Gretsch Bass Review and Demo

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This is a cool 30 inch scale Bass. Cheers !! It’s worth the money !!!! Gretsch Synchromatic Junior Jet Bass.


Pudsy440 says:

nice little bass

Jared Bauer says:

For those of you considering to buy this bass; I went to Sam Ash today to buy another ernie ball music man 5. Not surprisingly, they didn’t have any. As I was fiddling with the fender jazz & P basses and the thunderbirds (all over $1,100). My brother pointed to this little Gretsch. Nothing very striking about it visually but I plugged it in and to make a long story short, I now own a Gretsch electromatic bass. The price was right at $120. It was beat to shit and missing knobs but I’m glad I bought it. It really is great for that ’60s classic rock tone. This is a good bass.

mas502arc says:

If you’re looking at high end basses, F-bass are really hard to beat

Sound Foundation Entertainment says:

I purchased one of these a few years ago and I love it!

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

fun to play 🙂


Thanks for the demo and review, Dave. I have one that I got my kid years ago and I’m cleaning studio and considering trashing it or giving it away. You made me realize I’ve got something worthwhile.

Christine rocks well. says:

hi dave, i came across this video in trying to find out more about the gretsch junior jet bass… it sounds great and i feel it might be the right bass for my musical interests, as well as my small hands. however, i am wondering how well it stays in tune? i’ve heard that short scale instruments, in general, don’t stay in tune. :-/ though i’ve not seen anything mentioning this in reviews i’ve seen/read about this bass.

Alexis Roy says:

I’m thinking about getting one. Seems to be real cool for that 60’s type sound. Will more then likely string it with flatwounds

The Ciderholics says:

i use a p-bass know i find it to be the most well rounded bass for recording, i had this guitar for about 4 months and then sold it, it was a great bass but it didnt really work with the kind of music i record. Peace

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

Vintage Fender USA all the way
I ban nez’d
come on

Dave Stinson says:

Hey Dave. I bought one of these on ebay about a year ago. It came with a new set of D’addario round wounds on. It sounded pretty good like that, but I wanted a more sixties sound, so I put some D’addario flat wounds on it. It sounded horrible. There are all these weird overtones. Any suggestions? Do you think Roto Sound Flat Wounds would be worth a try?

shaq Henry says:

Hey Dave ive been playing the bass for a little over a year. I’m playing a 5 string Ibanez which isn’t mine and I’m not a huge fan of the low b. I play at my church and for now all of my sound cones out of the sub. Looking to buy a new bass and thinking this could possibly be the way to go. I’m still relatively a beginner and wondering what you think. On deciding between this and a fender p bass. Thoughts on way to go?

SpinePunchMusic says:

Just wondering what type of amp you used for this video.

zonie9872 says:

$165 used on ebay. Nice!

J Davis says:

I heard an interview by Paul McCartney who said that he loved the way his Hofner (short scale) recorded, but that it was not for all tracks, he also used a Ric, but said he hated using the Ric for live performances because it was always “falling apart”….He said he beat the crap out of the Hofner (he had several) and they still played well.

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

Patrick and Simon
all made at the Godin factory

Mike Nicholson says:

My wife has one of these and it seems to me the tone knob doesn’t do anything. Is that accurate?

AmyOwl470 says:

Larivee based out of Vancouver. Mostly acoustics,(I own a D4)…amazing tone. They used to also make some nice electrics…

Thomas Puzio Sr says:

More reviews more reviews! HaHa!!!
 Where was it made Dave?

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

I’ve had no problems
it uses the same gotoh style tuners as a lot of bass do
cool little bass for the money
Cheers !!!

ManBass14 says:

would a longer scale fender p bass neck fit on this?

BigWill/GodsHeavenUniverse says:

Hey Dave, My Brother, Frank In LA, CA. Just Bought One Of These Gretsch Bass Guitars Online & He Loves It Alot!! I’m Thinking Of Getting Me One Too!! – Big Will 🙂

– Big Will / The New Blues Universe

zonie9872 says:


RosendalTV says:

this or the longhorn?

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

not really

666bonscott says:

riversong is a kamloops company

Donald Trump says:


Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

it’s small enough that it would be good for a young beginner

zonie9872 says:

Hey Dave, I know Godin (which are awesome) is made in Canada. Are there ant other Canadian guitars you would recommend?

othaka666 says:

@davey4557 hey sorry to bullshit you like this but, Ibanez or Fender?

torn mask says:

hi Dave hope ur do’n well, that’s cool look’n powerful single mini humbucking short scale electric bass guitar that can do the job, cheers!

Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:

a copy 🙂

peacelovejamesdean says:

is that a hofner behind you?

Jono Molyneux says:

Do they do a full size?

trabongo says:

Bass Gretsch Junior G2220 (black) or 2224 (sunbrust) are probabily the best short scale. Price, quality, design, weight, and sound… all in one! 

hogeyokinobi says:

@davey4557 hey, can you tell me what the neck is like please? is it thin or thick? thanks.

Desmaad says:

This is actually an Electromatic series instrument, not Synchromatic. The latter term refers to a tailpiece of theirs.

Mgaga97 says:

Looks perfect for me… but I’m going to buy a epiphone T-bird! 🙂

bubs barney says:

i love short scale basses as i suffer from CFS and as much as i love my 34 n 35 inch basses the short scale is so much lighter and easier to play and transport

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