Bass Review! Fender Squire Classic Vibe 70’s P-Bass – Me Likey!

As most of you know I’m a big fan of Squire Basses especially the Jazz Bass so I bought a Squire 70’s P-Bass and so far it hasn’t disappointed. Of course it’s not perfect out of the box but it’s pretty damn good. This bass was less than $400 so if I need to change any hardware it won’t be a big deal. A great bass for either beginners or folks like me who like to tweek, modify or customize their basses to fit their needs.
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Level: beginner
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Mike Paneitz says:

Thank you for the review. I ordered a CV 50’s bass for my son to learn on but the thing weighed way too much. This is about half the weight and it sounds great in your video. Is playing it through a Fender Rumble good or is there a better amp?

Zac _ says:

Damn Squire is just killing it with these classic basses. Love the way it looks and sounds.

Vince Sun says:

Nice Chuck Rainey groove !

Charles Rablin says:

Very thick sounding P bass too, almost like a jazz

Colin Brannon says:

God I love the neck on this bass

Hans Blom says:

Also like your playing!

Richard Mccain says:

Don’t change any components . Sounds good .

Carlitos says:

e’ un buon basso?

Fotis Karatasakis says:

I have this bass a few months, Just changed the pickups and the pots, Its a great all around performer, very resonant and light!!!!

Doug Morton says:

as an old school bassist i appreciated hearing a review w/ actual bass playing rather than slap/tap/2 hands on fingerboard bs. i too am a veteran player and i use squiers on all my gigs. leave the expensive pre-cbs at home. these are great basses.

7thvenom says:

Great Review and sweet playing !!

Joe Steers says:

sound bass!

Tony Uz says:

whats that riff your playing, sonds great!!

VennRoc says:

Very nice sounding bass. I am interested in getting a bass for that old school sound and I like your sound but what do you think about SX basses from Rondo Music. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and the price is very reasonable. Have you tried any of those basses?


just ordered one of these guitars, i love the sound, specially with flatwound

Marcus Parnell says:

Did you end up modding this bass in any way? Sounds great on the video, just wondering if you felt anything needed upgrading for that old school sound?

Richard Mccain says:

R those rotosound strings ?

ptrisonic says:

Forgot to add: Do aftermarket P’ups and hardware readily fit these Squiers? Cheers, P.

Luis Rodriguez says:

Nice video Bro, what pedal are you using? I want to sound like. Thanks.

JohnECommon says:

Fine plying here, but the bass sounds cheap.

Jeff O'Quinn says:

Squier is really stepping up it’s game with these classic vibe basses.

Rix Pix says:

Nice. Subd.

Bobby Y says:

Damn bro, I was gone and missed this one. I like the look and sound

Joe Desalvatore says:

You Cant go wrong with any of these classic vibe’s…….I have owned and own a few, and love them, and use them more than my fenders on live gig’s………….
and yes you no longer need to rob a brinx truck for a good sounding bass, I have the 70’s Jazz Bass and it’s killer and for the hell of it I sanded off the squire logo. People ask me all the time what kind it is and if I spend 1000…. when I tell them it’s a squire they dont beleive me lol

Colvin'sWeird Channel says:

Can you take off the metal guard near the back or the little bar under the g string

Andrew Kang says:

Hey @DeLuca2277. Thanks for the review/demo. Any suggestions on a decent bass amp? Something good for both practice and gigging.

addison1977 says:

I’ve been researching these basses to play motown songs, and I was wondering how they’d look with black strings and the ashtray bridge cover. Then I click on this video. Thankyou! lol. Cool review as well.

Constantine Isslamow says:

Really like the look of this bass. Thanks for sharing with us.

ato atomas says:

Just got the same one today, I’ll let you know what I think. Planned to use Cubase 8 Pro plug in with it…))) But out off the box, I think I’ve fallen in love and I’m going to have a blast !!!

Richard Palmer says:

Love the look of Classic Vibe. I’ve been looking locally for a PJ version of this bass. It’s the best looking Squier bass in my opinion.

ptrisonic says:

Thanx for review – as a guitarist I’m looking for a Bass! This may fit the bill……

Joe Desalvatore says:

Im Looking for something Like this. How Is the neck? I like a thiner neck. Is It a Jazz neck? great sounding

coldwar1977 says:

After 17 years with my trustworthy Affinity P-bass, it might be time to upgrade to this beauty 🙂

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