Fender Mustang Bass PJ Review: The Best Budget Bass for Guitar Players?

Checking out a Fender Limited Edition Mustang Bass PJ Electric Guitar (Surf Pearl) I picked up a couple weeks ago. Finally, my bass search is over. This thing rips and I think you’ll agree. I’m by no means a bass expert so feel free to chime in and educate me on the differences of the pickups and some of the reasons a short-scale bass may be a problem. String tension? Dropped tuning might be an issue? Lemme know! Either way, enjoy.

You can see the Fender Mustang Bass here: https://amzn.to/2wqUgpf

The signal chain was AxeFX2 (USA Lead) with the Horizon Devices Precision Drive pedal. Check out the pedal here: https://amzn.to/2w2lUd0

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Lasse Suurmunne says:

gotta still add, that I agree that pau ferro can look very pretty! and I’ve read that it’s actually a slightly dearer/more expensive wood than rosewood. SRV had pau ferro on his signature strat. I tried a strat with a pau ferro fretboard the yesterday for the first time and it felt amazing to me, felt harder, very smooth, and the grain had a beautiful pattern to it. I’m excited to get my first pau ferro fretboards with those mustangs! I’ll be quiet now lol. (hyped for mustangs atm)

CommanderOfChicken says:

I think you’re switch is backwards, cause from what you described the bridge is supposes to be you’r snappy sound and the neck is suppose to sound bottom heavy.

stateofblitz says:

Ordered in olympic white last week. Can’t wait !! Played guitar for 20 years and even the best full scale basses on the market I can’t get used to.

j e b says:

Victor Wooten is very upset with you

Cheddar Kung Pao says:

The bottom pickup is a Jazz bridge pickup the middle thing is the Precision bass pickup. They will be similar to what you’d expect on a guitar, the jazz one should be punchier and brighter since it’s closer to the bridge. The Precision should be warmer since it’s more towards the neck. They also have sound qualities due to their construction/design but the position is the biggest thing. At least that’s how it is on my PJ bass. I have individual volume controls for each one instead of a pickup selector because my bass is cooler than yours (it also has a rosewood board.) Sorry my bass rules and yours drools.

Just kidding that looks nice. Good choice, lots of people recommended the Mustang bass to me too but I decided I wanted a full size one. 😛

Pablo Guerra Fuster says:

Did you try with Squier Classic Vibe? They’re very good.

Bernardo Castilho says:

Hi bro. How are you ? Ehats the difference between the surf green and surf pearl ?

Eric Coombs says:

Super rad man..I need one.

Lasse Suurmunne says:

Yeah these Fender Mustang basses are incredible! sound amazing, play amazing and look amazing hehe. I’m getting one of these also for the same reason. I’m a guitar player and singer. I just want an affordable bass for songwriting purposes and to learn more bass as well. And these things are incredibly comfortable for a guitar player to pick up. Fender make amazing affordable instruments. Now also want to get a Fender Mustang p90 guitar as well, because they’re so much fun to play, have their own sound, and also very affordable yet still completely suited for professionals as well easily. Fender do such sweet affordable amps now too, like the 007 bassbreaker, that little cute thing is a monster, has kinda this Kossoff vibe. I haven’t always been such a fender guy, but lately I really love what they’ve been doing. Awesome video btw!

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