Brice 37″ Scale “Earthquake” Bass Review (Contrabass Guitar 2.0 Build)

You asked for it! Now here is the cheapest super long scale bass I could find…

Full Listing:
Brice HXB2-405 RN 37 Nat Bubinga Extra Long 37″ Scale “Earthquake” Bass

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OneEpicMoose says:

Djentiest of djent T0n35

SteelSkin667 says:

Since all we hear is the overtones on those low strings, you bet that new strings make a difference!
This sounds so much clearer than the Ibanez. As sketchy as Rondo’s offering may be, it sounds like it was well worth the investment. Good stuff.

Lee McDonald says:

That low note made my whole room growl lmao

TheSpiffyPuppet says:

I don’t think that’s a rosewood fingerboard, I think it might be purple heart wood but it’s just a guess

Lee LeTourneau says:

Rip my cheap headphones

LeipleipMusic says:

3 minutes in, subscribed. I’m going to enjoy the heck out of your channel m/

Russ Bradshaw says:

Where are you based out of? It would be cool to jam sometime if I stop near your town on a tour or something.

kurt Rosenthal says:

The official term is octobass

budaroddy says:

Cmon play something more

sonofthem2 says:

Shit man, you need to write a song where you are playing this bass with distortion like a guitar, and then play the bass track in the same octave, just so we can figure out how low is too low. Throw a .266 on there and tune it as low as you can. One up djared dines’ djent 2016/2018. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! EXCEPT YOUR DESTINY! YOU SHALL END THE DOWN TUNING WARS, KILL DJENT, AND BRING BACK BALANCE TO THE SCENE!

Kai den Hertog says:

Not gonna lie, the pick does bug me
Also surprised that you didn’t even think of using harmonics to tune.
Thanks for sharing it’s fulfilled my curiosity

Daniel Raven says:

U should shred on it

Ian Cox says:

Reverse the order.. play first, talk later.. please

Domagoj Oinky says:

I would like this in six string tuned from low F sharp, to G. Fan fret 34″-37″ is a good option then. Low C sharp I thought was unusable cause I only heard it on 34 and 35 inch scale basses, now I have proven myself wrong. I know only 2 instruments that go lower. That are some 64ft organ pipes that go an octave lower and octobass, a bowed stringed instrument that goes a semitone lower than low C sharp on subcontrabass guitar.

Crimson Jimi says:

I used to have 6-string fretless Brice. Crazy blue color, neck through, great bridge and was very well made. It was only about $400 new.

Sean Serenade says:

Cool stuff Kev, love this brice and mine too, keep up the good vids

László Szerémi says:

I was also thinking on similar ideas. When I was more into super-low tuned djent (before everybody got tired of it on the internet) I was thinking about investing into a 35″ bass since that’s easier to get, but still slightly longer than the regular 34″ ones. However I didn’t manage to get a job at that time to buy one, and when I got one I barely managed to contribute for my father and pay for college stuff.

Currently I’m more into electronic music production, but exploring the lower registers always interested me, especially since discovering vaporwave, which – thanks to slowed-down samples – often uses those ultra-low notes.

Guy Best says:

Thanks for the review, I was always wondering how these extra long scale length Brice basses sounded. As an 8 string guitar noodler I’m impressed.

Robert Akira Nishihara says:

Yes!I want one!

sonofthem2 says:

5:15 is when the demo starts.

Russ Hayes says:

Quality video.
I’ve played Brice instruments before, and I’ve observed the same sorts of things. They are, in my opinion, worth the money for anyone wanting to experiment on a budget, but the Dingwall (which costs ~5x as much) is just so much higher quality. I also did a very similar fretfind mockup, but I used a floor plank and a paper printout instead of cardboard. The print is less time consuming, in my opinion, but the floor slat is obviously chunkier than a real neck, so you’re looking at a worst-case scenario.
Glad to see you mentioning Kalium. Wishnevsky will also make 40″ scale instruments, but his reputation is certainly more “quick and dirty” than the level of quality you’d get with a Dingwall or a Kalium instrument.

Timothy Keesic says:

Jauqo iii x the guy who helped create the c# string dubbed your tuning Sub Contra. I believe amaranthe is an option for Fingerboards on rondo and its another name for Purple heart wood. I think that’s what you got for the Fingerboard. Rondo also lists natural bubinga as a finish at the custom shop so I think that’s also what you got just a finish. Shady af I would say. Thanks for spreading the word on super low bass, the younger generation are more open minded to use these in music imho. I’ve read up on the c# string as far back as 2005 and its finally getting recognition.

Max Ramos says:

Bro get a Stand up Bass and do your project, then just shed it so it looks like a guitar Also did you know about the Octobass?

Tobias Teichmann says:

quake bass sounds to my ears a lot cooler than contra bass 😀

1okanaganguy says:

y u no play?
no play no sub

Hed rokka says:

LMAO I wish I could link pictures on yt of when I paused at 26 seconds, while trying to read those comments… your eyes looked fucking hilarious.

Alan Gomez says:


Chromatic Swing says:

0:25 Thanks for putting me in the video!
If you don’t like the contrabass name, you can call it a sub-bass, like the people working in hip hop/electronic music.
Honestly, the only thing left to do is to go longer. You’ll have to go custom, which will be pricey. Hope you can figure out something

Project Overturn aka RareBeeph says:

What if you tuned something up so high it passed 20,000hz? Is there any way you can color the tone for even ultrasound to be audible?

Nathan Fiew says:

This channel is criminally undersubbed

SimplyDeano says:


Danu Wibi says:

Damn I thought the bass player is going to dissapear because that low note.

Celtic Fury says:

Great vid, and fair assessment of the Brice. I have one of the older 35″ers, and everything you said is spot on (my neck was listed as maple btw). As for a name? How about “earth shattering harbinger of seismic destruction”? New sub!

Havok says:

The classical equivalent of this instrument is the Octobass, a goliath upright instrument where the strings are fretted with a lever system due to the massive scale lenth. So, this could be called an octobass guitar.

Another alternative is the hyperbass guitar, precedent being the hyperbass flute.

Bass guitars, originally, were called contrabass guitars; and you can still get a true acoustic contrabass guitar with a non radiuses neck 1 octave below a standard classical guitar. They often do use nylon or gut strings as well. The more recent electric “bass guitar” as invented by fender & co. is based on a misunderstanding of the name “upright bass”, which itself is short for contrabass viol.

James Phillips says:

it makes sense since they make “baritone” guitars up to 30 inch scale, a standard bass of 34 inch covering EADG or BEADG doesn’t cover the octave below and it’s still a problem with most guitar manufacturers but i guess the demand isnt there. i like the Warwick Vampyre Darklord that thing goes to the coveted F# below an 8 string , it comes 1 inch longer than normal basses but again that extra length is needed if you want clarity, nice video btw

Steven Morgan says:

Double humbucker pick ups i.e. musicman, ibanez atk, fender dimension. Get you the same tone as extended scale

Lalaïna ICHANE says:

The quality of your video is improving really quick. Great job on that one! Looking to hear more of that Sub-Contrabass guitar…

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