Epiphone Viola Bass Guitar Review

We take a look at the The Epiphone Viola bass guitar.The choice for British Invasion bands of the 1960s, yet a cool, versatile, bass for today’s player. Available here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-viola-bass-chrome-hardware-vintage-sunburst


Johannes Labusch says:

Don’t slappa da Höfner!

Murquinho roubou meu boss says:

Is it really true that the slap technique can harm these kind of basses?
Great video btw.

Kyle France says:

Are there any tabs for what he was playing?

Jonathan says:

I have one with Bartolini pickups and it rocks!

Jonathan Maclean says:

What tune was he playing?

nerkoids says:

Need to put some flats on this.

Matt Barrack Bass says:

AHH I SAW ONE OF THESE AT THE STORE! IM NOT GONNA LET THIS ONE GET AWAY!(Gonna be hard though because there is also a hofner and a Rickenbacker there(but im not paying for a 2 grand bass right now!))

Milo Shapiro says:

Meh, hofner is better. The ignition series hofner is much less expensive then other hofners, but still a hofner.

bassman1975 says:

it needs flats bro

Light Buzzkill says:


Feliks Gailitis says:

I always enjoy your guitar reviews because they are straight-forward, no nonsense, and you always give a good demo of the instrument’s sounds, without the silliness that accompanies other reviews. Keep it up.

Sanick says:

Höfner Forever lml

Worms Are Tasty says:

How much is it in aud

Roger Drumm says:

Como que esse cara me faz slap num baixo desses, puta merda e ainda sem palheta..

The Spankman says:

I have had this bass for about 4 years and love it!! I play a lot of 60’s, 70’s Rock and this bass fits right in. Recording folks love the sound! Another advantage is it is light!

Xavier Sánchez says:

Sounds good, but, nothing like the original Höfner Viola Bass.

Mi Sunday says:

how much is this?

Delta Sea says:

I’m thinking about buying one of these basses, the only thing I’m concerned about is the amount of bass it puts out. I’m not exactly looking to go crazy screaming metal with a bass, but it would be nice if I could have it rattle the room a little bit. Does this bass deliver?

James Vincent says:

This is honestly the most modern sounding of all the violin bass types. You can use it for hard rock or more mellow music as well. It really depends on the strings (flats or roundwound) and the tones you choose. I bought it expecting to use it primarily on my bands folk and country sounding songs but I’ve since sold my old jazz bass and pretty much use the viola exclusively.

Wayavas1337 says:

dude I am glad this bass sounds really average, using new strings is cheating btw.

Jonathan dedman says:

I want one so I can put it in drop c

Ray DeCormier says:

Dont care much for the style, but it has such lovely tones.

DMSProduktions says:

I have the TOKAI version of the Hofner Viola bass. Very nice bass too. Love the short scale and narrow nut width. It’s like playing a bass UKE!!!

However, THIS bass has way MORE treble response than the pick ups in my Tokai! Mine are positively DARK compared to the Epi ones.

This sounds far more modern due to the extra treble, but it gives it more clarity!

Ronno4691 says:

Captain Sensible played a “Violin” bass in the Damned and looked totally cool. Then he became its guitarist when they reformed in 1979. Ric 4001s, Violin basses and black Fender Precisions w/black scratch plates are awesome.

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