Boss Super Octave OC-3 Review for Bass

Boss Super Octave OC-3 is a versatile polyphonic octave pedal. It is well built and has 3 different modes which can be used for different purposes.

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gingaleanda says:

Awesome my friend:)

darell besana says:

You look like jon jones from a far, nice review btw

Connor Forde says:

this is a great review man, thanks for posting.

Will B says:

Excellent. Great review, exactly what i needed to hear. Great plying too! One question, what was the signal chain used here from the bass onwards. Thanks man.

Lucky Cat Gamerz says:

Thunder bass, nice

Goran Mitrović says:

This is how review should look like, clear, simple and made by real bass player. I think I’m gona buy this pedal. Thanx Reg! 🙂

Erik Johnson says:

Outstanding and thorough review of the OC-3. Thank you! BTW, mad bass skills, sir.

jeremygoldfinch says:

absolutely awesome review and explanation. thanks dude.

gmlasam says:

Great demo. Watched your video channel and you’re a fantastic bassist my friend.

Jim Atwood says:

Thanks very much. I have my eye on an OC-3 and your video was a big help

Chris Harper says:

love this review dude, been looking into a handful of octave pedals and you have me sold

Gabriel Ribeiro says:

Great! Thanks man!!!

Manuel Gutiérrez Hermosilla says:

4:05 yeee ! that sound was looking

David Ozab says:

Love the Poly Mode on your extended range bass.

reffoelcnu alouncelal says:

Great for chords it gives a proper bottom end without getting muddy

Jordin Sloväk says:

What does it sound like with chords?

mtdawgy says:

Thanks man, great review/demo.

Brian Knickerbocker says:

Thanks man, that neck is huge.

powerofpeace7 says:

awesome bass Player,plus a great demo to boot!!

Dan Morrell says:

You’re a dank bass player. Great review!

Slater Bailey says:

Nice playing and good tone!

Richard Kelley says:

delete Richard Kelley

Amir Nehmad says:

Great Review and great playing!
whre can i hear your trio?

Carlos Acha says:

The best Review/Demo video on youtube

Lucas Willeford says:

any other bass players jealous of his reach? I have to shift twice as much as this guy lol

Liam Hoffman says:

Buying this pedal ASAP

Дмитрий Плотников says:

the best review )

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