Chowny Semi Acoustic Bass Review /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

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Chowny Semi Acoustic Bass Review


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JessieDickson Dank says:

Why do you wear those gloves?

Red Menace says:

I don’t have a bass any more but would love to own one (the only one I ever owned was fucked up on the intonation real bad and wasn’t mine either just on loan from a friend) this has me thinking about buying one of these chowny’s they look nice and sound good.

AlumniMGTV says:

but i dont have a twitter account scott!! 🙁

Bruce Wayne says:

I done all of this steps to enter. I wish to all of us good luck. And the guy who disliked this video, is just stupid!

Johnny S says:

That is one hell of a beautiful bass in one hell of a color. Love it. Hope i win, il take it over my squier any day.

andreas minzhof says:

Why are you often wearing gloves

Nick Spagnuolo says:

Footprints in the beginning! So hot!

Vinicius Seth says:

What’s that riff you were playing in the beginning?

Martin mešič says:

Thats one really nice bass scott! Hope I get lucky, been looking for a cheap bass since I returned the borrowed one. I played guitar for 7 years and never andvanced but last year in december, I tried bass for the first time and that was the best thing I could do for myself, switch to bass. I like your channel too! Keep up!

TheViKing says:

Where will the winners be announced? Sound awesome btw. Love the walking

Jordan Lee says:

what an interesting tone

taino1952 says:

I stopped watching at 3:23 when he said it was manufactured in China.

Lucas Munilla says:

Is that footprints? Greetings from Chile, hoping to win something!

GaijinHunter says:


Charles Rablin says:

But yours, is the only demo on U-tube that makes it sound good. They must have only made one good bass and you already bought it.

Heineken Skywalker says:

What’s that fifth knob?

Stephen Post says:

This bass wants to have flatwounds on it

Aidan Hickey says:

I jizzed in my pants on the first note

Rafael Granados says:

hope I win this for my birthday, get sound, Scott.

The Double GG Man says:

beutiful bass I really hope I win it!

JPD says:

I’m thinking about buying this but I play in a punk/metal cover band, does anyone think it would sound good in that type of situation, I do love how it sounds but I’m not going to by it if I’m not going to play it ever.

Judah Benji says:

Such a unique sound… Wow.

Kirk Wahmmett says:

Hi im currently a beginner guitar player and I would like to start playing bass, I want to start out with a Squier Jazz-Bass starter pack, would that be a could choice?

rantanen1 says:

So when will this giveaway go through?

Luis Arnoldo says:

I’d like to know how do that bass sound at slapping.

Arvin D. Murph says:

hoping to win this ☺ more support to this amazing channel

Joe Mills says:

what happened to Ed friedlands gear reviews on Bass whisperer? would you guys consider collaborating on gear reviews?

inthepocket says:

Just bought an SA -75 (Yamaha).. makes this bass look and sound silly.

Tiinesh Nathan says:

that is an amazing bass guitar

Jules Teves says:

Meee! Hoping to win that awesome bass!

Koen Bos says:

Worth getting twitter and instagram for 🙂 love it!

Agost40Hz says:

Does it have some usable volume when unplugged?

paul t says:

great videos u make scott, would really love to play with this bass guitar, cheers.

Stan Adler says:

‘Footprints’, excellent! Nicely played, nice bass. Yes, flatwounds!

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