Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass – The Beatles Sound!

Dagan reviews the great sounding Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass and shows us how to get that Beatles sound!

View the Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass over at PMT online today: https://goo.gl/ycYBCk

The Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass, seen here in Sunburst, takes inspiration from Hofner’s 70s Violin Bass models crafted in Germany, but offers a far more budget friendly option making these coveted bass guitars available to all.

This budget friendly bass guitar may be cheap in terms of price, but the quality is far greater than you would expect for this price point! The Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass features the coveted Hofner control panel, wooden bridge and Hofner style tailpiece to provide that classic violin bass sound made famous by Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

A hollow body adds fantastic resonance and the high quality hardware and Hofner Ignition pickups ensure your bass provides a lush sound for a lifetime – try one of these out today, you won’t regret it.

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Cell Phone says:

Question: How do you strap it so when you release both hands, the weight of the neck doesn’t flop it over?

Paul Mabley says:

Bought one of these from this very store (Newcastle branch) in August 2016 and I love it to bits. The Hofner switch system is a bit of an oddity, but if Macca can work it out I dare say I can. I wish it came with the traditional teacup controls, buy I think these can be bought as an add-on from Hofner themselves. Or maybe PMT have them…I should ask next time I’m in. 🙂

Vitaphone says:

This sound not like Beatles because default strings made roundwound. If you want beatle bass sound, you put flatwound string & mostly play with a pick.


Is it an acoustic-electric bass or is it just electric?

Casey Nova says:

I bought a Hofner copy back in 1996 (made by “Rogue”), which is for my taste a terrific bass, and so much more like the authentic 60’s Hofner Beatle bass than anything Hofner produces now overseas. I have played the bass show here, and it feels like a toy by comparison. But I’m not bitching. It looks cool, it plays easy, and it sounds OK. Just my two bits. And by the way, Rogue itself now makes a far-inferior (to what they made 20 years ago) “copy of a copy.” As for the 60s Hofner, have you got a spare $4,000?

The Chach says:

I want one!!!!!!

ana banana says:

Hi, How are you doing? I have a Hofner ignition bass like yours. It sounds fantastic and no complaints about it, but I ´ve got a question for you. What did you do to the little foam under the bridge? Did you get rid of it or you still keep it under the bridge? One problem I faced when I had to change the bass strings was when the floating bridge moved from its place and I couldn’t put it back in its original position! I found one way to avoid this problem, a famous luthier here in Mexico glued the floating bridge with high quality glue and I have played my Hofner bass for around five years with this little modification and the sound hasn’t changed at all, and every time I change strings I don’t have to face this problem any more.

James Butler says:

Got one of these last year, love it !

lyerlyman says:


Rijk Verheugen says:

Who did he mansion before Sir Paul McCartney?

Enrique Vera says:

No toco ni una canción el wey nomás tocaba lo q se le daba su gana

Lord Isern says:

Thank you, Dagan for the review!
I have ordered one from Thomann, and I am going to use it to Irish folk music. The sound and the looks suits that as well. As a little, comfortable, electric “upright” bass. 🙂

Ps. Pay more attention on your muting!

Fred Higgins says:

Looking forward to the delivery of my bass later this week. Thanks Dagan. I fooled around playing the bass in college 45 years ago, and have lusted over the violin bass ever since. Even if I never learned how to play as well as you, I’ll still look good doing it!

rtpwyk says:

WHy r u not a presenter on BBC?

Lucky LongTower says:


WP Infinity says:

This or the Rogue VB100?

Julian Quinn says:

Why is this sunburst colour so attractive compared to when you actually get it in the mail

repguy2020 says:

Sounds excellent. Well played Dagan, we’ll played.

Kyle Smythe says:

How does he not know how to play come together

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