Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar Review

The Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar is a great choice, taking the best of Gibson’s style and putting it in to a much more affordable instrument. The iconic reverse body style is sure to turn heads, and key features such as a SlimTaper neck and dual humbuckers make playing this bass extremely enjoyable.
Find out more here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-thunderbird-iv-bass-vintage-sunburst


FrankenP says:

This sounds great! Perfect demo 🙂

fictionuk says:

Nice review mate. I’ve been using a TB since 2005 (it actually replaced my wonderful westone Thunder 1A) and to be honest, its as good as the Gibson (in my humble opinion). Sounds great and even greater through a big rig. OK, the neck dive is an issue but after 11 years using it, its safe to say i’ve got over it. I nearly messed about with the electrics but thought ‘why change something that ain’t broke’. Anyway…..nice vid and review

Owen Terry Jr says:

I’m a big Epiphone Thunderbirds fan!!!!

neychev says:

Truth is lots of marketing and good looks for an average sounding bass. Better go for Marcus Miller Sire basses almost the same price but much more options and real tone

W4RD1N8ER says:

I own this bass best bang for the buck I only got it because the music store broke my BC Rich zombie revenge bass and gave me this one and a hard case for my troubles and I have to say what an awesome deal they even strung it with Rotosound strings so it is mint. I don’t even miss my Zombie revenge it looked cool but did not come close to the thunderbird for sound So Thanks to Long N Mcquade for totally awesome customer service.

elRiku P says:

i have it ..and love it. i also have a Blackbird Nikki Sixx Edition.. it is awesome Mötley rock Bass.

Magesso Felitiano says:

they all sound kinda the same

RootsBassCanada says:

Love it on jazz. Great rev!

Quattro 4 says:

This was more of an overview.

59n1tr0n72 says:

This Thunderbird sounds amazing! May I please know the setup? (Strings, amp, …)?

Michael Putzlocher says:

i would also like to know which stings were on this bass when making the video.

Xavier Armendáriz says:

Does it work for playing in Studio?

Callum De Greef says:

Is this what it really looks like, the image shown in the link is a bit different. Which should I trust?

ruben oyarzun says:

wave friends. question do you have to deal chile?

Josh Bitterman says:

I just got mine but whenever I play it, it buzzes is that the strings or the guitar?


What strings do Any of you use on this bass. ..?

Saidees says:

Is this a good bass for beginners and I’ve heard these can be fragile and easy to crack is that true?

William Messinger says:

followed by the cliff burton court

Velton Conoley says:

one of the best bass guitars I’ve  ever played

hmay86 says:

My husband just ordered this for me for a early anniversary present! Can not wait to get it!
Anyone recommend a certain brand for smooth bass strings? I was using another bass and the strings were smooth, it felt much better on my fingers.

tyler.s 777 says:

i have the same bass

Creatures of Habit says:

I’ve got this bass in Alpine White. There is NO NECK DIVE! My only issue is the bridge is not versatile. There are only three places to adjust height. You can’t adjust saddle height and the bridge basically stands on three stilts instead of being flush to the body. The limited adjustment means it is hard to get the action I want to and the strings feel too tense…even when played closer to the neck pickup. I’ve heard that the Hipshot SureTone bridge solves these problems and so I have ordered one. This will provide the ability to adjust saddle height of each string to suit my playing style rather than having to adapt to an unforgiving bass action. Also, because the hipshot is a large piece of aluminium that is flush to the body I would expect that the vibratory advantages of this neck through bass will be more fully exploited. Mainly, though, I really don’t like being able to fine tune the string height and I hope that the Hipshot will allow a fraction more slack in the strings making playing less tiring and giving me more ability to bend the strings.

Dan B says:

Can anyone reccomend a bass noob a good budget way to record bass into my pc?

Roter Fuchs says:

you look like Rylan, are you also a ginger guy that uses just for men hair & beard?

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