Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass Review

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Old school tone all the way! This Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass delivers a full fat dirty tone by the bucket load, an excellent bass indeed.

Alder Body
C-Shape, maple neck/fretboard
9.5″ fretboard radius
Modern Player Wide Range P-Bass Humbuckers
Chrome-Dome control knobs (neck volume, bridge volume, master tone)
Vintage Hardware

Take it easy all

Stick out…

Recorded and Produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis — Maplewood Studio

Here’s what Fender say about the Modern Player Telecaster Bass –

A classic Fender bass design returns with an unusual new twist delivering utterly seismic sound. The Telecaster Bass is back at last in the smart new form of the Modern Player Telecaster Bass, which boasts not one but two massive humbucking pickups. Features include an alder body, C-shaped maple neck, maple fretboard with 9.5″ radius and 20 medium jumbo frets, dual Modern Player Wide Range humbucking Precision Bass pickups, three-ply parchment (Sunburst model) or single-ply black (Butterscotch Blonde model) pickguard, three knurled “chrome-dome” control knobs (neck volume, bridge volume, master tone), vintage-style bridge with four brass saddles, open-gear tuners and nickel/chrome hardware. Available in Two-color Sunburst and Butterscotch Blonde.


nicethugbert says:

I wish they would make one in a 5 string version with:
1) 1 3/4 width nut
2) truss rod adjustment at the heel(like the modern player jazz)
3) bar string retainer across all 5 strings
4) thin edge tobacco burst(none of that old vintage ugly giant lemon drop in the middle crap)
5)  no pickgaurd(why hide good grain??)
6) babicz bridge(giant telecaster bridge is a fail, strings too fat for that shit)
7) 3 of those humbuckers(bridge, middle, neck)
8) strat pickup selector
9)  a nice deep fat C neck profile (not that shallow/flat, skinny edge shit that bites my joints everytime I reach for the E or B strings)
10) 7.25″ fretboard radius.

Aliccia Biancaniella says:

If I close me eyes this guy sounds like (British actor/comedian) Russell Brand.

Paul 'Stick' Annis says:

Just made it up dude :o)



Thomas Bedenbaugh says:

would this be a good bass for metal and punk?

Shawn Huff says:

I like this bass

Stevieboy130664 says:

Great review and a lovely sound – what does it sound like with both pickups?

Emin Zeynali says:

Very good, but so underrated bass. Probably because it’s China-made. I think for Fender is better switch China to Japan, or at least Korea. This will made such excellent bass more popular, especially among professional bass dudes

Daniel Toral says:

what kind of equipment are you using? amplifier, cab, etc ??

Fatty to Flatty says:

so would this be good for a band like Minor Threat?

Brian Steele says:

Hah! Whenever I pick up a bass in a music shop, Badge is always the first thing I play.

Alex LoCurto says:

Actually, you can make old. That’s how time works.

TheCluelesspanda says:

Is this bass out of commission?

Paul 'Stick' Annis says:

Go for it dude! Just send me the track!


Alexis Roy says:

Clickity click 🙂

V Ferreira says:

Ohh… ok… thanks for answering

Desmond Teague says:

Was that riff around :17 Hugh Cornwell’s “God Is A Woman” ? If so, thumbs up.

TheWizard says:

Maaan! Wish I would be able to get my hands on one, it seems to be quite rare. (In Sweden atleast?)

Love your tone by the way!

Chris Wallace says:

I’ve had this bass for about a month.  It is everything Paul says it is.  Admittedly, I was a bit reluctant to purchase a Chinese bass as my previous main basses have been Rickenbacker and Warwick.  I also own a 2001 MIM Telecaster guitar and the quality of this bass does surpass the quality of my MIM Tele guitar when it was stock, which it no longer is.  This bass looks good, feels good, sounds good and the price is right.  If you are in the market, get it.

vanillaJester M says:

Paul where can i buy this??????? Or anybody who know were you can get this please

PTS74 says:

What strings did you use for the demo? Thanks!

your penpal says:

Hey, Stick! Your nice review made me purchase this bass, but in a sunburst finish, but i’m still excited and wait for it so bad.

David Hill says:

I’m sorry but this is the nicest tastiest instrument I’ve ever scene

Glen Boyle says:

man that fender is raw and a big mean sounds lots of balls man

Mr. Super Nintendo Chalmers says:

I wants it

pharmavenom2 says:

that british accent.

Uncle Squiddz says:

Hey Paul. Can you make a video comparing the Gibson thunderbird and epiphone thunderbird?

V Ferreira says:

Hey Stick… I know it’s laquered, but does the neck feel fast?

Rick Patts says:

I have one, but the odd thing is I get a much louder response from some notes like a C (on A string) rather than other lower notes like a G (on E string). The strings feel wide-spaced, especially up at the 12th fret. I like my Precision and Jazz much better. Going to sell the Tele, but had some fun with it for sure.

James Yates says:

Mind if i use it? might form it into a song with some things i sprinkle on it.

ataricombat says:

You’ve lost some weight, man. Nice going! Also, thanks for all these reviews over the years. I am shopping for an entry level bass right now and these reviews are helping me a lot. 

Paul MacGregor says:

They sure make some good bass’s in China; but I’ll keep my old vintage USA; not modern bass’s to play!!! Bass’s are like woman; under 17 years of age their not legal!! you cant make old!!

Ernesto Lone Wolf says:

So muddy… i hate those humbuckers

Daniel Toral says:

made in?

MrSpadeofAce says:

sounds like a p bass

Glen Boyle says:

well done stick my old son great raw fat sounding bass have a cool day stick john wetton needs this bass man it rocks

2Plus2Is4Minus1Thats3QuickMath says:

A Fender made in China? MIM and MIA haters, let’s see your arguments now!

Grumpsy says:

Great video and demo, thanks

Paul 'Stick' Annis says:

Hoi mate, no not really on this one.


box of boxes says:


Jimmy P says:

I’m a fan, Thanks for sharing!

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