etc…

TheCrazyEinstein says:

I actually really like the headstock

Can Savaryego says:

This looks like ibanez’s take on the musicman stingray so would you recomend this or sterling sub stringary?

N4no312 says:

Dragon Attack 😉 good bass line

Fitzhugh Goode says:

Nice music, man!

klaymeister says:

More affordable bass demos!

Greg Waltz says:

Love this bass. It’s plays great, and nice retro look. If I were ever in a position that I need an upgrade, the ATK1200 would be the first bass I would look.

john gallagher says:

had a vintage Ibanez for years and im looking at getting something when i came across the ATK .this is a very nice bass ,but will certainly check one out in the flesh so that im fully convinced .nice one

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