Glarry Bass Guitar review Cheapest bass on eBay !

Here is my review of the Glarry precision electric Bass guitar. This is one of the mot affordable bass guitars on the internet!! Lets take a good look, and see what kind of a bass guitar you can get for $66! The link is below.


D STR says:

Nice review – That is a amazing price – I don’t think that is a rosewood fret board – one question – is the scale 34″ or 30″ short scale – I was hoping it was a short scale – I had a 1971 Fender Mustang bass short scale – you could rip on it. thanks for posting ,ya do a great job. signed your new subscriber – 53 years playing

Eric Bowers says:

What would you use to lubricate the tuners?

Turd Ferguson III says:

The fretboard material could be “blackwood” which is a pressure treated pine. Harley Benton has used this on guitars, and it’s really quite nice. If you get a chance, try a Harley Benton. I have a feeling you’ll really like them.

Jon Acheson says:

I actually really liked the sound of that Epiphone Thunderbird. Thanks for the video, good to see you back!

Steven Boykin says:

This has got to be the best review i have ever watched. Not a lot of BS! I am glad that you patched in videos playing the same bass lines on different bass guitars and I have to say that i preferred the sound of the glarry over the epiphone.

I picked one of these Glarrys up second hand from someone that never pulled it out of the box. For the $60 dollars that i paid for it i was pretty impressed. I am more of a 5 string player but for laying around the house and picking to warm up, this bass is perfect.

Thanks for the awesome review!

Leonard Smith says:

Whip, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve missed you.

Ammo Man says:

What the hell kind of Brand name is GLARRY?
The Chinese manufacture isn’t bad but the Brand Name assigned to it is !!
Is this a Husband and Wife team (Glenda & Larry) that fused their names together to for an asinine brand name?
Good Lord!!

Griffin M says:

Been waiting for a new upload!

Dane Morris says:

I have one in sunburst. I put flats on it and have giged out with it.sounds great and nice and light.the strings cost more than the Bass,LOL.glad you’re back,yeah!

Dylan Nightingale says:

Yay you did another upload. Looking forward to more.

dsfadsfgafgf says:

Is that a purple heart fret board?

jltrem says:

Whip wins again.

codgerburley1 says:

Looks like my ‘98 American Standard P Bass

chief needs a 1000 subs with no content says:

this is actually the most decent review and actually convinced me to buy it.

Siena Snow says:

Mine came with a bit of a rattle in the D, A, and E strings

Cara w says:

P bass or even a copy of a P bass usually have a C neck, but you said D? Do you mean that it’s just a thicker neck? Not a wide D shape neck, because im thinking of buying one but im lookin for a C neck

Seany Boodwah says:

Good review

Simon says:

Glad to have you back, love this channel!

Bronzesnake says:

Hey…do I know you?!! OH! BOOM!

It sounded like a McCartney bass, the Hofner 1966 at the beginning. And McCartney stuck with the same basic sound through Beatles and Wings.

He used the Hofner and his Fender Jazz Bass on the White Album and Let It Be, Then returned to his Rickenbacker for the Abbey Road album.

I like the bass, and the amazing price!!
Jack – Canada

Benjamin Detseuh says:

Long comment ahead, a review of my Glarry P bass.

I have one of these basses in shiny black finish, though it does not have the Glarry name on it, it is the same as the Glarry and Iris brand. Whip is right, it’s a fairly good bass right from the get go, but they can have issues:

• The bridge wire was ungrounded, causing an annoying humming noise which is very obnoxious at loud volumes
• The finish is almost perfect but has small blotches in it. The neck plate is not straight and has scratches on it too, and the headstock is not sanded well but these aren’t big issues
• The fretboard is made of some composite material (I think), it was splitting from the top of itself on the left side, 2nd and 3rd frets, but this can be addressed with some superglue. Note that the fretboard was not splitting from the neck, but rather a strip of the fretboard was lifting away from itself, these are two different things. Mine also has blemishes on the board
• As for the frets they are totally fine, not polished great but they function well and will not scratch your hands
• The neck is straight but not shimmed so the action suffers slightly. It has lots of small knots in it which looky ugly but do not affect useability or the strength of the wood
• The nut was set at a good height and the bridge saddles were set up perfectly from the get go. Tuners and string trees are all good, no stripping at all. Truss rod functions flawlessly
• The electronics were totally serviceable, it sounds like P bass and the controls work well without scratching noises

Mine came with:
• Small unpadded gig bag with two compartments
• A useless strap, DO NOT use it or you’ll drop the bass right on the ground
• Allen wrenches for truss rod and bridge adjustment
• Small instrument cable
• One Harley Benton pick
This makes me very suspicious that these basses are the same as the HB models, but I assume the HBs go through some kind of better quality control.

So that’s two basses, Whips’ and now mine, that are *nearly* perfect right out of the box for gigging. These are good basses for props or for testing pickups/modding. I would not reccomend one for a beginner due to the dumb issues like stripping tuners, ungrounded wires and splitting fretboards. The neck being gigantic and a scale length of 34 inches may discourage beginners as well.

Thanks for the videos Whip, please keep it up. The need for budget gear is always growing and this channel helps so many of us make decisions on budget equipment.

Duck Landes says:

Looks like an awesome first bass guitar. Main problem I see for me is… I have small hands. I learned bass in a Fender Precision in the early 1970’s. I played an old Höfner for years but my arthritic hands couldn’t take the abuse of playing bass anymore. About 10 years ago my old high school buddy was bugging and bugging me to play bass for him, he figured he had “one last album” in him, and said I was the only bass player he knew that could “keep up with him.” In 1969 he rode his bicycle 5 miles to my house to borrow my guitar, to see if he “liked” guitar. Within a year he had far surpassed me and became one of the baddest guitarists I’ve ever known. In 1971 I formed my one and only band, and even though I had been playing guitar 8 years by then, he was the guitarist in the band, I played conga. Our very first gig, at the same exact venue where Jerry Garcia played his very first live gig 10 years earlier (at our high school cafetorium (cafeteria / auditorium), I realized that I DO NOT like being on stage. I quit the band and became the soundman, and did that for 20 years. 10 years ago when my buddy was bugging me to play bass for him and help him produce a CD he wouldn’t believe me that I didn’t play bass anymore. So I “gave” him my Höfner bass to prove to him I didn’t play it anymore. The last time I visited him was about 5 years ago. He was in his bedroom on his computer, I pulled my old Höfner off the wall and started playing it. After a few minutes I heard from the other room, “are you playing slide on the bass?” I chuckled.. yes I was.

Randy Jackson says:

I assume the scale length is 34 in?

leif keane says:

Looking forward to the next upload!!!

Freddie Mercury says:

How do I lube the tuners?

PotteryBarn says:

what do lube the tuning keys with?

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