Destiny 2 Tractor Cannon Review: Drop the Bass

Destiny 2 tractor cannon exotic review:

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I make Comedy videos and Guides on Destiny , Battlefield, Titanfall, and many other games! If you want to laugh, this is the gaming channel for you!


Xkingpredx says:

*”You little pussy ass hunter!”*

*He said this as he was hiding in the building. Mtashed, you are just a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow, aren’t ya? Love this dude!*

Seth Brooking says:

Why did they make all the void exotics so wierd? Even armor that has benefits to void subclasses look kinda strange. Except orpheus. Orpheus is beautiful, and kinda op in PvE.

Jack Knife0194 says:

This gun is like watching The Room. It’s so bad but it’s so funny to watch with people that know the movie.

Nathan Rayner says:


is playing hunter

Abstractly Ordinary says:

Mtashed love the videos please do a review on Starfire Protocol with this build


Curiclbe Savagery!

Bekelebr says:

“You little pussy ass Hunter”

>is on gunslinger

HurtNigga LetsPlays says:

LMAOO lucio made it into destiny

Listof play says:

how to play lucio in destiny 2


it does not “suck”
its push is the opposite of sucking ^^

EpicGamerzFail says:

2:07 maybe because there’s no competitive play to begin with?

Stephen Valenzano says:

Doesn’t it deal bonus damage if you send them flying into a wall like the goddamn phalanxes do?

Fireboy says:

Literally one of the only exotics in the game where the sole purpose of it is just to screw around with it

CaptainCole says:

Can we hit Calus off the map?

Noah McCoy says:

More like the Trashtor Cannon, amirite?

I’m sorry.

Jon Wincer says:

All hail the troll cannon!

Jerry Tomas says:

You didn’t even show the thing with tether!

Declan Patch says:

Some purposes this can be put to use for: Dickin’ around, knocking people the fuck off a c.p., self-defense against melee adds, the old “one, two, fuck-your-sword-aroo, fuck with a severely autistic prick you want to hear rage and talk with his mom about, well you get the gist of it.

Mike Jones says:

Has to be one of the best videos on YouTube made me laugh and laugh and laugh I watched it like four times I’m a Destiny player man you made my day I subscribed to you. Thank you for making me smile and laugh I’ll be watching a lot more your videos

Gingam says:

“Let’s drop the beat! -Lucio as he’s knocking someone off the map

Verruckter Schakal says:

You need some adderal

ScorpionVOL says:

THIS GUN SUCKS!!! 10/10!! -mtashed

Ian Black says:

This gun isnt supposed to be taken seriously, which i love. Remember the phalanxes from d1? And how they would just launch you? Now you are the phalanx. As soon as i get this, bad days are over!

Demonic Hellstorm says:

Killed by the Architects.

Jordan Jenkins says:

This review should have been done in the Scottish accent

Madison Hutto says:

It’s amazing. Just for having fun man.

freddie lego says:

Ha! I used it in this weeks nightfall. Knocking all the knights off

Bun Bun says:

It’s not a shotgun

*It’s a portal gun*

Biblebarf says:

I actually unsubbed on this video. He always says guns are trash when they they aren’t made to kill. For example fighting lion is specifically made to take down shields. And tractor cannon is made to have fun. Like saying scissors are bad tools because they can’t drive in screws. They’re not meant for that.

Parminder Singh says:

It’s the absolute best in pvp, boop people off the map and they be raging

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