BEGINNERS BASS GUIDE – Cort Action PJ & Action Bass Plus

We review the Cort Action PJ and Action Bass Plus Basses, two very affordable beginners basses with stunning quality. Find out more:

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bassist: René Flächsenhaar
production: Gregor Fris

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Gregor Fris –


Mark B says:

seems like very nice basses , thanks Gregor


I wish i could play bass, but i’m a useless lazy piece of trash with PJ bass)

och70 says:

Cort has really improved their “budget basses”. The only thing I remember them being good for back when I first started playing was firewood.

Jonathan says:

3:05 song?

Douglas Jones says:

Could you do a breakdown of the tones from each pick ups

pennywise RJ says:

this guy has magical hands, i used to play a cort action pj and tone was a shit

Praise Fiatepe says:

I would like a five string version..
Do they offer that?
And what’s the price of this anyway?

Arifiandi Farhan says:

34 Scale ?

Heide Witzka says:

Aria DMB-380 a 149€ Bass please play for da people

Simon Goodman says:

hello i just got my self a cort Action PJ Bass its my first time playing bass i wanted ask you if you have some lessons to learn the basic notes

Jimi Quackers says:

They both sounded much better than I expected

Bar Goldstein says:

Would you like to review the Sire M3? Thanks, Cheers from Israel 🙂 (yup, it’s Or Lubianiker’s country :))

Chris W. says:

Awesome basses. Since I’ve bought my Action-A I’ve tried some other basses and I still didn’t found anything that would beat it in versatility in use, it’s overall excellent universal guitar – if you want it to sound low – then it will, if you want it pretty bright – no problem. You want to slap? Turn it to neck pickup, and it’ll have a great, rich punch. You want to pick it? Give the bridge one a try – would be as bright, as most of the jazz basses, sound even better, when distorted (brilliant for the Lemmy sound-like). I love mine and I would never, ever sell it. Many of my friends, which are actual musicians (not the bedroom bassists, like me) – even my befriended luthier – were astonished by it sound and overall quality for it’s price. I’d really recommend them for any beginner and intermediate players.

I Ate Eight says:

For webcam sound, its superb. If it came into my TV (I don’t have one), I’d say the production values are excellent. My complaint abut buzz/fuzz has phase away. That last riff is awesome. It got ME DANCING!

Raging Noorp says:

Seem decent enough. Too bad Cort has been doing some shady stuff at least when they were made in Korea.

gutorov362 says:

My first bass

John Forest says:

hm… Fender rule! Don’t “meat” in this sound..Because “Cort”.

Bassman75 says:

cort never let me down it just that im not a fan of a modern/semi modern design but i once owned a 2 cort bass the GB series to be exact they served me well for the last 2 years though i already sold them both and now i have a japanese tokai bass i can say that the craftmanship or the quality is almost the same take note these GB series are not even the top of the line bass

i hope that in the future i can buy another bass from cort maybe a vintage set up or lets see hahaha cort has a lot to offer anyway in a cheaper price than the “pioneer brand”

Drek Inka says:

Played the action bass plus of friend’s, really a cool starter bass

Bass Player says:

No 5 string?

G says:

Any bass sounds phenomenal in Rene’s hands, but these remind me of the Yamaha TRB174. If I were buying I’d probably go with a Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4, Squier VM, or if my budget allowed, a MIM Fender P or J bass or one of the Sire V7 or P7 basses. Can you review the new Sire P7?

yacob _alan says:


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