Fender Jazz Bass Review and Demo – Marcus Miller Signature (The Bass Wizard)

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Here is the long awaited and highly requested review and demo of my Fender Jazz Bass Marcus Miller Signature. This is an awesome bass that I have had for many years and have used on many of my videos. A very versatile bass, but one that especially shines when it comes to playing slap bass.

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Hellcat by Desmeon


jamiro quay says:

Fantastic Sound!!!

Guilherme Sobreira says:

Low 80% and High 60% ????

Eric Knott says:

How would you compare the MIJ MM with an American Fender (Deluxe/standard)? Also do you know if the the MM MIJ parts are made in America and just assembled in Japan? I have a MM MIJ and like it a lot but debate if its worth trading it in the an American Jazz.

Farel Ferdinand says:

hahaha nice intro man

Luis Cespedes says:

4:13 song?

Kevin Alvaro says:

Hi! Nice review! Is the neckplate with three screws and if so, how is the stability as opposed to basses with four (or even six) bolts?

The Bass Wizard says:

Here is the long awaited review of my Fender Jazz Bass that everyone is always asking about! What do you think of this bass? Leave a comment and let me know!

Spazzsticks says:

You should have played the chicken by jaco XD

2121toso says:

Is that bass made in America or Japan? Always wondered which to buy?

Adhi Muljana says:

Dude, it’s not that hard to find Marcus Millers bass, go find SIRE Marcus Miller V7 and you’ll know what I mean. And it much cheaper too… have a really great tone.

Adam R says:

Great demo!

Collin Rucker says:

Your shots are always very impressive, not a fan of fender myself but you’re making me want to give them another shot! Haha

Daniel Mattos says:

Com 7 minutos de vídeo é o cara ainda tava falando e não mostrou o timbre. Aí quando vai tocar, pega um puta baixo desse signature do Marcus Miller e toca ACDC? ah, na moral… que lixo!

Mr. Cod says:

Marc, how come a profesional player like you, dosen’t have a P bass in his arsenal?

Seatone says:

I don’t know if you have the time man. But I think it would be pretty neat if you did a complete rig rundown of what you use. Both for these videos and live. I notice in most your new live videos you used a Aguilar for back line. I would guess your still on the swr at home.

Rob Swope says:

is 800 shipped a good price to buy one of these at?

Aziz Mehmet says:

Hey thanks for this video by the way what strings do you use maybe you can do a video on different types of strings which ones suits serton types of music please and could you make a video displaying all your basses and equipment you use Big thanks god bless you Mr Wizard. …..

Carlo Chirio says:

Great bass!

Boaz Bazter says:

how much the bass weighs?

Cesar Juarez says:

thanks a lot Marc, great video. I thought your bass was modified with a preamp (Sadowsky). It sounds great!!

Larnie Puke says:

These are great bass guitars I have one as well, and its a real shame that Fender have discontinued them for sure

Juan Valdez says:

u r a Bazz Wizard o;0

Blank Blank says:

Marcelo, have you ever played a Modulus with a carbon fiber neck?

Leandro Castillo says:

Please make a review of your Musicman stingray 5 🙂

Yatrik Shah says:

Great video, thanks!

luizzdea says:

Nice! always wondered what was thats switch for


Pretty awesome stuff – TRS-Records

David Velasquez says:


Kris Gapp says:

That nice buzzy gritty sound on E string at 5:07 is because of that piece of paper in nut slot or when the paper is removed?

Vester Schuitema says:

Really awesome that sound of the bass and how you play it really awesome when you were playing it like a guitar and when you were doing the tab also just like a piano really awesome you are the best bass player I no I can’t wait to play just like you and thanks for the best tips ever. Never give up 🙂 🙂 🙂

T. C. Tomaselli says:

Marcus, you were gracious enough to message me back (on Talk Bass Forum) regarding this bass when I was shopping for one. You did say it’s too bright for anything but slap. I bought one & love it, but also added a passive (only) treble pot where the front output jack is, & moved the output jack to the side. I must say with the treble attenuated all the way it sounds almost as muted & boomy as McCartney’s Hofner when we do “Dear Prudence”. The Fender stock active preamp is malfunctioning, so I am installing a real Bartolini TCT. They are back & sell well under $100. I have no idea why ash/maple fell out favor in the 80s LOVE this bass–but would seriously consider a Sire before spending extra $ on this!

Jimmy Neco says:

that s a nice bass Marcous I am a bassist to

Lt. Dan says:

“Hopefully I don’t look terrible in this resolution, it’s too clear.” XD

EliteJovenAgent says:

Would you like to do a video of a bass guitar battle or something like that between the Fender Jazz Marcus Miller signature and the Sire Marcuss Miller Jazz Bass?

Jake Stevens says:

Nearly at 50K

Jerry Wang says:

Hi, thanks for the review. How did you get rid of the classic single coil hum?

Xavier Sánchez says:

I can’t understand why all the great Basses got discontinued. 🙁

Tom T says:

Definitely one of the greatest basses ever made!It’s a must-have.

Ronald Gjura says:

made in ?

Joe Lebosi says:

nice one!

Bass Obd Fender says:

Execelente video hermano!! es Japones el Bajo ???

Sérgio Quaresma says:

Hello. I do not know if you tried the bass marcus miller V7 sire. But … what is your impression of this bass?

Paul Henderson says:

Hi Marc thanks for the free bass lessons and the Fender bass guitar revue. take care Tall Paul!

Tiziano Basile says:

A friend of mine used to play this bass. Could you please review Sire V7 Marcus Miller as well? I’m very curious about that bass but I can’t find it in any store to give it a try 🙁

Jimmy Neco says:

that s a nice bass Marcous I am a bassist to

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