Fender USA Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass Review

A quick overview of the new Fender USA Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass by Marc Girard of New World Men. You can leave your comments below! Make sure you check us out:

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Brian L says:

Great Demo. Thanks

Al Lowe says:

Sounds great!

Alberto Alcolumbre says:

What effects were you using ?

Tayt Tweten says:

sounds very nice! what are using for distortion?

Frank Speer says:

Sounds awesome brother. What are you using to get that distorted growl?

sdrury01 says:

Nice demo, but I don’t understand why people don’t include which amplification they are using.
if you’re using a really nice amp setup, and someone buys this and plays it through a lesser amp, it’s not gonna be close.

sdrury01 says:

Nice demo, and I like NWM…IMO, this vid is a little heavy on the distortion…would love to hear it a tad cleaner.

Sébastien Dupont says:

Salut Marc. Félicitation pour cette capsule, de l’excellent travail. Ça donne le goût de m’en acheter une. Bientôt peut-être. J’aurais une question pour toi. J’essaie depuis quelques temps de reproduire le son de Ged avec ma Jazz bass Américaine.  J’ai ses trois principaux preamps soient: Avalon U5, RPM et Palmer mais je n’arrive pas à trouver les bons settings ni le bon mix pour avoir un son qui se rapproche du tien dans ce vidéo. Aurais-tu quelques pistes à me donner? (Action, preamp settings, mix, compression, post-EQ, etc.)  Merci et surtout lâche pas c’est très bon ce que tu fais. Ciao

John Echterhoff says:

That sounds damn good! Can you PLAY New World Man?…my favorite.

Bassist1945 says:

wow that sounds amazing and great playing!

Gary Woodward says:

Sounds nice and growly, looking forward to getting mine in the next few weeks 🙂
Can I ask how much thicker is the neck? Thanks for the vid by the way

Vaderson Skywalker says:

Will you be releasing a cover with this bass anytime soon?
I would love to hear it in a mix of a Rush song.  Limelight, Red Barchetta, or Spirit of Radio are high in my list of favorites, I don’t know if you guys take suggestions, but if you guys covered any one of these songs using this bass it would be amazing.

jmroxx1 says:

I’m thinking about picking up the USA model but I love my Japanese one so much. Nice playing though. JIMMY NYC

2Plus2Is4Minus1Thats3QuickMath says:

Just a few things:

1. How did you get that tone in the intro when you played “Free Will”? What setup did you use?

2. Wanna trade necks? 😉 I just have a normal Geddy Lee neck..JK. 

I love the review!

Miguel Alejandro Vergara says:

That’s the Geddiest tone I’ve heard some one other than Geddy himself! Awesome stuff.

B Maxey says:

Awesome bass and great tone! I have to say that the tone is spot on Geddy!

Private Citizen says:

I miss the old black inlays.

Ovechkin Laich Semin says:

Can you tell me how you are getting that geddy sound? i have a geddy lee signature bass but i just cant seem to get that geddy tone. thanks!

Dr_DeathMD says:

what distortion do you use and what are your control settings? (bass, gain, treble, etc.)

geekguitars says:

I wish they’d put better truss rod access in that model. I’d be sold for sure.

Alberto Jorge Soares says:

You could also play it without distortion…

alexpintor says:

“ehh” ‘uuuhh”

Tomás Salvador says:

Amazing tone and playing! How low do you have the strings? I can hear a little bit of fret buzz, which I really love! Greetings from chile

Skylar Cook says:

what amp do you plug into in this video?

Jacob Arlo Leibeck says:

Are you using any effect pedals?

Svenghooli says:

Crap “review”… uhm, it’s more solid… uhm, has a pickguard… uhm…
Now, listen to me play…. pffffft

Sanson101 says:

6 Grand…I will pass….Too thick…..

Superfett says:

Thanks for the video! I have a question, are you using any overdrive or pedal in general for this video, or is that how the pickups for Bass sounds like?

Larnie Puke says:

Hi Marc just bought this bass and its a great machine great to play and fits just right excellent all round bass

Tom Gingell says:

Really considering buying one of these I have seen one on ebay for just over £1000. Ss

X.x Justdoitfool x.X 2 says:

what are the pick ups? Are there the 60’s or 70’s?

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