Fish Bait or Fisherman Bait? Bait Cloud Review – bass, bluegill, carp, catfish bait

The bait cloud is a whopping $10 a can and makes some bold claims. We will test bait cloud and actually watch carp, catfish and bluegill react to it. I will also show you some alternative fish baits for bass, carp, catfish, bluegill, panfish ect.

If you want to see some carp baits that actually work check out this video

If you want to see some catfish baits that work check out this video

And if you want some awesome bluegill baits check out this video


Gage Williams says:

What are the paramedics doing??

Tyler The car guy says:

What happened behind you did someone get hurt

WT Woods says:

Subscribed. Then I pooped

NOOB 123 says:

I guess someone didn’t see him fishing and called the police 1:49

Terry Dees says:

Great show thank you

Bob Saget says:

Seems like a good April fools joke for your ladies… anybody like sleeping on the couch? A Literal bait and switch roflmao

Fred Fable says:

Very good investigation!! Thanks a lot!

brandon shafer says:

The catfish tried to eat it

FireFighter2404 says:

You are a good teacher and instructor and fishermen but I think you are the best at being a daddy. Good Job

Super Hank Outdoors says:

Awesome video Luke!! Almost bought this product twice now but didn’t lol. Almost seemed like it spooked them if anything.

Prairie Fishing says:

How to you have time to fish and be a Lawyer my moms one and shes always Busy with work

Hank Garcia says:

Hahaha that was good, I’ll save my $$. I bet those people aren’t happy, but they’ll say you did something wrong.

Jeffrey Pizza says:

Hey Catfish and carp you need to do one on catfish bubblegum they sell it on Amazon or eBay

Brayden Willett says:

Bath bombs for men

manuel ramirez says:

Just as bad as pautzke catfish nectar

chimmpoe2 says:

Over priced alka seltser

Ash man 104 Alex says:

They look like bath bombs

Angel Torres says:

When a company doesn’t sponsor you

Pennsylvania Wilderness says:

Wonder if it’s bad for the environment or anything

Efrain Romero says:

Do you have Snapchat?

keegan hurren says:

It’s like a bath bomb

Griffin Alpha says:

Tommy get the net!

jTempVids says:

I need to find a body of water near me that has that many fish. 🙁

Bass master McKenzie says:

The ambulance in the background

BABYHOMER69 !!! says:

did anyone else see the ambulance in the background

Rogelio Garcia says:

I had just seen one , good thing I put it back

Maynard 59 says:

Looks to me that your training them boys to be bace ball players hay luke try a gunny sack full of shad an see what happens

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