Epiphone/Tobias Toby Deluxe IV (Bass Review)

Full group review of all basses, here: https://www.bassbuzz.com/gear/beginner-basses


Chris Cuthbertson says:

I’ve picked up one really cheap…. so gonna swap out the pickups… possibly switch it to passive only.

Ganelin says:

Thanks for the review!

gryzew says:

Personally I wouldn’t be recommending a sound like that even for aggressive rock/punk/metal sounds. Why? A bass without bass is a bass without bass. The rock trebly pick attack sound has to be there on top of the bassiness not instead of it, I’ve unfortunately more than once (why do bass players always have the cheapest gear?) experienced first hand playing with guys with a cheap beginner level bass guitar made of lightweight crappy “whatever we could get for least at the factory” wood… those just don’t sit in the mix where they’re supposed to, especially when a note is sustained it just disappears, and using amp eq or active onboard eq is basically just like trying to polish a turd, looking for something that isn’t there. Only “advantage” is that those cheapo thin sounding basses don’t compete with the bass drum whatsoever and don’t make a flooded mess in the lowest frequencies.

eric paille says:

Great review, thanks !

Seth Underworld says:

Though it may be a bit high in price, could you possibly try out the Chowny Volante

SHANER says:

it’s a budget beginner bass though. i feel like you’re rating it as if it’s supposed to compare to a premium priced instrument. to me what i get from this bass is they were attempting to make it as versatile as possible and affordable. a jack of all trades master of none sort of thing. i think it’s a very good choice for a beginner, probably one of the better choices really. my only gripe with the instrument is there’s no inlays. i prefer to have some inlays.

Richard Mccain says:

I think a Bartolini Original J @ the neck and a classic MM @ the bridge will solve all the woe and we might want that body made of ash.

Amrit Mehta says:

5:50 he looks like daredevil

Garryd Hintz says:

It sounds like you’d want one of these gutted and then throw in some nice bartolini or emg or even some nordstrands in there. Damn cheapo instruments.

Sébastien F BASSISTE says:

Nice serie of reviews, one thing l would suggest though is that l think those reviews would be even more complete if we could here those basses in a band setting, or at least in a mix on a backing track. I think you can really determine if a bass sounds good if it’s played in the context in which it’s destined to be played and not only played on its own without any other acoustic factor.
Cheers from France !

Lofty Skinner says:

So sick of big brands’ cheap basses cutting corners on electronics for their cheap instruments. They’re just too greedy, want too much margin. Had an Epiphone Thunderbird “Pro”-IV Natural (the quotation marks are real) that sounded just like this Tobias: hot flimsy garbage. And that was $450. Luckily I could flip it for roughly full price. Harley Benton shits on both with the HBZ-2004.

oxxtm says:

but what if you DO play just rock/metal?

Richard Mccain says:

Gibson is not building that like Micheal Tobias, but they could if they would just get rid of a few nuts.

Pera Slaninic says:

I’ve had Toby Deluxe for a bit more than two years now. My only suggestion is that you never consider turning down the active bass boost, and setup your amp accordingly..It worked a lot better for me, and I found the bass to be a whole lot more versatile. I play on a fender rumble 100 combo amp. Without the bass boost maxed, it is not even worth considering to buy it, the tone is literally cheap, sounds like plastic to me. However, it does sound a whooole lot better when you keep the active bass boost maxed out all the time.

philippe clausen says:

Hello Josh. First congratulations on your reviews, they are very nice and so is also your website.
I need some advise: I am looking for a bass and among all the ones i could try, this Epiphone Toby 4 is the one i preferered in terms of playability due to the bigger width of the neck and thus the large spacing between strings (i have “big/fat” fingers).
But i would like a better sound (more like jazz bass) . Could you possibly point me to a bass (under 1200 dollars) with a good punchy sound AND the kind of neck like on the Epiphone Toby 4 ?
Or do you think getting the Epiphone and upgrading with great pick ups could be an option ? (the less expensive option obvously!)
Thanks in advance for any advise!

Ps: An example of the kind of sound i am dreaming of, for also the same kind of music that i will myself play.
Yolanda Charles, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV6prtZuyRY

Jorge Sanchez says:

So this bass is full shit???

Anthony Goh says:

Bird Box Challenge

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