Cort Acoustic Bass Review /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

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Cort Acoustic Bass Review


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Random Sh!t's Happening says:

I really hope I win that amp
it’d be really useful for my school band and my cheap bass
you’ve been a great instructor and you’ve taught me allot, even my band director was impressed by you

Righard Alwyn Keyser says:

Hello Scott. What delay padal did you use?

林韋廷 says:

what kind of string do you recommend on this acoustic bass?

Thiago Marinho says:

Onde compro essa luva?

Liad Hermelin says:

Sounds great!

Todd Jones says:

I had a Cort copy of a Steinberger way back in the 80’s. It was actually a pretty solid bass. Replaced the stock pickups with some DiMarzio’s, and it rocked. The acoustic sounds great.

irsyad nurfaizi says:

Loba bacot,loba gaya, to the point ge henteu

Nelson Feliz says:

I was going to say before a double base but I just might have to save up for this instead or just buy both

David Eddy says:


dirk da says:

really love the channel but why is there not a short bit without the amp?
 it’s a proper deep body acoustic it would be nice to know what it sounds like without an amp

Joel Williams says:

Thats a cool name man . Cort take this name as replacement.

ucok dah says:

scott, could you tell what type and brand of head amp cabinet and also size of a speaker. tq

V says:

it sounds divine

Nobody Never says:

I bought an acoustic bass guitar two weeks ago. it arrived yesterday and I thought “Lets see what Youtube has got for me” I find your Video and you Play the fucking exact same bass as I buyed

lhaines says:

Would absolutely love either or both! Thanks for all the tips if I become half as good as you I will be a happy man

Keeper says:

Hey, Scott, I don’t remember if you answered that question in your glove video, but does glove helps to keep strings clean for a longer time?

Miggeddy says:

im impressed by the sound!
im normally not a accoustic guy
its almost nicer, than one of my electrics ^^

Tiinesh Nathan says:

scott how much amazing gear do you have ?? 0nO

Joel Mota says:

Can you show us the guitar chops?

Giulia Vit says:

I need this one soooo much oh my god it just sounds amazing!

Stoner Bassist says:

Can’t wait!

Nixon Benedict says:

i really need this

Mylo says:

I already have a Cort bass (artisan b5) they are great instruments… thank you @scottbasslessons

Sting Ray Bassman Nashville, TN. says:

my mums name was june and father god bless his country soul would always call my mother June Bug and my mother would always call my dad his nick name Cotton even thogh his real name was Ernest SR AND I WAS JR……..AND DADS STAGE NAME WAS COTTON FLOYD FLANAGAN SR AND I WAS JR BUT MY NICK NAME WAS ERNIE AND BOY WAS I COOL WHEN PINK FLOYD MADE IT BIG,MY LONG LOST COUSINS IN THE STATES….LOL

Eduardo Santana says:

Luck to meeeeee!!!

Maddox Troy says:

If I win.. Give it to someone else

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