Best Beginner Bass (Group Review)

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Lofty Skinner says:

You can’t imagine a better $200 bass than the Cort Action? Try any of the $150 Harley Bentons. (JB-75 or Progressive series) At least with them both pickups are usable. Even with shipping to USA (thomann exclusive, which is German) they come out to $175. Good video series though, even if you only scraped the surface of cheap basses.

Mario Esp5 says:

i may be late to this but i am looking forward to start playing bass and seeing these videos help me out a lot in what to consider when purchasing a bass…. so thank you for sharing your advice.

Ignacio Rodriguez says:

Congratulation, you have do a wide, wise and useful review! It will help a lot beginner players to choose the right bass! Please do not stop, keep doing that with intermediate level, I believe everybody will appreciate it!

Trance 9 says:

Yamaha hands down…but I’ve been using Yamaha for 15 yrs now.

WS Boyce says:

Nice post…I agree with you. The white Jazz looks so much better than the Yamaha. I’d love seeing you compare violin basses such as the Rogue VB100, Epiphone Viola, Hofner Ignition, Brice, Dillion, Jay Turser, Brownsville, etc for their sound/playability rather than their similarity to the original Hofner. As an older player, I’m interested in lighter basses that sound good.

drew yikes says:

Did you try out the $200 Luna Tatoo previously?
I havnt found a better bass for me and bought 2 extra in case they ever discontinue them. I rarely see anything about them.

Ronnie McDowall says:

Bro… where’s the love for the Peavey or even Ibanez…:-((
And I just found a cool Peavey Milestone Bass too. Still, stick a 100 bass players in a room. You’ll get 100 different opinions… Still got nothing but love for you Bro either way.

Noid Entity says:

Great review…very helpful. Do you know which of the models may come in a lefty?

Toby Evans says:

Your content is great, you definitely need more attention

Linus Schmobbit says:

You guys deserve waaaay more subscribers! Well done guys!

Razor says:

Subbed up awesome content

Natural Joe says:

Can you guys do the Yamaha RBX174 and TRBX174?

Fred says:

Wow, superhelpful review series! I honestly thought you guys would at least have 200k subscribers judging from the quality of content until I saw the comments on that you needed more attention. xD

Arnel Mendoza says:

Thanks for this review. Have some comments though. A more accurate comparison would have limited the price tag to around $300. I think the yamaha model that should have been here is the trbx 174/204. Josh, which one would you have chosen if you didn’t have the Cirrus?

Garryd Hintz says:

The only reason I’m giving the edge to the jazz bass is because they have lots of lefties. I want yamaha to make more lefty models. If that was the case I’d go yamaha all day long.

Tim Howell says:

I would suggest the Sterling by Musicman SUB. Nice punchy MM sound and really comfortable to play. Just my two cents

Golu says:

waiting for non popular name brand bass reviews

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