Fostex TH900 Sapphire _(Z Reviews)_ When dat Bass Hits your Wallet…

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GREEN —————- []
RED ——————— []
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Pads Used are EIKON SUEDE :


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Wallpaper :
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Jek says:

I bet the audio technixa adx5000 is your new mac n cheese now. Still waiting for your review before I buy it. Lol

David l says:

You should set up something where you put up a link where people can actively donate a small amount for you to purchase that headphone to review. Also what are your thoughts on the 400 dollar skullcandy crusher 360. I know its skull candy but the bass is suppose to be really strong like in these th 900.

Aiwa guy says:

all this money and no mounting rings ( pads )

Yevgen Chupak says:

There is no difference in the build between red green and blue. Same driver. Same damping. Same wood. Same pads… So where this difference comes from? Huh? ))))

AsaruXIII says:

Hey Z you think those pads would be good for the red th900mk2? I need to change up my original pads to something nice that doesn’t alter the sound too much

Taffy O'Keefe says:

creamy tang

Dwayne Attard says:

The delectable sharp, pungent and salty taste of creamy churned cheddar cheese with olive oil drizzled and earth tasting noodle just make your mouth water, your eyes tear and you heart plead for more. How is that for a description Zeos?

Eli says:

what’s the best head amp I can get for under $600 for DT1990?

Solar Eclipse says:

For bass, try the Pink Panther theme by Boom Tube.

Armchair Racer says:

All I know is the sound of Mac and cheese being stirred sounds like sex

uldsko says:

One Sunday morning I woke up, still drunk after a weekend of heavy binge drinking.
I stumbled downstairs to the kitchen, beer cans and liquor bottles all over the place. I looked towards the stove, I saw a small pot, at the bottom were dry lumps of what was once macaroni and cheese.
I grabbed a spoon and forced it through the scab of one of the cheese lumps. I put it in my mouth, and I was met by a sickening sweet and salty taste, the scab felt sharp and salt like in my mouth, the deeper part moist and slimy and allowed me to gulp it down my dehydrated throat.
I kept rapidly shoving lumps down my throat, forcing it with the spoon, tears appeared in my eyes from resisting my gag reflex. By the end I was forced on my knees from lack of breath, I threw the pot and spoon on the ground beside me and fell to the ground in a foster position. I lie crying on the kitchen floor, thinking never to eat macaroni and cheese again.

This is what I felt listening to a pair of 1.25$ earbuds I once tried.

Nolan LastName says:

The prettiest are the blue ones. The green ones just make me think of either shrek or the hulk depending on my mood.

Signumm says:

Mac n cheese taste like creamy macaroni

JioFreedOfOphan says:

The best Mac n’ Cheese I’ve ever had was made by me. I used cavatappi noodles, paid for freshly cut parmesan, bought goat cheese plain havartti and three pepper smoked gouda. Threw some cream cheese and a spoonful of sour cream in that as well. I baked it and covered it with bacon I made on the side, covered that in broken up roasted garlic Ritz crackers.

I’m pretty sure I was drunk when I made it which also means I was standing at my stove, shirtless, mixing stuff in a sauce pan while Pavarotti belts O’ Sole Mio in the background. Still, best Mac n’ Cheese ever.

Viper Necklampy says:

God i see again the Sony TA-ZH1ES on your right Z, i’m waiting for the review so badly, you better tell us how it sound on the treble!

のɪsᴍ夕ɴᴛʟᴇs ツ says:

@Z Reviews What rack are you using right in-front of your keyboard to hold all your amps?

rigixu p says:

Review Hifiman Jade

mariodrv says:

The best i ever ate had a distinc cheezy and macy taste.

RELAXcowboy says:

10 seconds in and you get my thumbs up for Cry Little Sister.

Lord Zendar says:

I ended up selling my mk2s, the th600s sound good enough to me.

MosoKaiser says:

You know why the connectors stick out funny? Connector is a simple drop-in installation with zero modification needed on the existing TH-900 design.

And the red ones look the best.

FullMoonStudio says:

So I take it that my TX610 have the same Phase cable problem? Where can I get a short 3.5mm replacement cable that does not cost a fortune?

Mabel Pines says:


Dylan Angel says:

mac and cheese is puke

Fitzgerald says:

Is there any closed over ear headphone that sounds like the imore triple on ear? I want bass

PandasHaveNoFear says:

I got the green ones used for $850. I fucking love it

Gneiss Guy says:

real talk, every mac and cheese i have is the best because it makes me not depressed

but then i realize i ate 3 days worth of calories in mac and cheese in 3 minutes

kinda like how i buy zeos recommendations it makes me happy then i have no money to pay the power bill

PleXi says:

My best Mac and Cheese can be described as “Just like mama made it, because she did”

heidy says:

Any comments on ZMF’s suede pads? You don’t see them often at all.

Mabel Pines says:

The best Mac & Cheese is the Z mac & cheese. you just know

Aaron Huffman says:

Best mac n cheese:
Safeway white cheddar mac with kerry gold butter and while milk at a 1:1 butter to milk ratio, add the whole pack of cheese, add 1 can of bar harbor new england clam chowder, add a fistfull of mozzerella cheese, add heat, mix in a healthy amount of trader joes ghost chili flakes, ground salt and grind pepper into it. Eat from the pot when warm/hot enough with the cheese melted. There is a seperate recipie for chili mac and traditional refried beans mac that are equally as fulfilling and tasty but the most expensive and tasty is the clam chowder.

Sim S. says:

Wheres the Aero 14 ZEOS WHEREEEEE

pchlars says:

Z, I’m a fan of yours. Therefore I’m sorry to say but I find this video kinda boring.

John Trussell says:

$1600 for that garbage?!? What the fuck?

Alex Welk says:

Are you gonna do a review of the galaxy buds when they come out or are they to low of quality? lmao

metal571 says:

You mean TH900mk2 sapphire

j lai says:

The best mac and cheese i ever had tasted like: yes.

ga says:

Endgame Mac and cheese

Lars loves Tech says:

holy fuck the minute you mentioned the price i stopped watching simply for the fact that it’s pointless having you tell me about something which i could only justify purchasing if i had won the lottery…crap

ḋ7мყ.ا̍ڶــدحۡــمۘــۑْۧ says:

Can you review sound blaster g6!

chipmonk434 says:

Oven baked, with a light crumbly beer batter on top and a little bit of bacon. Went in deep fryer briefly after coming out of the oven in a wire mesh basket.

Imagine cheesy-gooey-ness with only a small twinge of beer battered flavour, and everything has a little bit of a crispyness from the deep fry. Bacon for flair. I sum it up with “It was pretty good.”

Baron C says:

You had me at Lost boys!

Aleksander Puntervold says:

Mac n cheese…Have you tasted sushi? It doesn’t taste like that.

William Ng says:

the emerald looks better

Lucien Immink says:

I have these, HD800s and LCD2c; these win everything everywhere. Once you swapped the pads (I’m using dekoni pads for these, sheep leather).

Jay Crusnik says:

Z sound demo is unavailable.

sayex says:

The headband on the fostex th series its a joke.

Haram Bae says:

I only use my TH900 for electronic music and maybe jazz. They sound like ass with most of the rock genre to me no matter how hard I try to EQ em. I still have this headphone ALWAYS tickles the back of my ear and send a shiver through my spines when I feed it the right track. (Try Avratz or Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom ) and it feels absolutely crazy.

kai mills says:

Green looks the best

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