Höfner Beatle Bass Review

Review of a Höfner Beatle Bass (Violin Bass).


redonKiLaus says:

You are correct on the hollow body aspect. As to temperature extremes, it has always been inside and climate controlled, never in a car, garage, etc. It may be because I brought it from Germany to the desert southwest, and the humidity difference is significant. Thanks for watching.

Xcorgi says:

It’s not pronounced “HERFNER”, It is a HOFNER!

babidaboopy says:


sgtpepper6379 says:

$200 sure! $2,000 heck no! Thats Rickenbacker range! 

Pedro Vega says:

Hi do you know the distance and hight of the bridge??

redonKiLaus says:

Musik Haus Pfeiffer in Bayreuth, Germany. It was back in the 70s.

GTM59 says:

I’m just curious about the p/u’s on your bass. They look different then most p/u’s I’ve seen on Hofner Beatle basses. I have 2 of them, One from the late 60’s & my other one is early 70’s. Yet my p/u’s are the same kind on both basses. Just wondering what model yours are. You have a beautiful Hofner by the way. thx for posting cheers

vance640 says:

Got the same as yours ! bought it myself 1982 in a Paris shop. How much do you think it’s worth nowadays?

Diego Illescas says:

How much?

ehhhwhatsupdock says:

WOW! Still looks new to me! Gorgeous!

William G Danson says:

Souns like any other cheap bass. And you are quite correct saying that it depends on amp settings and the way you play it.

redonKiLaus says:

If you play a Beatle bass through a nice tube amp such as an SVT or a Peavey and through a nice speaker like an Altec 417, you will instantly fall in love with that bass. It is so light and easy to play. Thanks for watching.

redonKiLaus says:

Check out the Eko violin bass for a cheaper alternative.

Zuhzuhzombie says:

Probably not a crack in the wood but just the finish.

peacelovejamesdean says:

la bamba! :D:D:D:D

lukefenderrhodes says:

my hofner bass aged exactly like keith richards face

Bryan Flight says:

What store did you bought it at 🙂

tornmask says:

marvelous semi hollow classic bass instrument with a great punch sound to it!

Mikey b says:

great review  thanks  

redonKiLaus says:


Joe Mauro says:

Beautiful bass. Great reviewer!

redonKiLaus says:

Yeah, I use them in all of my semi-hollowbody and hollowbody guitars. I use DampIt made in USA.

redonKiLaus says:

I love Rickenbacker too. Can’t beat em! Thanks for watching!

Peacefrog35 says:

It’s actually fully hollow. Great bass and if I may add, one of only a few people on youtube to actually procounced the brand name correctly. The checking isn’t because of the hollowness as much as it’s due from temperature extremes affecting the nitro laquer. A solid body with nitro would do the same thing.

David Love says:

The finish is cracking because it hasn’t been stored in a room with enough humidity. The cracking has nothing to do with its construction.

Eduardo Capdeville Cureño says:

Hello peacefrog! cant left the hofner searching ah? haha

GTM59 says:

There are humidifiers that you can either buy or make that can fit in the guitar case for hollowbody guitars and they can provide just enough moister to keep them from cracking.

Peacefrog35 says:

Thank you for the reply sir. ITts nice to see such a bass in great shape! Thanks again for posting this! I just received a vintage 1964 Beatle bass. She old,but I’ll keep it forever and I hope you do the same. Take care!

Gordon Jolley says:

Love the Bass!!I’m a Beatle Freak,and couldn’t help but notice your Abbey Road poster in the back.Go to my wife’s site on Facebook,and look at the stained glass window she made of it for me….It’s Awesome!!!! It covers my whole kitchen window…Her site is..(JolleyWorks Stained Glass)

WannaBeatle says:

yours is really super cool! it’s not too often that you see a bass with all the original hardware..many change out the knobs for the teacups right away.

I believe those particular knobs lasted until the late 70’s. Many of the Broadway Beatlemania guy’s Hofs all came with the knobs with the silver inserts. My first one (mid to late 70’s) came with the plain black knobs, which I still have in storage.

redonKiLaus says:

Absolutely true. I must have misspoken, I did not make the correct statement in the video. Thanks for the correction, and thanks for watching!

gottajamm says:

Great sound….Great Bass!

Explorer766 says:

The body isn’t actually cracked it’s the finish contracting (checking). The Hofner 500/1bass has a unique thumpy and woody tone.

goklein says:

Hi redonKitLaus, very nice Beatle Bass, congratulations. In my opinion your voice is very similar to the voice of Sir Paul McCartney, especially in the first step of your review, Congratulations to that too!!!

TheBeatlesManiac Panelo says:

Oh yeah the beatles

redonKiLaus says:

That is way cool. Does she sell these?

dizzy_days says:

Hey, one question, did You have the Treble knob on zero on the bass or the amp?? Or does the bass just have such a mild sound??

redonKiLaus says:

Yeah, I had the silver part fall off on each of the knobs, but I re-glued them very carefully with BlackMax glue. No issues now. Thanks for watching.

Walsh says:

What’s the song at 2:57?

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