dean custom zone bass guitar neon pink review | A neon pink CZone bass guitar review. Also called a Custom Zone bass, these instruments have painted fret boards that match the guitar body color.


David William says:

I ordered one off of Amazon but Nuclear Green on Black Friday and it still hasn’t arrived. I’m very disappointed.

David Miller says:

If only they did these in a less revolting colour with that cool headstock.

ricky biondo says:

LOVE YOUR Stage hand 101 vids i am working a event for first time this weekend and those helped out a lot! what other duties does a stage hand do?!


I keep all my bass ‘ action about .003 at the 8th fret when holding the first and 15th or so fret down. What was your standard for bass set up as a tech? .003 is almost but not straight…just a little space so the strings can vibrate with out an audible buzz thru the amp.

psysword says:

I bought the green! thanks for the video

psysword says:

hey thanks! had a quick newbie question. for recording purposes is the mic better covering the speaker cabinet or what my DAW captures through the sound card when I plug in the TRS cable into it from the guitar? still waiting for the bass guitar to arrive.

geovanie flores says:

cool but im not a fan of the fretboard being painted

Buwsur says:

Really cool but I can’t justify blowing money on a bass I don’t need. If I didn’t already have a couple of basses I’d probably get this and try swapping the pickups.

Chicken Noodle Soup says:

Sammy seems like a really cool guy. I don’t know why I keep thinking of Krist Novoselic when I look at him. I think it’s the hair, maybe? or teeth and eyes combo? Maybe it’s just the demeanor. I think that might be it. He’s one of those chill dudes that exudes this quiet confidence and radiates positivity. Sorry, I suck and that probably made no sense but I’m posting in the hopes that someone gets what the fuck I’m getting at.

OLDVI singer says:

thumb up # 4 I subb you m,an – will u too ? hehe CU OLDVI

audioblinker says:

Was the nut width of this bass more like s slim j bass or a thicker p bass in really interested in the yellow one but I’m not a fan of the j style narrower nut width

u mad bro says:

that is not a dean i have a dean

DeadStarFoxX Productions Official says:

awesome you speak the truth !

Adralicus Alcander says:

I bought this bass when I was in Australia in January from eBay brand-new. The neck is very slim and playable and the overall tone is very good. The main problem I had was that the string height was much higher than I usually prefer and even adjusting the bridge didn’t really help. I ended up removing the neck and putting a slight shim under the neck which improved things a lot. I don’t know whether all the basses are shipped with such a high action I would be interested to know.

Kennethg1002 says:

where is the port to plug it in the amp?

Derek Watts says:

i just made a partial payment on the nuclear green one and pick it up tomorrow. i feel better about my choice after your fairly good review. i cant stress this enough, but i am a total beginner , and was wondering about set up tips if I’m trying to aim for extreme metal bass sounds with this custom Dean. im mostly inspired by Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse and want to in that direction or style of playing with the finger gallops and such. also love to learn the Iron Maiden Gallop style as well. any tips are appreciated

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