AWESOME Thumb Trick to Play Slap Bass in ALL KEYS!

Master Slap Bass with me:

Here’s a cool thumb trick I learned from Louis Johnson that can help you when playing slap bass in different keys other than E.

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John David says:

Because of “E”

My heart brEak
i cant slEEp
cant Eat
cant smEll

Nick Apocolyptic says:

Wow ok then, I’ve always been told to keep my thumb away from the top of the fretboard to avoid wrap-around. As it makes me look amateur

Michael Sanders says:

Masterfully demonstrated.
5 & 6 string variations, actually, have opened an intricate, broader, and less boring bassification.

Johnny Canamaso says:

When wrapping your thumb around the fretboard, what if you’re using a 5 string bass and are trying to get to the low E string?

Toasty says:

That compression though

Joey Santiano says:

I slapped A minor yesterday. I have to go to court tomorrow

martin indrian firman firdaus says:

nice man.. i like it..

Bill Brinkley says:

BIG HELP Marc! This video helped my slapping tremendously. I’m still struggling though with unwanted string noise. Any tips on cleaning up my sound? Thanks for all your help.

Renato Laia says:

Hey! Which Fender JazzBass are you using?

Fabian Wiley says:

Very helpful thank you

Lamont Arnold says:

ok thanks

Burr says:

I tried both methods and I preferred the barre method, the one you disapproved of. I can play more cleanly and solidly if I don’t use that wraparound method.

arnoldvigh says:

Can I ask you what kind of compressor is this on your bass?

Guillaume Ayotte says:

Le E si a big fat string….like slappin a bigbutt

Milad Baygan says:

(absolutely beginner)When I slap the strings hit the frets. Is it ok?

Jeff Krebs says:

I started to laugh very hard in the first minute. Yes the key of E! Now I’ll watch the rest of the video

G says:

Why E? The answer seems obvious: “The fat, punchy, piano string sound of open E string”.

Pavlo Voronetskyi says:


The Bass Wizard says:

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s a cool thumb trick I learned from Louis Johnson that can help you when playing slap bass in different keys other than E.

Want to learn more ==>

CrudeRow says:

1:02 I bet that’s because we root our basslines around slapping open E string
UPD: Basically I was right

Tom Parks says:

Q;What is so attractive about playing slap-bass in the key of E?

A: I’ve always thought that slap-bass in the key of E was just the default, by nature of the 4 string standard bass tuning,(A 440) and by it being the key of the lowest string, the most percussive and easiest to strike with the thumb. In other words, the lowest of the 4 strings just happens to be in the key of E, if tuned standard, and not necessarily because of it’s tonal qualities, or any inclination or preference to write music that key.

Douglas Horton says:

Cool trick but my hand is not big enough to place thumb and use fingers at the same time.

Gavin Uclaray says:

RIP Louis Johnson always slapping with the thumb over technique

Mansshshjshs says:


John David says:


James Edmonds says:

Hmm I’m not sure most slap bass lines are in the key of E….

Javier Mendoza says:

Help me Mr Wizard!

yourunclehank1 says:

What model J is that?

Denis Batalha says:

Parabens… Slap bass love my… Denis, brasil…. Show theat

TheAxe4Ever says:

Cool! Thank you for the tip young Nuno of the bass! I say that because in this video you kinda favor a young Nuno Bettencourt.

Woo all Woo says:

yeah that’s a Louis Johnson trick

Sam Doney says:

I slap in any key major or minor, it’s called practice slapping in DIFFERENT keys, regardless of how many strings you play, I go back and forth with my 4, 5, and 6 string

Johnny Rossi58 says:

This is the first time I ever heard someone say G# instead of saying Ab

Tobits says:

Dude! You look a lot like Danny Rexon, lead singer of Crazy Lixx!

Jon Trownson says:

Its not just the poen e strig,,you can also go up and down the e scale and hammer on/pulloff the e octave all using a single finger on just the second fret so evrythings just physically easier.. think its more of a beginner thing though,,you learn in e first then build on it!

Lorenzo Luciani says:

And what about slapping in a 5 string bass ?
no matter what, is much more difficult to do, beacause you have also problem or resonance of other strigs. it’s a nightmare to learn how to properly slap in 5 string.
( not considering the 6 strings)

Hagledesperado says:

This is the only reason why I sometimes want a 4 stringer. Doing the thumb thing on the E string across the B string is a real PITA, sometimes not even viable.

Harry Prater says:

E must die….its Satanic…11

Gerardo Zarate says:

Im too druged that it looks his face is melting

Eugene Smiley says:

Louis Johnson introduced that technique years ago. But new and younger players may not know of this. Good job player!

Gregg Johnson says:

or you can buy a capo. Keep em coming, keep us thinking.

Dr. Michael Bennett says:

Huge technical bass player no-no. Cringe

Allen Ballesteros says:

I’m a bass player but I’m always wondering why is it that my bass won’t make that same exact sound you make when you slap. My bass still has that full bass sound even when I’m slapping and popping it hardly, Is it on my strings or what? My bass doesn’t sound funky no matter what I do. If you’re familiar with the bss part of the song Santeria , thats the kind of sound my bass produces even when slapping. I’m using Yamaha bass

Steven Scott says:

Very good, I love Louis too.

Slim Yelow says:

$hit, I never thought of it that way. Good one !

Theladrion says:

There’s one thing to be done about the difference in the sound of the open string. I’ve got meself a Yamaha BB1024x, and it has a nickel silver nut, so the open strings sounds fretted. Kinda strange to get used to after 20 years with bone, plastic and graffite nuts 🙂

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