Electro Harmonix Superego Review (Bass Demo)

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Back with another effect pedal review! This time it is the Electro Harmonix Superego Synth Engine! Such a cool little pedal. So cool actually, that this is the second time I’ve owned one. And I really did forget how much I enjoyed having this on my board!

As usual, I run through the few common ways this pedal is used in the first half of the video. Then the second half (starting around 5:25) is full of how I choose to use it, and what other effects I commonly combine it with. Because why use one effect when you can use multiple?! Hope you enjoy the video, and as always, comment if you have any questions or requests!

Bass Used: Dingwall ABZ 6 String
Effects Used: EHX Superego, Strymon Mobius, Eventide H9, TC Electronic Mini HOF, and MXR Bass Distortion


Rhys Gerwin says:

Hey, Zach! Would I be able to perform the kind of Kurt Rosenwinkel H.O.G 2 effect, where he switches from the abrupt almost organ like sound then back to dry with the freeze function still holding the organ sound?

quantumechanical says:

That was interesting.

Atué Chit says:

awesome!! thanks

Bryce Francis says:

My god when you demonstrated the sounds with the H9 and mobius it instantly reminded my of the soundtrack to GONE GIRL by Trent Reznor ….Im a film composer and looking for new things and sounds to spark creativity. I just found it

Decland McPake says:

Are you running to superego into the H9 or the H9 into the superego? super informative video dude 🙂

steven head says:

Great video

Adam Overacker says:

Amazing sounds, thanks for the thorough demo and review!

Mnemosyne Gates says:

This with a Mel 9..

the1trueporkchop says:

So, what can this do that the HOG2 doesn’t do?

Brent Glover says:

Great and informative video. Well done sir!

Jonas Deloya says:

Hey man you recomend this or the EXH Freeze?

Mitja Rupel says:

as far as you know is there a big difference between the infinite effect on cathedral reverb and the freeze on superego?

cosmogang says:

My Superego is one of my favorite pedals

diego bassman osco atero says:


Grant Baker says:

i was kind of waiting for it to turn into “now lets see if we add in everything on the pedal board with the superego… very cool” lol

Jake Brown says:

sooo cool

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