Best BASS for the Price – hands down! Schecter Diamond J-Plus

An in depth review of my brand new Schecter Diamond J-Plus Jazz Style BASS guitar. Full spec here: BUY here:–Schecter–Bass_Guitars. This bad boy comes loaded with Seymour Duncan bass pickups, a 2 Band, Active EQ, phase control, parallel & series wiring, a string-thru Wilkinson bridge, Grover open-gear tuners and a carbon fiber reinforced neck. Not to mention inlays, binding, chrome controls, and all that ‘Jazz’. All of that for a street price of $750. Find that anywhere else! ENJOY this full-on overview of the Schecter Diamond Jazz Plus bass.

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Woody H says:

I have your basses brother, the Schecter Diamond P Plus. It’s The Dark Vintage Sunburst with a flamed top, and maple board. It’s without a doubt, the BEST bass in that price point I’ve ever played. Same construction, tonal control options, and price range. The “P” version has the SPB-3, and the SMB-4D. A “P” and an “MM” together. So if you’re a P-Bass guy you have that option as well.

Joseph Scalone says:

nice demo, thanks for not forgetting about us bass players.

Sayeedur123 says:

Dat feeling when the exact same bassline you’re learning is used 😀

Steve Dunch says:

Yoy with horns lol

Sam Williams says:

fender elite jazz has a volume, pan 3 band eq and a passive active switch, so slightly different electronics, it also has ‘noiseless’ pickups and they have fender on the headstock, which is the main reason for price, names like fender and gibson could sell horse shit if it had there logo stamped into it

Jeroen Verbeeck says:

Seymour duncan should call their quarterpounders The Royal with cheese

Jimpotamus says:

Thanks for the Bass review TTK. I must say you sure play that Bass like a Guitarist, ha ha. A very nice Bass for the price although a little unfair to compare against a US made Fender Elite. There are any number of “Jazz type” basses coming out of Asia that would be a fairer comparison.
Great video though & fantastic to see some Bass love on your channel.

Jw Anderson says:

Review the Squire Bronco, it will surprise you big time!

1Rad Honeybadger says:

I liked the snow intro

DeeDeeBeatz says:

They’re nice, but check out the Sire Marcus Miller lineup. It’s even cheaper and they’ll blow you away!

Steven Tyler Bass says:

that neck joint tho

Larry Taylor says:

Thank you sir. Your advice is appreciated

Mark Richardson says:

Lol, who has actually bought a bass over 800$… I sure haven’t. There is just no way it gets the tone of say a, 400$ bass. You’ve have to be a God to even feel the difference

Solelova67 says:

should also do the Diamond P plus

bflo1000 says:

The only Schecter’s I’ve played are the Stiletto’s. The NT’s are an amazing value for the price.

Blaze Smith says:

hey if you could do a review on a bass id love to see on the Sterling Sub Ray 4

Liam Tahaney says:

If anyone is looking for something a little different, the Ibanez tmb-600/605 is, in my humble opinion, an even better deal than this. Nordstrands for $550/600. Unfortunatly, there are no good reviews on youtube, but it is incredible!! Totally worth checking out.

Luke Barnette says:

Best for money? Nahh Sire ash 5 string string though body or bridge, 18 volt pre amp, swappable mid range, and passive tone knob. 599….. I’ll take my sire 🙂

Bowhunterwt says:

I own two Schecter basses. A 004 which is out of production and a Stiletto extreme 4 and I always felt these basses are underrated for the price. I get great tone and playable than any other bass I own except for my Rickenbacker

jwardbass says:

Hands down? Nah, there’s a lot of other basses that are tailored towards different genres or have more features (24 frets, etc.)
But it’s a good bass for most bassist’s needs.

chickabuka says:

tone king thanks for the video…when will the J plus hit the stores???

SpaceOrbison says:

This is a 1000$ bass lol, just bought an ammoon and behringer v-bass pedal for 100$ on ebay haha fuck you all.

kmart says:

Bass-ically. Anyone?

powerofpeace7 says:

looks like a suhr classic

The Big C says:

8 years ago I got a Fender Precision Bass for $500 when they were having a sale at Guitar Center, it was marked down because there was a scratch on the back. I think I got a pretty good deal on it.

alex nomore says:

I got myself a musicman reflex bass. Now I can finally look at all these videos and say “hmmm, that is a cute bass!”.

Dennis Gaffney says:

I love my Schecter 5 string Riot

Richard Mccain says:

Is that an ash body ?

Steffan Zarakas says:

He has a massive wall of amps and uses amplitube lol

kambion says:

On a budget? Ibanez SR

Todesnuss says:

Planning on getting one of these, but unsure if I should get the 4 or 5 string. I got both already but the 5 string is propably the better one of the two. I do prefer 5 strings generally though.

ShredChannel says:

heeey oh!

Mike Adams says:

Sire is better and cheaper

Steffan Zarakas says:

He has a massive wall of amps and uses amplitube lol

yiyo ascen says:

how good is the fretwork and playability after adjustments?

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